HOW TO GET PAID ON YOUTUBE (3-minute explanation)

YouTube recently celebrated its 15th
birthday and chances are if you're alive today you've watched a video on the
website and it's been my feeling that over the last few years more and more
people were having the idea of creating their own YouTube channel the videos on
my youtube channel that teach people how to start and how to get paid on YouTube
are currently booming and with everyone stuck inside at the moment learning
about the ways that they can make money from home YouTube has gone fully and
mainstream so this video is going to teach you how to get paid on YouTube
after you've started your brand new YouTube channel and with the world
changing so quickly at the moment and people wanting this information as fast
as possible I'm going to teach you everything you need to know in the next
three minutes maybe four if I get carried away
so once you've started your new YouTube channel you're gonna have to hit two
benchmarks you're going to have to get 1,000 people to subscribe to your new
channel and on top of that you're going to have to get 4,000 hours worth of time
of your videos watched in a 12 month period
after you've hit these two benchmarks YouTube's gonna ask you to enter your
payment information so that it knows how to pay you once everything is set up
your channel is then going to get reviewed from YouTube and if everything
goes well within the next 30 days you'll receive an email from YouTube telling
you that your channel has been activated and can now receive payments the biggest
single tip I can give you right now on how to get those four thousand hours of
watch time in twelve months and also to get your 1000 subscribers in total is
consistency consistency is key make sure you're talking about consistent topic on
your channel over an extended period of time so people know what your channel is
about and also you should be uploading your videos and publishing them at a
similar time each time so the same day of the week preferably even the same
time people need to know when to expect new videos from you I can't give you all
the tips I have on how to get those subscribers and get that watch time in
this short video but if you want more information you can find out everything
you need to know in this longer video which I'll link you to below in the
description once you've been approved your channel is going to have to collect
it $100 in total from the advert shown on your video
before you get your first payment in general YouTube pays you around two
dollars for every thousand views you get that means you'll need to get around
50,000 views to get your first $100 to get your first payment now that $100 is
a threshold that you're gonna have to hit before YouTube will consider paying
you any future payments but the more videos you upload to your channel over
time and the more usual getting regularly means we're gonna be hitting
that threshold quicker and quicker every time and you'll get to a point where
you're getting paid from YouTube on a monthly basis because you're passing
that threshold every month depending on what country you live in the currency
target changes I'll send you a link to this website you'll see on screen now so
you can see exactly how much you have to earn each time for the country that you
live in and YouTube pays you sometime between the 21st and the 26th of every
month but unfortunately YouTube only pays creators that live in certain
countries you'll see some of those countries on screen now and I'll link
you in the description below to the article where you can see the full list
of supported countries YouTube's payments if you live outside of these
countries then unfortunately you're not going to be able to make any money on
YouTube so that's all you need to get paid on YouTube you pass the criteria of
one thousand subscribers and four thousand hours of watch time in a
12-month period you will then get approved in that 30-day approval period
and once you've hit that 100 dollar threshold you will then get paid between
the 21st and the 26th of every month so thanks for watching everyone
comment below if you got any more questions or any more tips for people
watching this video and subscribe to the channel and make sure to watch future
videos to learn always giving YouTube tips online video tips entrepreneurship
tips on here every week on a Monday trying to help you succeed online just
like I did thanks for watching I'll see you soon peace out

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