How to Earn Money without Doing Anything! Bitcoin for Beginners!

So just choose "Convert", guys. It says we'll receive ₱2,044.54 So just slide it to convert, like that. And you'll see that the BTC has
been successfully converted. You'll also receive a text message
that it got converted. Hello everyone! My name is Mimi and welcome
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our topic is passive income where you'll just need for your payout. You won't need to do
any extra job and stuff.

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Let's make ourselves productive
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surprise and inspire you. Okay, our topic today that I'll share with
you is about Bitcoin and What it Bitcoin? If you watch videos about
earning from home, you probably hear cryptocurrencies
or bitcoin often. We already explore this topic before
and I just want you to refresh it because Bitcoin's value today is so high. When I did our first video, it still
didn't have a value of ₱1 million. So if you didn't touch your investment
from there and you forgot it. Then, it's time to cash it out. How can beginners in cryptocurrency begin? So guys, Bitcoin is simple. It's virtual money. It's just like the peso, dollar. It's something that gets trade
or exchanged with money.

For me to explain how
to earn from Bitcoin, the app we'll use it is beginner-friendly and
it's the easiest to understand. Eventually, when you get
the hang of Bitcoin, you can explore to more advanced
apps or more advanced websites. But for now, let's keep it simple. Let's concentrate on so that
you can know how to earn from it even with just a small amount of money. Let's talk about how to
earn here step-by-step. Of course, you create an account. It's easy, you download the app,
create an account. Go through the verification process, it's important so that
your account is secured. Okay. Once your account is
secured, you cash in, okay? As you can see here at the top
are PHP, BTC, ETH, XRP, and so on. These are the cash in options. You can cash in from
Union Bank, Metro Bank, they have many cash in
options to choose from. Once you've cashed in, guys. You'll only need to convert it. Do you see this menu? If you click on "All",
there is a "Convert".

So you're converting from– You'll of course choose PHP to BTC and how much of your PHP. This is my BTC wallet,
as you can see I have 0.00075826 BTC Its equivalent is ₱2,044 Now, if you look at my history, I invested it on January 4. Today is March 29. So it's been almost three months. The value of the 0.00075826
when I converted it was ₱1200 So when I cash out this Bitcoin,
my ₱1200 earned ₱800 So that's how you earn. As low as ₱2, you can invest in Bitcoin. Of course, you need to invest. Fair warning, just invest
what you can lose because this is still a risky investment. When we say risky, there is
a chance to lose money. We cannot predict how the market will go. Because it's too volatile, it moves a lot, the value's movement is
too unpredictable. Since we're just beginners,
we'll invest little by little. But once you're more confident
with your trading skills, then you can invest a bigger amount. Again, I'm not encouraging you to spend
or borrow money just for this, alright? But if you have extra money
to invest, you want to grow it, instead of it just being stuck in a bank.

Because if I put it the ₱1200
in a bank, it'll go nowhere. It probably would earn,
I don't know, cents of interest. I wouldn't get the ₱800
in profit from the bank. One of the frequently asked questions
is when and how much to withdraw. In my last video, hopefully,
you can watch that also. If I invested the ₱1000 and
let's say it earned ₱500, I would withdraw the ₱500
and leave the ₱1000 So that is one way, you
only withdraw your profits and your investment is still there.

But that profit is now
a smaller BTC value. The second way or second
option of when to withdraw, Like me, my target when
I invested it in January, that was ₱1200, my target
was to grow it to ₱2000 So I said that once it reached ₱2000,
I would withdraw it all. Since it reached ₱2000+ I withdrew it and got profits of ₱800 that left me with zero investment in BTC. Now, I'll just wait for
BTC's value to drop. Once it drops, let's say it went
down of ₱2.5 or ₱2 million, then I can invest again and
wait for it to go up again and withdraw all of my money.

So that's the second option. It's up to you on how to handle your money
or when you want to withdraw it. Let me show you the withdrawal process. As you can see, we have
₱2,040.67 worth of BTC. Then what we're going
to do is click on "All". Okay. So just choose "Convert"
and then BTC to PHP. You'll also see its current trade. Okay. So, of course, we'll
put our balance in here. And it says we'll receive ₱2,044.54 Once it's there and you're
okay with the amount, just click on "Slide to convert". There, so just slide i
to convert, like that.

You'll see that BTC is
successfully converted and you'll also receive a text
message that it got converted. So let's go back. And then when you check your PHP wallet, the BTC you withdrew is in there. There. So there you go, guys. Our ₱1200 became ₱2000 after
less than three months. Hopefully, this video helped you. You probably got curious about this
crypto you often see from YouTubers. and you couldn't understand it, so there. Hopefully, this video has
helped you understand it. By the way, for my subscribers, thank you so much for staying with
me all throughout these years during the pandemic, even
when I just started out.

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