How to Earn Money Online with Zero Skills ? Earn $100 with @TimeBucks

Turn on the captions, as I showed in this tutorial To get the captions in your desired language And if your language does not appear in this list Comment on the name of your language, and I'll also add subtitles for your language Welcome to #TechJaison YouTube Channel In this video I will talk about a unique way that can help you 'make money online' Normally this is what we do we go through various articles on the internet that are funny, informative, etc.

what we get in return is Knowlege Apart from that we earn nothing But in this video I will talk about ways which will help you win money, from the tasks you did for free like reading those articles. The website we are going to use today is called 'TimeBucks' For those who do not know what TimeBucks is, TimeBucks is a pay-as-you-go website 1) Answering surveys 2) Installing applications 3) Play games 4) Watch videos and you could even make money posting TikTok videos I've made a lot of videos on TimeBucks Related to "How to Earn in TimeBucks" I also made videos about proof of payment I received from the TimeBucks website Link for all the videos I mentioned are provided in the video description Be sure to watch the videos as well, after completing this video The task we are going to complete today is called the "Slide Show Task" In this task, we will get some articles. We only need to look at the articles For a certain number of pages This is what TimeBucks will ask us to do That's it, we'll be paid for the job Before you demonstrate the procedures Let me tell you, This task is more of a fun task, Please do not expect much earnings from this task Before you begin the video, Please subscribe to our channel, and After clicking the "Bell Icon" select the "All" button This video was recorded on September 18th a) Go to the link in the description for TimeBucks You will then see a similar interface In TimeBucks you get paid, 1) To post videos on TikTok 2) To see funny slideshows This is the task we will perform today Apart from that you are also paid 3) To play games, 4) Install apps and many more b) You will see two main options, Login and Login If you are a new user, click on "Register with Facebook" And you can sign up for TImeBucks in less than 30 seconds And you will get, An additional bonus of $ 1 using my link Since I am a registered user, I click on "Sign in with Facebook" After I clicked on it, I'm redirected to TimeBucks Dashboard And I have a wallet balance of $ 6,782 Let's click on the "Earn Tab" You will then see many options From where you can earn c) Before we get started, let's click on "Reference Tab" Then I click on "Roll-Tab" what we need to do on this page is: Once in 60 minutes We just need to click on the "Role" button If you do, depending on your luck You can earn from $ 0.002 to $ 50 on each role I just credited $ 0.002 Let's click on "Bonus Tab" Just two days ago I got $ 0.10 using the Roll Tab The other earnings I received were: $ 0.01 and $ 1 on the same day I earned these amounts by clicking "Scroll Button" To be eligible for the Roll Tab, You just have to refer Two Friends Who Earn $ 0.10 In The Last 7 Days If you do, you can use the Roll-Tab every hour The easiest way to get referrals is by doing the "Job Listing Task" I already made a video about 'Job Listing' The link for the video is in the video description d) Let's click on "Content tab" Then click on "Slideshows-Tab" This is the task we are going to perform today, we're going to read some articles, and we'll be credited for that.

Every day you can watch 20 slideshows In this slideshow we will take a look at, 20 Uncomfortable Interruptions in FaceBook History And we just have to look at seven pages in these slideshows After clicking "View Button" we are now redirected to the article You should now check out these interesting articles We are now on page 1 of 11 We now need to click on "Next Button" We are now on page-2 On each page we have to stay for 10 seconds After ten seconds complete, Click "Next Button" I viewed 7 pages in the first slideshow After waiting ten minutes, I got the second slideshow Let's click on "View Button" This slideshow is a Meme, it relates to our daily activities Let me click on "Next Button" Now we are on page-2 I sent the video quickly, We are now on page 7 If you click "Next" on Page 7th You will be redirected to the TimeBucks website automatically, And there you get the credit for the Slideshow I resubmitted the video quickly, I watched 19 slideshows completely. This is the last slideshow left I have now watched all 20 slideshows And I received the credit for the same Let's click on "Wallet" Here you can see, I got $ 0.02 to view 20 articles Let's go to 'Earnings tab' Today I have completed 28 submissions which includes the click tab, Daily poll, etc.

It was all about the Tab Slideshow Hope you watched the full video, And like my tutorial on the "Slideshow Tab" in TimeBucks As stated before, do not expect much earnings from this task If you have any doubts or queries, About things I discussed in this video You can comment on your queries I also created a new Hindi channel, where I will post TimeBucks videos in Hindi The link for my new channel is in the video description Thank you for watching this video Goodbye and see you in the next video.

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