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hey guys welcome back to my general
today we are going to talk about earning money from Instagram you can earn up to
200 rupees daily in less than five minutes on Instagram let me show you how
there is a page on Instagram Hapiensbe they conduct the quiz game with the name
of Qyunathon daily on Instagram this game is played with a team of 5 players
every night at 9 p.m. they would have upload a post asking you a question with
multiple answers all you need to do is go into comments section and comment
your answer and tag your second team mate then your second team mate would
tag third team mates and so on till 5th team mate the fifth team mate would not
tag anyone, he or she would screenshot the answers given by the team and
message it to hapiens along with four digit contest code the first and fastest
team to do so would be declared as winner on next day and would get 1,000
rupees in short every member of the team will get 200 rupees the four teams will
be chosen randomly for consolation prize and each member would get 50 rupees when
you win your Instagram user name would be mentioned on the post to claim your
prize you need to message the contest number you have won along with PAYTM
number they would send you a link along with password you need to fill the
form and the money would be transferred to your Paytm account within three days
to participate you need to do few things and do not skip any step
you need to fill a form with your details the link of the form is in the
description you need to subscribe to my channel and you need to follow the hapiens tribe on Instagram and you should have kyc updated Paytm account, Do follow all
the steps and participate on Instagram daily at 9 p.m.

and subscribed to my
channel for more such updates and awesome gaming content you.

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