How To Earn Money At Home During The Pandemic | TODAY

we are back with today's consumer the pandemic has taken a huge economic toll on american families millions have seen their hours cut their salaries reduced or just lost their jobs all together so if you or a loved one is looking for extra money you're going to want to pay attention to this next story nbc senior business correspondent stephanie rule has four ways you can find or earn cash in your home hey steph the new unemployment numbers came out an additional 1.4 million it puts the total number of unemployed at almost 50 million so a lot of people are going to be paying attention to this all right so you got four ways and you say there's you you have hidden money that you can find starting with unclaimed funds unclaimed funds hoda are you ready for the magic number 42 billion dollars that is what's estimated americans have unclaimed money that's theirs that they just have to go get i'm talking about security deposits store credits money the irs might owe you maybe a savings account you forgot about this money if it's left there dormant for a while gets moved to a holding account in your state but it's up to you to go find it so the first thing you need to do is go to your state's unclaimed property website type in your name make sure you have your middle initial in there and voila it's there waiting but that's not the only site there's two other sites you should look to and i want you to go to all three especially if you've moved around a lot and now each state has different rules of you know how you identify yourself and if you can prove you are you well that money's there waiting i can't believe you said 42 billion that's that's shocking all right i know so a lot of people are cleaning out their houses they're finding all kinds of old stuff they're like what do i do with all this old stuff you say you can make some money absolutely the next magic number 199 199 is the average you can get for stuff in your house the most valuable things tech items especially now think about all the moms and dads trying to buy tablets and and laptops for their kids if they're going to be distance learning so think about old ipads laptops tablets and go to places like ebay amazon where you can resell them or go to a tech buyback website called declutter and you can pop in you can think man i got this old iphone 8 what am i going to do with it well you could potentially get 165 bucks for it if you've got clothes to sell fancy ones try poshmark excuse me try real real more everyday clothes try poshmark and remember if you're selling clothes go in season nobody is looking to buy a big winter puffer coat right now and if you've got regular household items or furniture try facebook marketplace keep it local a lot of people steph have been laid off they've got skills they're sitting at home they want to figure out what to do with those skills like what could they do this is my favorite one if you've got skills this is a great time to go freelance it's not necessarily going to replace a full-time job but there are websites like upwork and fiverr you can create a profile for yourself you know maybe you're a copywriter maybe you're a web designer and you can write up sort of what you do and they've got thousands of businesses out there looking for freelancers to take jobs and every job you get even if it's a tiny one is a networking opportunity that could translate to full-time and the best thing you can do it from home and just a quick yes or no should you dip into your 401k i mean listen if you've got to dip in you've got to dip in but in general try to hang tight if possible this is a time to save money if you're getting support from the government please as much as you can save it we don't know what the road ahead is all right stephanie rule we love when you're on the show thank you so much you

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