How To Earn Money ( $400 ) On Instagram with Your Smart Phone !!!

Welcome guys,  in today's video, we're going to learn another great way to make money online. A new method for making money 
online, and is done worldwide. so it doesn't matter wherever you are, you can use this method to make money online. If you're new to this platform, 
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I drop an awesome video like this. So what we'll be looking at today, are just two simple steps. First of all,   we're gonna build a brand new Instagram account and after building this account, we'll move to another site where we can 
sell this account and make money with it.

So I'm going to guide you through step by step on how to do that, so kindly stay tuned, don't go anywhere, watch till the end of the video and I'll show you how you can make money with your Instagram account. All right, so as you can see here, I have a brand new Instagram account here with no post, no followers, and I'm not following anybody here. and I've decided to go for the dog's niche. It says dogs.love247. I love dogs. Actually, I love dogs and cats but for the purposes of this video, I'm going to use dogs. actually, you can select any niche 
you are interested in. whether   you're interested in business, 
in health and beauty, in whatever niche you are interested 
in. you can build an Instagram account   around that niche and the great thing 
about this is that it's absolutely   free, you ain't gonna pay a dime doing this. Building an Instagram account is free. I'm going to show you the trick you can use to build your Instagram account fast.

So when you come to your new 
account, then you search for people  who have already built great 
Instagram followers around your niche, so I'm using dogs so I search for dogs.  no recent searches it's a new account so I search for dogs dogs… all right, so open this in a new tab, I want those with a blue tick. yeah let's go and see the followers they have in their account so dogs lovers have 6.1 million 
followers and that's great.

This guy has   2.7 million followers another guy here has 290K followers and the last one here has 5 million followers. so we're just going to copy 
what they have here to our   new account why? because we want our account to look almost like theirs almost or exactly like what they have   and you won't be copying videos 
or images with high engagement so when you look at this here I think 
it has 21k people talking about this and this video has 331k likes and 177 people talking about it.

So this very uh video here has high engagement so we can right-click here copy the 
link and then go to a website called uh, when you come 
here you just paste in your link. wait for the link to process and then you Click on download to download the video you can see downloading here.  so we're going to do this to almost all the Instagram pages we found the ones you think   looks good for our viewers, so 
after getting some images and videos in your Instagram account, you can then go and   follow the people that are following this very… uh, the followers of this particular account,  you follow them and they will also follow you back. That's how it goes so give me some time as I upload the videos on my account and as you can see here. it doesn't even have   a profile photo so I'm now going to design a profile photo.

I'm probably going to search on google. You can equally get free images  and videos from a site called or Just type in dogs and they're going to show you the images of dogs they have here. You can use these images anywhere you
want for free   with no copyright strikes and all that. so I've now set up my account with 
a profile picture and some videos I can now go ahead and invite people to come and like my page. So I'll simply go to one of the Instagram accounts with large followers and then you click on the 2.7 million 
followers and start following them you follow those here,   and as you do this, they will also follow 
you back because they are all dog lovers so you do this for a while then you stop because if you continue that way, they might think that you're probably trying to spam those here so you follow that you pause for like 15 minutes you can probably move to 
the other Instagram account  and then start following their followers and since they are all interested in dogs, most of them will follow 
you back, you follow this, you click on follow…

One good thing about this is, it's free. Instagram account creation is free of charge. so as you can see people have already started following us. Let's see… yeah, we have two followers here. but someone will ask man why are 
we building a niche around dogs ? how are we going to make money with this dog's account? and I'm going to show you exactly 
what you're going to use this for. After building your followers on Instagram, you then go to a site called SocialTradia that's where we're going to make our money, you come to the site then you come to sell Instagram account and see what other people are doing here, someone is selling 20k followers of luxurious holidays for 430 dollars another person is selling food photos just photos of food he has built 2.2 k followers and he's selling for 120 dollars.

Just go ahead and build Instagram followers around anything that you are interested in. It doesn't matter your age, it 
doesn't matter where you are, you can do this in your room, at your 
office, anywhere you find yourself. so that's that for today guys, comment below and let me know if 
you will take action and do this now if you like the video give me a thumbs 
up and if you didn't like the video too, comment below and let me know how we can improve upon the video.

so that's it for today guys   if you have any questions kindly comment below and I'll be glad to answer that see you again in the next video stay blessed..

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