How To Earn 50$ Per Day From Google (2021 Case Study)

Hello friends, how are you? Let's take a look at my google revenue report for latest 13 days you can see from April 4 This month 2021 until yesterday April 16th, I make around $ 50 a day Average, if you calculate the average here you'll see it About $ 49.9 a day and if you remember Three months ago I posted a video A step-by-step tutorial on how to make money from Google and show you how Earn $ 20 a day from Google so What happened this month, what did I do to increase my earnings for each A day to reach $ 50 you can see some days It's about $ 70, so what happened exactly how did you do it Now you can simply tell me that you have increased the number of visitors Let's see this together if I scroll down to my web analytics here To the daily number of visitors to my website you will see that I am getting From April 4 through April 16, I get around 15K Daily view of the page and last month it was About 15,000 page visitors per day, so what happened the same number of Visitors who I had before and this month however My earnings increased to $ 50 a day In this video I'll show you exactly how to earn money from Google And how to increase your daily revenue up to $ 50 like I did Or even more exactly what happened, this video really is Interesting, stay tuned and stay tuned How to earn $ 50 a day from Google Case Study Hi everyone I am Hassan from h-educate without wasting time Let's start with the first question only for new beginners to my channel He may not know how someone can make money from Google Let's answer that question in just a minute How to make money from Google, it simply comes down to Three main steps The number one is creating a website post website The second step is to publish Google ads and place ads on your site The third step is to get visitors to your website and by the way This way, this strategy I think is one of the easiest Ways to make money online and you need approx Like five or ten dollars to get you started Internet business by the way here on my channel We have two full videos, they are courses It shows you step-by-step how to make money from Google and how you can Start this business and start earning money from Google, you will find The two courses are free in the description below Totally free here on my youtube channel go watch it so here's how Make money from Google Now there is an important point which is Website when you primarily want to create a website We have two types of websites, the number one is Create a blog where you publish articles on A specific need, a specific topic you like, or whatever You start publishing articles and then generate income from your blog With ads, you can place ads on your blog The second type of website It is what we call the tools site, the tools site A website on which you provide a specific service Or a tool as in my case, you know h-supertools if you don't If you are new here, h-supertools is the platform Free SEO and digital marketing tools Which I developed so it is a tools site What's special and cool about these types of websites You don't always need to create content You only create the website once you add some descriptions of pages etc.

Once this is the power of a toolbox site and this is what I will explain In detail about how to build a website for tools and monetize with ads And build a business like mine here, of course you can use a blog up to you The idea is to have a site if you want to write content and articles I also do this on my other websites, you can see my blog here and I also have another website which is you know I think you know it and it's all advertised with ads You can see ads here and this is my blog anyway so it's up to you You can create a tools site, a blog, or an articles site This is your choice. I explain both strategies here on my channel You can check out the links in the description below as I said before This is how you can make money from Google and these two types of sites Let's now turn to my case study For my business and I show you what exactly happened How it started with twenty dollars and moved this month to fifty dollars Every day what happened how a person can increase Google ad revenue or google adsense revenue Without increasing the number of visitors this is what I'm going to talk about and show you Exactly in the next minutes but before To complete one small point I just want to remind you that we have Random gifts running, the biggest gifts on my channel If you want to join, we have about 50 winners at the end of this month So it's a great opportunity if you haven't joined yet, go now Join the gifts and please don't forget If you want to watch more videos about digital marketing Internet business and everything else subscribe now to my channel Turn on the notifications button and don't forget, please support my channel Click the "Like" button, so let's get back to work And we look at my real case study, what exactly did I do Now to understand what I did Why did you do this? You have to understand something very important How to increase google adsense earnings What are the main factors for increasing your ad revenue Let's go To google adsense display panel go to home page here And let's see more down here You can see something called cpc which is basically the factor The principal determines how much you will earn So cpc stands for how much an ad costs a click So when this obviously increases your profits, your revenues It will increase so your goal is to increase this The number to increase this number here is CPC Now the question is how to increase your CPC By the way, just to clarify things this figure is not from From h-supertools only, from multiple websites, my youtube channel etc.

How to simply increase our CPC Two main factors or two main things Who decide the cost per click, number one is the topic Or need from your website as an example. Here is my website about books Book summaries, h-supertools on digital marketing And SEO tools, so let's see this Together if we have moved here to the keyword A web search tool, you can use it now with me And tested, if we wrote here as email marketing An example and click Search, you will now see that CPC email marketing for this or that topic Keyword is $ 13, whereas if we go here Book and Research Summaries You will now see the CPC Just $ 2.71, so the first thing that decides is the CPC It is your target topic, so if your website is around Books or dogs will be very different from Insurance companies or Internet businesses or make money online or Digital Marketing, so your topic will also determine your CPC Now to give you some hints, you can even if you are talking about Dogs You can probably target some high-cost keywords for the click, how For example, if I say here, dog training Our search cost per click is 2.34 while if you are looking for dog insurance You will now see the CPC is $ 13 for that on your website and blog You can create an article on dog insurance Which has 13.45 CPC, thus your earnings will definitely increase So an important thing to do with your website when creating content Or publishing your website is searching for high CPC keywords I mention it on your website, now my website Also I told you SEO and digital marketing tools This is my specialty, we have email marketing tools Instagram tools youtube tools SEO tools etc., so Usually CPC isn't bad, it's good Now what about the other factor that determines CPC How to increase CPC using the same keywords, let's do it Again if you go here to email marketing and Search you will now see the CPC is $ 13.58 But the state here is global Let's change it to the US and look again You'll now notice that the CPC is $ 52, so the second factor is or The second thing that determines your CPC value is Country of your target visitors The country you are targeting So we have two things for our keyword, topic Same, and where your site visitors come from From which country memorize this well When you need to publish a website, you have to target Right keywords, high CPC keywords And you need try to get visitors from the best countries like America, United Kingdom Australia, Canada, New Zealand and those countries To increase CPC is so good so far I think the idea is fairly simple So I think you now understand what I did, it is simply my CPC increase By targeting different people, targeting different countries So let's go back to my analyzes as you can see, mine The same number of visitors, almost the same number of visitors Same as before but my CPC If you go here to my reports again you can see My earnings have increased, so what I did in my case I did not change the keywords because if you go here as an example to Email Tools If you go to the page source, you will see the keywords here About "email validation" I honestly haven't changed the keywords I did not work in keywords I kept content, keywords The content here is the same.

I have not changed the content on the site I have only tried to get new visitors from the best countries from Mainly from the US and Canada Now of course you will ask how to do that How do we get targeted visitors from a specific country Before I answer this question and it shows You get what I did to get targeted visitors, just in a minute Also for starters, I want to talk about Obtaining visitors is generally quite simple to get Our visitors have two main ways First Is it free to get visitors for free, how? , I explained this in detail at A complete free course also here on my channel on how to increase the number of visitors for free You can check it out in the description below to sum things up Just in 30 seconds you can use sites like quora Forums like social media, especially pinterest And instagram stories you can get visitors from facebook and so on Explained in detail in my other free courses You can go and check them out if you want The second method is payment Getting visitors is managing paid ads and buying visitors And when you want to buy traffic or run paid ads We also have a lot of different platforms to have facebook and instagram ads LinkedIn ads.

Twitter ads. Our Google ads are our native ads Push ads we have high traffic or paid traffic sources Now what I used in this case study or what I used for my website They are just google ads if you go here to my google ads Campaigns or Dashboard, you'll see this is the last A campaign that I ran about 10 days ago about 13 days ago H-supertools has promoted with display ads what is display ads If you go here to my website again then let's open any tool You will see these ads from Google ads These are called display ads, so I promoted h-supertools with Display ads by running a campaign on Google by the way if you see the campaign It's not a big deal, it's about 500 clicks For $ 220, I tried this and it worked so what I did is exactly me Run a campaign and target higher-level countries with Display ad network to get visitors to my website Let's see how you created the campaign, you might want to create one Also, let's go back to Google Ads and from the beginning you can log in if you want This is my Google Ads account and here is the Dashboard, so I'll simply go Go to here the campaigns and click this button for Create a new campaign, so here's how to create a Google ads campaign within the Google ads network simply click here Website Traffic, I want to transfer visitor traffic to my website Then I use display ads, you can also use Search ads Discovery ads Video ads whatever you want Now in my case I tried the display ads are not bad So here we have three options, of course not the Google Ads course now Just to show you in two minutes how I did it You need to get the website name here, maybe soon I will create a full course About Google Ads If you are interested, keep the comment below so I know you are Interested in this, however, click continue and you need to set the campaign name Here you need to enter a geographic location and in it You choose the United States and then Canada and in the location options, be sure Who checked this option, people on target site, okay Make sure that this option is selected so that it is aimed at people who live In the United States and Canada, then go here I will exclude French, keep only english, then come down here and set a budget You can start with five or maybe ten dollars a day, it's up to you You can also start with two dollars a day with a dollar a day Then scroll down and create an ad group, now simply here in the masses I chose web services and web hosting, I searched for Also digital marketing, as I can remember And I chose digital marketing companies Digital Marketing Services I chose some related topics that I want to promote Then I got out here and created the ad, now the main question How to create an ad, I simply use a website called allows you to create html5 ads Easily, I will now show you my account and I will log in I know I go a little too fast but I don't want to make this video too long I just want to explain the concept and if you are Interested in any of these mentioned topics And you want me to explain it in detail, please comment on it, at the bottom of this video Let's log into my account and you can see here I have these Designs one, two, three, and four I used to post As an ad on Google Ads let's test one I will click this, view it, so this is the ad, you can see it, this is the ad I will download it in png format download very good now just to show you how you can do To create an advertisement like this click on Create New and Go with one design and you need to select a size Advertise now here in the Creator Ads section of your choice Upload display ads, not responsive display ads I have uploaded the ads you have created exactly to the ad size Download and go Simply here I select the files to download and I have selected this, you can see it 300 * 250, this is my first ad you can add Multiple ad sizes Google will automatically rotate them And post them in the right places on other websites Here you can add some url options, it's somehow advanced now and simply Create a campaign and that's it you can follow Confirm this campaign and see how it performs in Google, once again create Google ad campaigns in one way or another are an advanced topic that demands a lot Details I will do my best to create A complete course on this topic to help you manage targeted paid ads on Google and get more visitors to your web sites Lots of people before He asked me how could we promote a sas or Site Tools One of the main methods, paid methods Use Google ads to search for visitors and campaigns Display ad, so here's the idea, which is all about increasing CPC By targeting higher-level countries and targeting Keywords with high CPC and you can see though It's the same number of visitors to my website but my earnings have increased Up to $ 50 a day as promised I will always share with you everything, every update It happens to me, whatever I do and I see success I will share with you So please don't forget to subscribe to my channel and play Alerts button for every new update, almost every Yum, and please don't forget to share anything with me in the comments section Below if your website suffers to get traffic to suffer for Increase CPC or if you have any case study Want to share it with us in the comments below or you can write An email to me and I'll share it with the audience To motivate others and so on See you later

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