How To Earn 1950$/Month Online From Google Without Writing Articles!

let's start with my earnings here is my google 
adsense dashboard from may 1 let's go to 27   apply you will see i made around 7 700 in the last 
four months let's break down the report and go   with month you will see now that my 
average earnings per month is around   hundred 1950 dollars or forty seven dollars how 
i'm making this number without writing content   without publishing content without writing 
articles the idea is simple and i mentioned   it before on my channel but today i want to add 
some secret sauce some information that will   help you a lot if you want to build this business 
so if you open this website from google adsense   here it shows you that we have three types to 
generate high value revenue from google adsense   if you go down here it will tell you the first 
type of websites as a blog site requires content   we don't want it let's go down we have the forum 
site the forum site i mentioned this in detail in   one of my courses how to build a forum site where 
people will write content and you can monetize   it but also you want a simpler approach let's 
go down it will show you the free online tool   site what is the free online tool let's open this 
example from google adsense the gif maker dot me   this a tool will help you resize images generate 
passwords character accounts and so on i know the   first question now you will tell me i am not a 
developer i can build such websites please some   patience and don't be in a rush so the idea in 
this video is to build an online tool to publish   an online tool and this is what i exactly did 
when i published h super tools i think you know   it if you are following me sh super tools is a 
free seo and digital marketing tools platform   a lot of people ask me how i develop these tools 
today i will share with you some secrets and if i   see real engagement with this video sharing likes 
and so on later on i promise you i will share   maybe everything in this website how i built it in 
details anyway so the idea is to build an online   tool and monetize with google adsense as i 
did for eight super tools and we can see here   my earnings from this website what's nice about 
this business you don't need to write any content   you create the two like this tool youtube keyword 
tool and then people will use it you don't have   to write any piece of content maybe the first 
time you just write an explanation for it or   anything and that's it you publish it and you just 
promote and get more and more traffic and you get   more and more money awesome idea believe me it's 
an awesome idea my next step now is to scale this   website i am building a full business from this 
website a full passive income stream so you have   to build an online tool the big question now 
how i built an online tool i will give you   three solutions pick any of them and start let's 
start by revealing a secret if you go now to the   web here and open this website answer the public 
maybe you know it it's one of the top websites you   can see 70 000 searches per month this website 
will mainly show you what people are searching   or asking about on the internet you can see this 
website if you write here like digital marketing   you see now it will show you this map anyway you 
can see here it will show you questions there are   questions can questions how questions and so on 
so this is an online tool when i saw this tool   and i saw the data i really start thinking how 
those people developed this i wanted to know how   and finally i knew after a research for maybe two 
or three weeks i knew this and now i will reveal   how they did it it's only one line of code you see 
this line of code it's only this one line that can   give you this data don't worry about now coding 
and so on i will talk about how to implement this   just some patience with me so if we copy this 
line of code and you paste it here in your   browser digital marketing you will see now that 
you will get suggestions from google for free   it's a free api or something service from 
google that will help you get suggestions   like this super easy with one query with what with 
one url so what i did is i implemented this in my   tool i made a small tool in the questions explorer 
here where someone can write anything like digital   marketing and say search and now the tool will 
show you all the questions explored using this   one line you can see i just implemented inside 
my application so this is the first secret on   how i built the questions explorer in my 
tool before i move on to my other secrets   on how i built this platform i want to share 
with you as i told you the three solutions the   three methods on how to build a tools website the 
first solution or the first way is simply to learn   development i know a lot of you are lazy they 
don't like to learn website development and so on   although it's one of the best skills that you can 
learn nowadays in 2021 and so i really advise you   to learn any technical skills today anyway so if 
you like to learn web development if you have the   patience to learn believe me in one month in one 
month only can learn exactly the skills needed to   develop websites like my website and by the 
way my website is based and   sql server database systems if you want to 
know about it so you can learn these skills   believe me in one month if you learn and work 
hard you can then start building websites   similar to mine similar to age super tools okay 
so the first solution the first method is to learn   development web development the second solution 
is to hire someone hire a developer you can go   to websites like and find a developer 
like here say developer whatever search for people   who will develop your website for you and i hired 
two developers from upwork to continue development   of eight super tools and to improve it so if you 
have the budget if you can afford hiring people   you can ask someone to build a tourist website 
for you from upwork freelancer maybe fiverr   i don't know but you can hire someone to 
do this job for you the third solution   which is the easiest one is to go to website 
called go here to php scripts   then search here as an example for seo tool i 
explained this in detail in one of my courses   i showed you step by step how to install such 
tools like this one it said seo tools or maybe   this tool website reviewer we have a lot of 
tools that you can monetize with google adsense   you can see here this if you preview this item or 
this swamp review item you will see this is a full   website with a lot of tools that you can monetize 
with ads you can see the banners here i explained   this indeed they have to install and monetize 
and everything in one of my technical courses   today i want to share with you some secret tips 
on how to get approval how to build advanced tools   and so on please focus very well and follow up 
we have a lot of value in this video so there's   another tool also tier website reviewer you can 
also install it if you want but but and but please   focus very well whenever you get a service from 
code canyon you may install it and you may be   successful in monetizing it and so on you can see 
here as an example this is the tools website here   it looks similar to that a to z script he's hiding 
with google adsense and so on so you can do it   but as an advice whenever you buy a script from 
code canyon try to tweak it a little bit change   the colors the interface add some explanations 
some content so just to look somehow sim different   from other people who are buying the script so 
again you can buy this script and ask someone   maybe in one week you can change everything in it 
tweak it add more value add more tools and so on   so you can have a special version for you for your 
brand so you have a special website okay not to   look exactly identical to other websites this is 
very important before i show you my second secret   on how i built an example the instagram hashtag 
generator tool which is super simple by the way   i want to tell you something very important 
whenever you want to build a tool for and monetize   with google adsense you have to ensure that google 
policy allows it as an example if you go here and   search for video downloader you will have a lot 
of tools like this all in one video downloader   but usually google doesn't allow monetizing such 
websites so you can buy this one if you want and   upload it and publish it but you may not get 
approved by google adsense so you have to   use different forms of monetization maybe google 
adsense alternatives maybe monetize with affiliate   marketing and so on but i don't prefer this if 
you want to go with google so always check the   policies before you buy a script or you develop a 
script now let's review the second secret on how i   created the instagram hashtag generator tool we 
have a website called rapid api dot com we have   a lot of apis here what's an api without going 
now in deep and technical stuff it's simply a   service that you can get data from let's go here 
and search for hash tag the service or the api i   am using hashtag asian rate hashtags look at this 
i am subscribed to this api if you go down here   and let's say digital marketing test endpoint you 
see now these are the results of the api hashtags   the first one is digital marketing the second 
one is this is market 2018 with relevance total   post and so on so this is the data that we can get 
from this api what you are going to do is simply   turn this api and give it an interface like 
this one so if someone writes digital marketing   like this generate you'll see now these are 
the hashtags i got five hashtags here and the   relevance and the data and so on super easy 
you can see and there's the banned hashtags   related hashtags and so on so also you can hire 
someone or you can learn it believe me it's simple   just dedicate some time to learn web development 
it will help you a lot to build awesome online   businesses so you can use this website we have a 
lot of free apis also if you go here search for   google as an example we have this google search 
api we have google translate api we have a lot of   free apis also you can filter with by categories 
by collections whatever you want and use them   and turn them into an online tool a 
special online tool here i'm not talking   about digital marketing only you can go here 
with maybe nutrition let's see we have apis   recep food nutrition we have a lot of apis and 
different categories and different niches we   can build a tool based on this website this is my 
second secret on how i build the instagram hashtag   generator tool i hope you are getting some value 
if you did please don't forget hit the like button   subscribe share the video to help more people 
and to get every new update now let's talk about   the cost for such business as i mentioned we have 
three methods to build a website like this a tools   website online tools website the first approach is 
hiring a developer so we have a developer coasts   plus hosting if you want a good company for 
hosting such tools go with contabu i use it   to host each super tools it's really cheap and 
powerful the second method is to learn programming   and then publish the website so here the coast 
is time to learn you can learn totally for free   on youtube with free courses we don't need to 
hear paid courses so we have time investment plus   hosting method number three is to go with code 
canyon to go with code canyon script so we have   the script cost which is usually between 20 and 60 
dollars not too much and plus hosting so i don't   think this business will cost you a lot but on the 
long term it's an awesome passive income stream   online business now the question is after you 
develop and publish this tool how you will get   approval from google adsense here are some tips 
important tips to follow up the first thing is to   publish these three pages the contact us page the 
privacy policy page and the terms and conditions   page super easy if you want to generate them here 
web tools privacy pulse generator this free tool   from h super tools will help you generate a free 
privacy policy a free terms page to publish on   your website so make sure to add privacy policy 
terms page and contact us page before you apply   the second tip is to add your website to google 
analytics and google search webmasters so in this   way google will track your website and index 
your website and will have some records inside   google so it's better to get approval with google 
adsense it will give some more data for google to   get approval in google adsense program the third 
tip is always make sure to add descriptions and   explanations inside the web page inspire tool 
as an example there's the youtube keyword tool   if you go down here you will see i have 
a full explanation like a small article   explaining this tool this is very important 
it will show google that we have some content   in this website when you first apply to google 
adsense so also make sure to explain it for   approval and for people to understand how to 
use this tool and how this tool will help them   and to rank this tool on google so you can see 
this an h1 tag so here's explanation google will   read this data and try to index it and rank it on 
google so it's important for s e o the last step   is to get some clicks get some traffic even 
though it's not a requirement from google adsense   but i prefer before you apply to get at least 
100 to 1000 clicks or views to your website   and you can do this in less than one week believe 
me if you follow up my free traffic course   from quora pinterest forums reddit and so on 
you can get this number in one week before you   get approval and this will help you i think to 
get approved by google adsense in my experience   now the last question is how much traffic you 
need to reach this number per month if you   want to make around two thousand dollars per 
month as an average how much traffic you need   let's see the data from my dashboard you 
can see here i have page reviews 365 000 so   you need 360 000 page views to reach this number 
of course here's the impressions of the ads   so also ad optimization is important you can 
see i have ads here and here and here i always   try and test different ad spaces positions 
and so on now i'm testing as an example this   position if you search here inside youtube keyword 
tool you will see now this ad will appear here   also between the search results i'm testing some 
ads you can see there's another ad here another   ad here so i'm testing these positions to see what 
works better with my website so always you need to   retest and test different ad spaces and positions 
to see what's working better with you and you can   track this also from the google the adsense 
dashboard here if you go down here you will   see the best ad units top performing ad units so 
you can analyze and see what's working better with   you the other important question you may ask is 
how much time you will need to reach this point   in my case it took me around one one and a half 
years to reach this point with my website to reach   this number this earnings per month it's awesome 
huh if i tell you now after one year you'll make   one thousand dollars per month passively 
is that good option or not obviously it is   but again it's not a rule it may take you maybe 
two years some one year it depends on your work   how much time you're dedicating how much time you 
are working but i believe if you work like two to   four hours every day after one year you will reach 
at least one thousand dollars from your website be   consistent some discipline you will be successful 
i hope you enjoyed this video if you have any   questions anything you want comment them below 
and don't forget you can join our telegram channel   to ask anything you want i will be there active 
every day to answer your questions see you later   you

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