How to Earn $1 to $2/ Survey – No Minimum Payout – Legit App For Cellphone users

Home-mates In this video I will share a legit application It's a survey application First good thing here It pays fixed 50 pesos to 100 pesos per survey Second thing, there's no minimum payout once your survey gets approved, they'll send the payment to your PayPal right away Is it your first time to be here Do you want to earn extra income online Click on the Subscribe button and the Bell to get notified for new uploads The name of the application is StreetBees I tried it last year 2-20-18 April, October I waited for a while before I made a video It was just new then We have one helpful viewer who sent latest proofs because I was not able to check on it again According to her in 2019, it's still paying and surveys are still available Shout out to sir SJ He helped us He sent us latest proof of payments In Playstore or AppStore Search for Streetbees You will see it right away Limited It's already installed in my phone Just install it Register After that You'll receive a text from QueenB Bees from there Registering here is like texting It's not literally texting it's chatting with Streetbee About how old you are Your gender Adress NCR, Manila Things like that Just answer it correctly This is our dashboard as of now, there's no survey if you're wondering why there's no survey available sometimes Watch our survey tips video You'll see in August I did 2 surveys for 50 pesos each Per survey 50 pesos 50 to 100 pesos some are 70 pesos For 100 pesos survey, they ask additional task like taking pictures Health and Exercise I earned 50 pesos from that After you finished the survey it will be for approval They'll checkif you did not rush the survey or just guessed it You might have answered female by guessing when it says male on your account They will review that and when they find out that you just guessed that your answers are not consistent based on your profile they can disapprove the survey that you did It's nice 50 pesos per survey In other survey sites we shared it's just around 25 pesos plus, there's minimum payout too after they have approved it it will be sent to your PayPal within three days Don't worry about getting approved as long as you answered it sincerely it will get approved There are also nonpaid surveys here You can take it if you want Impossible burger There's no payment but it's completed That's optional You'll see right away if it's paid or not If it is unpaid, that's optional to take it or not If it is paid, then take it just an advice It's not a requirement that if you're not able to take unpaid surveys you'll not get paid ones It's not a requirement But if you have free time maybe take at least once a month or after doing one paid survey take one unpaid It's just five minutes if you're not doing anything we're not sure maybe they're sending paid surveys to those who do that That's juts an advice it's still up to you in your free time If you don't want to, that's okay You can just take the paid ones It's up to you This is a sample of their survey This is not the usual one-page where you're checking your choices or like writing something this is different it's like chatting with Mother Bee She has a question Then you'll just choose from yes or no If you click on Yes It's like chatting with her Just follow along that until you reach the end of survey These are examples of paid surveys This is the survey They call these Live Stories At the bottom part, it shows that it's paid 50 pesos If you take that survey, you'll get 50 pesos depends on the survey sometimes it only takes 5 to 10 minute Not sure if there's longer than that but that's what I tried 5 to 15 minutes or 5 to 10 minutes only This is an example of unpaid survey don't expect a payment from that You'll see that right away It does not say $1 or 50 pesos that means it's unpaid you take it for free If you want the paid ones Just look for surveys that indicates 50 pesos, 100, or $1 If there's none indicated, that means it's unpaid After the survey You will see this Catching a Ride 50 pesos If it's in red or green, that means it's good it's paid If it's still in gray, that's still unpaid Submitted for review After reviewing, they'll send it to your PayPal account immediately This is what you'll see if there's no survey available It's a little quiet right now If it's your first time to register, Click on the bottom right It says payment PayPal email Enter your PayPal email The email address you use to login to your PayPal That's where they will send the payment for approved payment The only thing that's not so nice about this compared to otehr survey sites In otehr survey sites, there's more survey every week you'll get 1 to 5 surveys Just watch our survey tips They rarely send surveys here It can be none for the whole week Before, they have one available every Tuesday Now, it's just once a week once in three weeks It does not send paid surveys that often Unlike other survey sites where if you don't log in for 2 to 3 weeks you'll get a lot of pending surveys If ever you encountered problems if your survey got approved and did not receive payment for it Contact their support That happened to me already I did not receive payment after getting apporved I just contacted their support They resolved it The payment didn't go through When I talked to their support they sent it to me This is just extra income online You'll not get rich here It's not a constant job just an extra income online I still recommend freelancing and full-time online jobs We have videos here about full-time It's still an extra income online You can do it on your cellphone too Thank you for watching See you next time

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