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Here on my screen, you can see that in India
how inflation is increasing. Here we have a data of 60 years, that in India in last 60
years how much inflation has increased. In 1960 you can see that from 1.78% the inflation started
to increase and in between, it went a 28% in some years it has decreased but overall what
you are seeing is that inflation is increasing. Now 2019 data which we have is at 7.66%
inflation has increased, but what difference does this make to you? The knowledge which
I am going to give you today, with it you will understand that with this inflation only you suffer and special would be those people who will understand this information today.

banks are robbing you, the government is taking money from your pocket. If you want to save
yourself, if you want to make your yourself financially secure, then the information which I am
going to give you, the information with which rich people are protecting themselves from inflation
not only they're protecting them, but they're also multiplying wealth, doubling it so how they are
doing it. You will get to know it step by step and I hope that this financial education
will help you a lot. So I am going to tell you that from 7.66% inflation has increased
what does it make a difference. Today when you go and purchase a mango now when you purchase
a mango it is for hundred rupees per kg You get mango at hundred rupees per kg
if inflation increase by 8% in 2020 the data will be with us soon. So this means that next
year we will get the same mango which we purchased for 100 rupees we will get at hundred and
eight rupees per kg inflation is increasing next year it would increase again, next year

Here inflation is also compounding now this compounding not just multiplies your
wealth it increases inflation also through compounding, means if today you are getting
mangoes hundred rupees per kg and compounding happens at a rate of 8% then after 10 years
you will get this mango at how much cost this is a question which I have given you because
I will tell you about this you would comment below, that after 10 years how much does mango
would cost if it is increasing by the rate of 8%. Now let's move forward, my one more question
with you, if you're a businessman then your profit is increasing with this inflation, is your
income increasing or if you are in job then is your salary increasing according to that
if not then what should we do? now there is one more thing let's understand that today
I am saying that banks are robbing you.

If you put your earnings in the bank let's assume
that in a year you save 1 lakh, ok and you keep it in the bank most of the banks give you an interest
rate of three to four percent some banks give 6% for 7% in today's date, you can Google about
them. So most of the people's money is in SBI Kotak or HDFC so these are the popular banks,
they are giving this much interest that means after one year they will make your 100000 as
103000 that means your money is growing by 3000 rupees but inflation increased 8% so the
interest you got after that also you bore a loss of 5,000 because inflation increased
8%. Now Muslim people don't keep the money they get from interest, some of my friends who earn
good, they have a good amount in the bank too but the interest they get either they donate it
or do a charity out of it according to their religion the interest they get is bad for
them so they don't use this money so with this we get a loss of 8000 although they can
do business and recover it but it is a loss if it was kept in the bank because money every
second loses its value.

Money loses its value so money is not such a thing which you can
save, this word save is a good that you should have savings but that much only that is for your emergency fund
you should have money. That should be in your savings account other than that you can invest it.
Let me tell you one more thing here, now rich people have a different game most of the rich
people are in business now because rich people are doing a business they at least in their
capital, even if they are a big businessman they are on their capital, work on interest
of two to three percent means on my capital I get an interest of two to 3% interest as and
profit so they get that if they are getting a profit of 2 to 3 % monthly, you will see yearly profit would be 24 to 36% now my question is that by doing business you get a profit
or you get a fixed amount from Government Bonds, you invested in a policy, you get fixed
amount which we call linear growth the graph is going forward that means if you are
getting a fixed money in fact If you invest in share market, so in share market or in
mutual fund what happens there you don't get fixed or linear but over the period of time it increases in long term.

The graph
is that you did investment it could go down or up but ultimately over the period of prime you will see that money is growing you would see here you
would get a compounded growth of 12% or 15% or 16 percent, you can get compound growth. Here you
get other benefits too, see one thing this was linear there also your money grows. The question is that
the businessman is earning money, how would you know that in how much time your money would
multiply. So where I will teach you a rule of 72, now this rule of 72 is very easy if
you want to see that and how much year money would increase so rule of 72 means that if
you want to calculate the time so you divide 72 with the rate of interest.

For example, you get
the interest of 12% in 6 years your money would double if you get a 5% fix then 14.4 years to double the money but the businessman who get a rate of interest of 36% you
do 72/36 in two years your money would double and according to 24 in almost 3 years your
money is getting doubled now the doubling game because every rich man focuses on doubling
his money. Now the person who would understand the game of doubling the money, in how much
time they can multiply their money that person in his life would definitely be a millionaire
and he can beat inflation. Now I will take your example here you will see that if
you have a businessman. I assume that there is a businessman who is working with the capital
of 2 crores and in every 3 year is doubling his money. He is earning 24% it is average for
a businessman so if he is applying multiplying and not spending.

He is a person with brains
then at the age of 30, he has a capital of 2 crore now my question with you is at the age of
50 how much money would he have think at the age of thirty-year he has 2 crores and at the age of 50 how much
big of a person he would be? today he has 2 crore he is a crore earner how much money
he has. let's calculate, this is a very good question you would have fun while learning this.
At the age of 30, he has 2 crores here I will write 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40
41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 at 50 we will calculate how much money will it be? Let's see the
game of doubling how rich people double their money. Now at age of 30 he had to crore
so I will assume that at 30 and 31 he had 2 crore rupees but we because
double our money in two years in 3 year also we can do so but we will take 2
years because he is getting a return of 36% in business, people get that Businessman will
will understand. So we start with 2 crores in next 2 years we will have a total capital of
4crores then 8 crores, 16 crores, 32 crores, 64 crores, now after Directly from 2 crores to 100 crores, from the
age of 30 to 43.

So here we have 128 crore We did a jump of a hundred crores plus. You will say that, what am I saying, who grows so quickly people do. The people who understand, here
from 2 crores to 4 crores they earned and then spent it Here only we got big cars, we started to travel the
world, here we started spending it then compounding will stop there only, it will not move forward.
This is also a hypothetical situation because people generally spend it early.

After earning they don't invest all. We are taking that situation where people are earning and investing. You
would see this in India in people like baniya, Marwadi Gujarati people do that. You
have seen there Lifestyle it is very simple but they multiply their money and you can
see their history you will see a rich man with a capital of a hundred crores or
more than that. You would see that some years before he didn't have much, 20 years before
he did a very humble beginning, he didn't have a lot of money, but in 20 years what magic happened that he is a person of 100crores or 1000 crore, because to reach at thousand crore
it does not take much time, you would have heard a proverb that with money, money can be made.
I am not saying that if you don't have the money how you will do that, we will answer
that also.

Because we took a starting capital of 2 crore, you can start from 20000 also. Now
see for 128 crores to multiply, how much time would it take. This is almost 254 crores, straight
multiplication and in next 2 years it is the same multiplication Like It Happened from 2 to
4. Here from 128 To 254, you are thinking that it is very big growth. That was also a big
growth, but you were understanding this in your mind because you were able to take in the figures. The broader your mind the more you would go far. From 254 crore here when doubling will happen it would be 508 crores and here almost 1016 crores
and here, when he would be of the age 50, he would have 2032 crores starting from 2 crores. Just see that in 20years net growth or net profit you can see that net capital gain which you are getting
we will say the right word is capital gain the net capital gain which we have is of 2030
crore. Now people will say that you are joking it is not possible. Let me prove, in front of you I
will open a compound interest calculator now you will say how to get that 36% I took it when there was a businessman.

We can talk like if it's a common man who earns 12% in mutual funds. We
have not invested, here I have opened a website of HDFC. We are talking about a person who didn't
invest anything he had 2 crore capital in 2 crore capital he didn't invest
anything and we took a game of 20 years and maximum there is 36% because
in the market, it is according to share market. Generally, there is not a growth
of 36%, so if you even consider 30 although it should be 36, so he will have 749 crore
here with every percent The Game Changes 749 crore, if he started with 2 crores, if it
was 29 because there is no 36 then this figure would have changed, it would be directly
614 crores, so here you are seeing that if I did a 1% difference so from 614 and 749, more
than 120 crores difference more than that in fact because of 1% difference, so every one
percent growth matters. That is why you see those rich people you would think they're a bit miser, they
know the compounding of each rupee if we spent 10,000, then how much that 10,000 could have
earned us.

Here we did the investment of 2 crore. That with an investment of 2 crores a person
in 20 years can reach 750 crores at an interest of 30% with 36% growth of 2000 crore. So here the thing is this is possible When you will understand that you don't have
to spend money. Today I will give you an example, What poor people do, they will earn
money say 1 lakh rupees and they will purchase iPhone of 1lakh.

Now they purchased the iPhone
and the money becomes 0. It is not like that rich people don't buy it, they buy it but at
first, they know how to invest it. Rich isn't the person who has 1 lakh rupees, rich is
the person who is getting returns of 1 lakh rupees per day Everyone has a different
satisfaction level if you are not getting one lakh you are getting 10,000 or 2000 but this is not
earnings, these are returns on investment. My investments are increased and I am increasing
them, that is a rich person because he has a different mindset. Now finally if a person
purchase an iPhone of 100000 what difference does it make you spent it. A person who purchases shares
of iPhone, Now iPhone shares, in 10 years you can see the growth. I will talk about 20 years,
now I will show you something that your mind would be blown. I am considering that 20
years growth will be the same in next 20 years So we are talking about shares
of Apple, we're talking about share price of Apple. Here we will take the max amount,
Apple's share price in 2021 is 123 USD.

We can later multiply by 70 20 years before i.e in the year 2000, oh my god 1.14
almost this is in front of you $1 in April this was a $1 share. 123 times the money has multiplied
means if you will understand this meaning then it would be fun. 100000 rupees you think
that the money has been X and 123% you're thinking this that the money from 100000 would be 1crore 23lakh. You're thinking wrong I'll tell you why This answer you have to give in a comment that this
money would not be 1crore 23lakh and why not. Because now you're learning financial education from me
and if you will not learn how to calculate it then I will feel very sad that I taught you
so much and you didn't calculate it.

From $1 123 dollar this share is but I want to tell you
that and I will give you the answer in next video but before that comment below, 1 Lakh
rupee investment in 20 years is not 1crore 23lakh and why not. If someone would have invested like this, if a person today fights with his parents that they want iPhone, buy me an iPhone I won't
eat food, just buy me iPhone. Mother and father took the burden and purchased an iPhone of 100000
to the kid, one more kid says that he wants he wants Apple….. he wants Apple mom-dad gave
him One Lakh rupee to him and he bought shares of Apple Here you can get many examples but if you
took the shares of Apple why it would not be 1crore 23lakh. In the next video when I would give the answer your mind would be blown, so we have to do that.

If you want to see more videos on financial education then comment below
because this has not ended here. I was teaching you doubling. Now there is one more question
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Or in share market or in mutual funds, there are so many questions so whatever questions
you have, see you can talk to our team of financial experts.

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asked what would be the rate of the apple apple we talked about that, So if you do investment
of 1 lakh rupees in an apple in 20 years how much would it be? What would be the returns
comment below and tell me let's meet in the next video till that can you go self made

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