How to Create Instagram Story Ads That Convert in 2021 – Make Money On Instagram

– How to create Instagram story
ads that actually convert. (upbeat music) In this video I'm gonna be
taking you behind the scenes, we're gonna do it together, on how to create these different stories that's actually engaging,
that actually convert, we're gonna take a look at
the dynamics, the specs, how do you set it all up in the Facebook behind the scenes, and you will see why this could actually decrease your ad cost, increase your margins
and be one of the most profitable moves that you actually make when it comes to running ads. So, you probably know this,
Facebook, couple of years ago bought over Instagram, and
one of things that they did is they merged the Facebook
ads manager into Instagram, into being able to run Instagram rather and this is actually available
inside your ads manager. So that means that if you
go into the ads manager in this account, okay so
let's use this account, so all you need to do is on the top left hand side
where it says create, all I'm gonna do is I'm
gonna click on create and this is the page that you wanna be on in order to begin creating
these Instagram story ads.

Now, what are Instragram story ads, you've probably seen this when
you're on your Instragram, and you are looking at
stories when your seeing what other people are doing you'll notice that after every three, five, 10 stories, you seem to get this
sponsored ad in the form of a story, and this could be actually you running these ads through
Facebook ads manager. And the first thing that we need to do before we even create
this campaign together, is we need to understand
what is the format that is ideal for Instagram stories. Right so, the way to
do that is if you were to just Google up
Instagram story dimensions you will see that the image ratio is nine by 16 and 19 by nine, and basically it is portrait mode and this would be the ideal
specs for Instagram story.

So once we understand that this the spec and what people would be looking at in order to swipe up
are land on your page, then what we're gonna do is we're gonna go to ads manager and it's gonna ask you basically for your marketing objective. Now one of the most
basic methods to create a marketing objective is
always based on conversion. 'Cause you wanna make sure that for every one dollar you put in, you get back more than the dollar out. Right so if you have your pixels and your tracking in place then you'll be choosing
conversions in most cases.

If you know in numbers,
if you know sales process is profitable, and you just
wanna send traffic over you use traffic. If this is more for getting
people to comment, like the post then you choose engagements
whereby in most cases I do not use this, this is mainly more for if anything metric, so it's usually conversion or traffic. So let's say if you choose
traffic, so it's basically getting people to click, what I'm gonna do is,
this is gonna be for IG, and let's say I am selling
a piece of yoga pants, 'kay? Or whatever, could be a
book, you could be training, you could be something eCommerce. So all I'm gonna do is
I'm gonna set my budget, I'm gonna continue
exactly how I would set up a standard Facebook ad, and then what I'll do is
I'll give my ad set a name. So let's say IG and I wanna target people who are into crossfit, 'kay, or yoga and fitness and wellness 'kay so, I'm just gonna
type the ad set name to, just like a description and then what I'm going to be doing is, all these things it
doesn't matter over here because I am utilizing it for Instragram.

And then what I'm going to do is I'm gonna choose a location, so let's say my location is people living around a specific location. So let's say I wanna target only to the people who live in LA. Again it's exactly the same as Instragram, gonna choose my targeting
and let's say my targeting is for people that loves yoga, or yoga pants, okay, and so it tells me that
the potential reach is 640,000 people living within
LA that loves yoga pants, okay, so all I'm gonna do is I'm going to select my placement, now this the differentiator between running Instragram story
ads and Facebook ads.

This is when you click on edit placements, and this is where you gonna tell Facebook where it actually appears. So now I'm going to uncheck Facebook, Audience Network, Messenger, and the only thing that I wanna do in fact I'm gonna disable Instragram feed, okay, I'm gonna disable Instragram Explore, and the only thing that I am doing now is I am having it appear
on Instragram stories. Okay so, full screen vertical,
nine by 16 images or videos. 'Kay so it's either an
image, or if it's a video it needs to be only up to 60 seconds long. Okay so it can not be more than 60 seconds and this is why if you're looking to scale rather than just having a one
size fits all video or image, like one of the most
common newbie mistakes is advertisers leave this on default with that one image, and the truth is that it will, the reality is that it
will never be as effective because it's not optimized to the context of that specific platform.

Right so, if you're looking
to really squeeze the most of each campaign and
maximize your returns, you always wanna be able to create content that is optimized for that
specific platform, all right? So for this video over
here for this campaign since we're utilizing Instragram stories, the only thing that we'll have checked is Instragram stories. So we're gonna select
Instragram stories, okay, and now it asks us for what
do we want it optimized for. 'Kay, so landing page views, so usually it's clicks, you could have link clicks over here, which is what some people choose, but landing page views usually is a little bit more expensive but basically it's optimized for people who will actually wait
for the website to load based on the tracking pixel.

So you have slightly
higher audience quality then just people who will actually click. Right so you can choose
landing page views, and then after that when you continue what's gonna happen is it's gonna ask you for your Instragram account, okay so over you know you can connect your Instragram account, if it's not already connected, and then this is where you
can choose the format, okay. Now, since video is where
you have this one image that will look like this, kay, so I'm gonna select single image, and for this single image then, now I can either create a video which is again up to 60 seconds long and when you shoot this video it needs to be on portrait mode so that it fills up the entire thing, and that's when you want to
be really, really concise, if it's in the form of video.

And usually when I'm shooting videos I'm always thinking about
like these few questions. I'm always thinking about
who, what, when, why. It's really about like who's it for, why's it important, why's
it important now, right, and getting the call to action. So one of the things that I do is I will always think
about these questions first and try to compact it down
to just literally 60 seconds. And usually I will time myself first if I'm shooting an Instragram
story ad with a timer. And I will go through
the questions in my mind as I'm answering those questions in 60 seconds, okay so there are many different
frameworks that you could utilize, so one of the things that I do is, it could be asking a question, starting with asking question, and after you ask a question
you know they will say yes to, in order to hook their attention, that is when you move onto the thing in your marketplace is important.

So why is understanding
cryptocurrency important. Why is the keto diet important. And then after that it
could be common mistakes that people normally have, which is question number three, and then number four is
how can we find out more which is literally the call to action. Right, so it could be something like this. 'Kay so imagine if I'm
selling, I don't know, a keto weight loss supplement. So just imagine me answering
these four questions. Okay so I'll begin, timer. Do you think that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Hey this Peng Joon here and one most common things
that people are confused about because of mainstream media is they tend to think that breakfast is the meal for champions.

That's pretty much what
our parents told us, how we were brought up, but one of the things that I realized in this journey is that if you
are looking to lose weight, if you are looking to get
more energy and clarity, you actually wanna skip breakfast. And one of the things
that want to invite you, to share with you, how you can actually increase your energy levels and how you can take your
strength, your conditioning, and your weight loss
journey to whole new level, is I'd like you to go ahead
and swipe up right now where I've got free tools,
free trainings waiting for you, to show you on how you can
actually make it happen.

So all you need to do
is go ahead and swipe up and I'll see you on the other side. 59 seconds, 'kay so, now
I literally just did that off the cuff, but all I
really did in order to create this video ad was to ask a question that kinda creates
engagement and conversation that I know that will kinda
hook a person's curiosity, I talk about why the thing
is important, that topic, a common mistake that people
normally make or have, or myth, okay, and then number four
is the call to action. 'Kay so this is if you
want a simple video script in order to create this Instragram ad in the form of video, so
this where I would literally just drag and drop that
video and upload it here, or I could have an image.

So this is where literally
I can have something like a bunch of images over
here, but this is where I can upload an image or utilize an image, 'kay so I'll just take whatever, a random image over here, now all these different things,
because I am uploading it for Instagram stories, I don't need to put all these texts in here. In fact, a great way to
create these type of images, you'll notice that just now I had like a ton of images right, what I would do, in
fact what my team does, is use a free tool called Canva. And if you go to,
register for a free account, you'll notice that they
have many different designs and they even have designs and templates for Instagram stories, 'kay? So you'll notice that if I go
to Instragram portrait mode you'll see that there are
many different designs.

If I were to type in create
a design, Instragram story, okay, yeah they do have this,
'kay, so I'm gonna click on Instragram story, so
you'll notice that yeah, this is the dimension that
we're looking for, 'kay. So let's say I wanna utilize y'know something font or format, I
can just y'know select one, and all I need to do
then is I could be like, y'know the ultimate yoga pants, and then put in that
yoga pants image in here, 'kay just swap out the image, and then I will just save this. So again if your not a designer like me and if your horrible with
these type of things, Canva is a great tool for you to create these different assets
and once you create that, that is how you will upload
it into a nice designed Instragram story that is
engaging, that actually pops, if it's in the form of an
image rather than a video.

Ultimately you wanna do both, if you have watched my other videos before I always say one of the
things that's marketing is you wanna constantly be doing is to create constant
creatives to reduce ad fatigue. So that's when you wanna
have your 60 second videos, that is when you wanna have your different Instagram story ads, so that you can just scale,
right that's how you scale, using more creatives. That is literally how you
create Instragram story ads, go try it out, you'll realize
that for some audiences that your costs are going to be actually significantly lower then
utilizing just Facebook. Let me know how it goes, set up your campaign, let me
know in the comments below what is biggest takeaway is and as always, if you found that this
video gave you value, go ahead and click on subscribe so that you'll be notified for
future videos like this one.

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