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some young lady I hope you are guys and in this video I'm gonna share with you four ways that you can buy property without using any of your own money so if you want to buy houses with no money then stay tuned okay so the ways I'm about to describe to you how you can buy properties without using any of your own money firstly I want to say that I have done all four ways so this is not stuff that I'm talking about this is not theory this is actual practical I've been there I've done it not only of eyes on it but I've helped dozens and dozens of other people do it as well by telling them what I did so this is you know real life stuffs and those people say to me you can't buy houses with no money and I respond you're absolutely correct you can't they can't because they don't believe they can so I think the first step you've just been open minded people have been buying businesses with no money for years using you know call cons of different agreements so I want to share these with you and you can either you can be one of the people types of people to say are don't believe that's possible that's too good to be true and all that kind of stuff in which case that's fine maybe don't even continue watching anymore the video if you don't want but yeah if you think last one or you can be someone that's just a little bit open-minded in which case this could happen for you so here's the first way number one is lease option agreement now a lease option agreement is basically where you buy a property today but you pay for it later so you can almost say it's a little bit like the owner has given you a free loan for say five years when it comes to the end of the option agreement you don't have to buy it you have the option not the obligation and in all that time and this is what just blows my mind and I have good lease options I because I've got many lease option agreements so say you buy it today but you pay for it in five years you don't put anything down today okay you might you might have to pay for the solicitor fees but you can actually put any money in for the property at all and you're getting immediate cash flow and as the house goes up in value you're gaining from capital appreciation so it's just a fantastic way of getting your foot in the door owning properties and doing this starting out with no money if you want to learn more about lease option agreement I have to other videos about this but it's one of my favorites number two is joint ventures now a joint venture is where two people come together they usually will bring 50% of value and they will put 50% of value together to do it a venture a deal if your venture is property and you're buying a property and you'll do this as a joint venture with somebody else you've both got to bring fifty-fifty value but you haven't necessarily gotta bring fifty-fifty money your value could be something that is not actually cash your value could be you're bringing the deal to the table you could be bringing your knowledge the power team the overseeing of the project there's loads of things that you can bring to the deal besides cash if you find a joint venture partner who has cash but that's it I have nothing else they can't go on to be successful without you you tell them look you put the money in we'll put the time and the energy and the knowledge and the team and all that in and then we'll go 50/50 on the profits effectively you have bought a property without using any of your own money joint ventures absolutely fighting this way to do it now it's really easy to be really careful if you do it your venture partnership that you have clear expectations and clarity so you know what's what in case it's a case of you said this no I didn't so you need to have a proper contract drawn up and a clear understanding of what you're both bringing to the table but joint ventures is an incredible way to get started with no miner and for that you can't be successful in property with no money no time no creativity no implementation of course you need something either bring something to the table but it doesn't have to be money number three different to joint ventures this is using other people's money if you know how to buy a property and make a 20 percent return on investment you also know someone who's got a hundred thousand pounds sat in the bank doing nothing you could borrow their money to buy property give them a fixed return so you could give them five percent ten percent return on investment on their money which is way better than the bank and then any extra you're gonna keep yourself and you've also obviously free property so it doesn't have to be your money you can use somebody else's this is very different to a joint venture because a joint venture has a stake in the property other people's money number three that could also be the bank's money you could get a bank loan to put down to buy a property it doesn't matter where the money's come from it's just it's someone else's besides yours so it's a case of tapping into money I have personally myself I'm not recommending this but I have bought properties on credit cards I've literally gone to the bank with credit cards maxed out and use the cash to buy put down deposit on properties and then switch the debt on the credit card over to a 0% credit card so I'm not even paying interest on the debt that's other people's money got to be careful doing this because you need to know what you're doing you don't wanna borrow money from friends and family and then screw it up but if you know what you're doing and you understand how to buy properties I think using other people's money he's a much smarter way of using your own because you've you're gonna get an infinite return on investment that way number four of how to buy properties and own properties without using any of your own money is by buying a property adding value to it and then refinancing the property you don't even need much money just start with because you can get a bridging loan some of my students are doing this right now as we speak very successfully whereby they're buying properties they're borrowing all the money on a bridging loan to buy the property they're then adding value to the property and again borrowing money to do that so the whole thing they're borrowing people you know banks money to do it but then when the project is completed and they've added value there then refinancing the property on with a new lender and the money that they get they paying off all the loans and then they've got now got a property that they've put none of their own money down for I mean you might end up leaving a little bit of money in if you do it right you can leave no money in I've done this successfully several times where I've left no money in with buying and refinancing on bridging and bridging loans that's just four ways that you can buy properties without using any of your own money I hope that's been inspiring I hope that's been helpful if this is opens your mind up but this just really got you thinking then why don't you do your friends and family the favor and share the video around – up – because I'm on a mission to really open up people's minds and to get people out the old way of thinking which is save up put money in a bank worked really hard put a deposit on a house that old way of thinking which is leading to people buying their first house when they're in their 30s and 40s which it really doesn't need to be like that so I'm on a mission share the mission share the video thank you so much I love you very much peace out thank you so much for watching if you benefited from that video please do share it with your family and friends for more videos like it you can watch right here and if you'd like to spend two days with me at the property investors crash course watch this video see what happens but whatever you do don't forget to subscribe right here and I'll see you next time

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