How To Become a Millionaire (Way #2) – Make Money Online

How to Become a Millionaire Way Number 2.
If you haven't seen the first way yet, check out the link in the description to watch it.
Now the first step is to take 5 minutes to walk around your house and look at the things
that you've purchased in the past. Your goal is to stop at each item and think back to
the time that you bought it. Do you remember what made you buy that particular item? Do
you remember why you bought it from the place that you bought it from and not from somewhere
else? Most people buy some stuff at a physical store and some stuff online.

Most people do
research on big purchases, but relatively little or no research on smaller things. Some
things like clothing or shoes might be considered impulse purchases where you just saw something
that you liked and bought it on the spot, even though you didn't particularly need the
item at that time. Once you've spent some time looking at different things that you
own, you understand enough about how people make purchase decisions to get started with
becoming a millionaire.

Now you need to find something that you can sell. It can be a physical
product or a digital product, but it needs to be something that is within your current
means and ability to be able to acquire it and sell it through an appropriate channel.
What that means is it's not realistic for you to start building something complicated
like a TV or a refridgerator, and it's not realistic for you to sell something like that
either since you likely don't have a retail store to showcase them at or even a place
to store them. Let alone the millions of dollars in startup capital you would need to launch
a business like that.

Instead you want to focus on finding something that you could
actually sell. Think of things that you saw when you walked around your house, what would
be realistic for you to start selling your own version of? There are litterally tens
of thousands of different things but we're going to use high end candles for this example.
There are places online that will create a custom candle for you in the colors you want
and with the scents you want and then sell them to you at wholesale prices. Your job
is going to be to resell them at a higher price and the difference is your profit.

can sell them onilne through places like ebay, etsy, amazon, your own shopify website, or
any other place where you can list an item for sale. You don't even need to invest any
money upfront to get started.You could even find out how much the candles would cost you
wholesale and how long they take to ship and then just list them for sale before you've
even bought them. Once you get a few sales and have some money coming then, then you
buy them and deliver them to the customer. Your goal is to find something that can make
you at least 100 dollars per week in profit from.

Once you're there, then switch your
focus to either doing more marketing for that product to increase sales, or add more products
to your online store, or start seeing if retail stores would like to carry your product too,
and things like that to keep growing that number each week. The ultimate goal is to
get up to 6400 dollars per week in profit, since that means you would make a million
dollars from that business in 3 years. But we still have many more ways to become
a millionaire, so watch our next video to learn more..

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