How To Become A Freelance Writer & Make Money (In plain English)

hey guys what's up so another day and another good content is here well guess what today I am with the freelance writer chipton and children has worked with shoutmeloud and he has also worked with many brand like founder forints new device native ads and he also neil patel so he has been like into the freelance writing business for quite a long time and today you know we are going to pick his brain to understand about how you can also start freelance writing business or because let's write it if you are already a freelance writer you can learn how you can actually grow your business too you know four three four figure five figure or six figure in fact and if you're somebody who's actually sitting on the sidelines thinking what are the online business opportunity you can have you have freelance writing is one of the opportunity that can open a lot of doors for you so we are going to look into all those things today with children so straightaway let's go to the children hello people oneself in since then Here I am a knight and content marketer I started my writing journey as a freelance writer in 2014 after passing on profits burning who was an engineer before that as well I was writing for various media publications and I was working as a technology bloggers a sports blogger and in here it didn't make much sense to me so I thought okay let's give this writing thing a shot it started with writing exact hi writer calm mind eternal calm is content mill whereby you can write articles for clients and like five daughters three dollars I remember my first article II was and the sports Meera not calm and that for that I was paid almost like fifty cents a dollar and from then on then I have built my profile and I have worked my way up to easily get more than hundred two hundred dollars per article so it's been a journey for me and have totally enjoyed it in which year did you start writing yes so I started my writing thing I think in 2010 as a sports blogger and that time I was just like exploring things it was an internship I didn't have anything in mind that I want to do this and this is going to be something that I pursue but it got me interested in writing and from then on I had various gigs as companies media offices okay thanks for your introduction simple and now let's bring the conversation to our audience who are thriving to find an online business opportunity so my first question to you is how can somebody is somebody who has zero experience who's probably okay writing or good at writing how can they start making this as a money-making all right so practically what you can do is start with applying at job boots the best job board I think is jobs or problogger thought network where you will find decent earning opportunities besides that you can go to websites like or eyewriter calm these are all content means you won't get big it much but you will read the idea of how Felina the writing work some Butley with clients and from then on you can gradually start into building your own brand building your own profile and for that I would recommend guest posting at websites so you can decide on a particular niche like say suppose if I am interested in lifestyle then I the target publications that are well-known in the lifestyle edge if suppose if I'm interested in marketing in the Navy now get websites myself without for getting my name up on their blogs like getting my articles from the blogs improving my credibility so once you get your name it's it's like it's all about the first major publication if you get into one publication from then on it becomes much easier do you think that first publication is I think the major challenge and for that you need good ideas and good writing skills and some luck to work in your favor okay so you say like number one go to the content mail find freelancing gigs second get yourself publish on the top media houses anything else like what about the website now what about having a blog or a website or a page where people can correct so I think many writers which are what I've found many writers when they're starting out they are not very well equipped with WordPress although WordPress is not as difficult but it depends on the person so if you are more of a creative Bend then I don't think technology might it might seem a little daunting so what you can do is simply create your portfolio page with something as simple is called content so content allows you to create a page like I have my own widget symptoms are me not content lead or calm so there you can add your own articles and build a portfolio and you can share that with clients as you can also create an about me page and there you can also mention the same thing that you can hire me by doing this so that is a quicker way do if you're if you have the gold clear and you want to become a writer and you want to offer your services and I think that is a quicker way to go about it obviously having a writer's website and building your own audience really helps but for your first few weeks maybe you can just go ahead with building your profile on about me or content and from then on you can build on your website and that can come in the third 1,000 solid stuff okay the next question is so of course I believe like you know there is of course money doesn't come easy and freelance writing is not not just another thing it's a serious stuff the question is how much money one can expect like now the lower in the higher to make from freelance writing in a day or in a month okay so I think for making if you talk in terms of making money I think content marketing is really creative way to get some nice extra income when you think of yourself as a writer and when you just start with the love for writing it's a great place to start at and you can get paid fifty dollars per article and decent publications hundred dollars per article as well that is a great way to start but if you want to increase your income then building your own audience and understanding content marketing and how the writing that you are doing is going to affect the business which is hiring you that will reveal and that is what content marketing is all about so I think it really helps to understand the business angle of writing and how many how much time does it take to understand that like somebody is starting today I think it's really subjective I cannot say that it will take you this much amount of time but if you put in the effort and if you keep it very simple in a few refer the right sources like say if you want to understand content marketing then if you even go to content marketing institute or if you refer a good guy of course like some university for understanding blogging for strategy then I think a couple of ones two three months is good space and it is something that you can do on this side invest some time every week an understanding it as well as time in writing in pitching publications as well as pitching is the main thing so you cannot you cannot stop cold pitching you cannot stop marketing yourself that is the main thing as a writer that is the main thing as a service provider so unless you're putting yourself out there it's it's nothing nobody knows what you know and what is your writing skill set right so you can do the content marketing understanding thing on this I take two months three months maybe six months but you mind we have to keep cold pitching and keep targeting publications and keep reaching out to clients prospects that okay I'm offering content services I'm offering writing and this is what I have done so far so if you're looking for someone then okay thank you for having all the valuation then I believe this question a lot of bloggers and a lot of writers or aspiring writers for aspiring freelance people who want to get into freelance writing can connect to how do one go about improving their writing skills and I'm not talking about just you know becoming a pro philic writer just like you I know that profile you by the way but he has to improve your writing skill set I think a great way to go about it is starting with reading books one one book which will really help you is on writing and maybe you can do a course at evening so I started with the course by Sonny Raja who's a wall street editor so that really helped me understand the nuances of writing so everybody sees that the other item in everybody is a writer everybody can be a writer but understanding that what are the certain ones is like the simplicity of writing the elegance of writing the flow in writing how you can put together your ideas in a coherent manner and form a compelling narrative that is something which will come with practice but at the same time you'll first have to have the lens to view that in your writing so I think of course will really help you to get started and then it's the technical vice which you must have heard everywhere that you have to read more and you have to you know write more so that you have to do it consistently but if you have the lens to understand that okay this is how good writing looks like then I think I mean you will be know much better place to do this so have this question what are the things that you do every day to you know keep honing your writing skills so on a daily basis the first thing is I write I write for clients I write for myself I journal and I think writing move really helps you to get your ideas on paper and it improves your writing skill so writing is essentially getting your ideas in a good compelling narrative format right so it can be nonfiction it can be fiction it can be done then it can be anything so writing more is one simple thing that I rely on and the second thing is I think ideas so I rely a lot on something which is called as associative thinking forming associations so it's really subjective creativity is a lot of times and for me what comes naturally is when I use a concept from a different industry in my industry so suppose if say there's a concept in psychology then maybe I can use that in my writing in my marketing writing in make the argument more compelling if they say an exercise in method acting and I'm exploring method acting then I can use that in my article on self-improvement because that is something which is coming which our association with and which is coming to me so basically learning more and learning diverse things is also what really contributes to my writings that's what I have and how do you go about improving your word dictionary like instead of using journal word how do you go start making those words and national part of your writing all right so I think the first point that I really want to make is simple writing is the most difficulty and simple writing is something which is for the masses so unless you're really writing for a niche audience see if you are writing for Howard Business Review or a very niche audience of say artificial intelligence technocrats you don't need to be very technical and essentially in journalism and even the novels that are bestsellers generally tend to contain and this is research through what this is data bag that you need to keep your writing very simple and it's not really about having a better it's not about wordplay it's about having more compelling ideas so that is for second degree you want to clear but still it really helps to have diversity in the words that you use and being very specific with maybe your emotional vocabulary or so if you're writing with a very particular audience then obviously having the technical understanding of the terms is really helpful and using that is something that will come by reading more so say suppose if I'm writing on blogging then content strategy conversions email marketing these are things that should be a part of our vocabulary and I should understand them in depth and I should read about them at the same time if I'm writing for a general audience and if I'm saying targeting a very big nough audience on these subjects and I will keep it very simple as well now if I want to create a vocabulary one action is named it was all of this thing I have talked about this like negating building of a category but say if you want to build a mechanically something and I have personally tried so I hired a intern to work with me and I gave her from whatever literature whatever it is I was reading like maybe it was an economist or maybe it was a novel so if I found some words then I just note it down those words and work through it which is a free tool and from there on I send that to my intern and she prepared some questions to go about learning it in hanky so hanky is a half which helps in active learning and it's something which you can use for learning words with context and then they can naturally flow into your writing is all right so you know you have given some tips Jen personally I think I'm also going to pick them up but here's the question so these are the things that you already did to be to reach here now what are the things what is the writing techniques or the things that you are looking forward to integrate into your writing looking moving forward all right so the first thing that I struggle with right now is I genuinely like each day sometimes there's always this underlying feeling like an imposter you cannot really write I am not really writing well because what I tend to do my writing obviously it's a creative process and it's very subjective but my writing process has been very half as art and it's it's more like I collect a lot of information and then I try to make sense of it and put it in a compelling narrative so that is what I do but that is not our writing generally is what writing process looks like for most people is when they create an outline which is what which is something which I also do but after creating that outline we just shut down the internet or shut down the external links and just let it flow so that flow thing comes to me but then it's not as compelling as my research backed writing which I do with the internet on the Internet is in the oven mode so that is something which I'm struggling with in that is something which I really want to work also even you recently tried an experiment to go on a metro line where there is no internet and I will just sit with my laptop and I have an article with me and for that period of two to three us I just sit and write nothing is this it's not as something which I am working on and that is what I really the place that I want to be that this flows yeah I believe you know for you since you write a lot of technical articles and stuff where you definitely need to research on every single thing so for those kind of article you're stuck in a flow will take a lot of time to come but I understand what you mean I yes that's a nice place to be okay so what are the writing tools that you use day-to-day the writing tools I would say dramedy is something which I absolutely love and it's responsible for fixing all my grammar mistakes I commit a lot of them and it even helps with writings clarity simplicity and elegance it offers really great suggestions and I recommend people which are struggling with writing to definitely give its premium version are short will really help and the second tool is Google Docs so I keep it very simple I don't really create an outline in a different tool and something like that a very simple way to go about it I use Google Docs for my writing bit and then he was normally how do you use Hemingway editor yeah I I have used anything my editor in the past but I think a lot of the legwork that hemming witness is already done by grammarly and now I'm if you wanted to place my by will you use really long sentences or complex words then you should really use Hemingway but now I think I'm in a place whereby mostly my writing is at the place where I don't mean Hemingway's functionalities okay alright then it's the last three question before the first one like you already mentioned about the website like I writer and two more where one can find the writing gig what are the some of the unconventional ways of finding the writing opportunity which actually pays alright so one thing I really feel is the best way to go about this maybe it's on your own blog if you have a website maybe it's for a client I did this for a client you do an influencer roundup so what is an influencer roundup it's essentially an article which lists people in your industry who are thought leaders like Iraq Iran is a thought leader in the internet marketing industry so if suppose you're writing in the knife style image maybe you can target companies and you can target the marketing managers of lifestyle brands or if suppose you are in the artificial intelligence niche or if you are in the lawyer royal mins then you will target companies that are doing content marketing for lawyers so you can target lawyers directly and you can get relevant pieces of valuating advice for them and compiling that is an article into a round'em so my article that I did was 35 blocking thought leaders that you should follow for the best blocking advice and it combined with resources from all of these thought leaders and through that I didn't even have this in mind when I was doing this but as soon as I did that I got like four to five and queries on my writing services just because I had already given them shown my credibility that I can do this thing and I'm good at writing and there was a proof of that writing piece that was that is not it out of the park for most people because it was a very intensive extensive sorry an extensive resource which I had put together by with a lot of hard work and I had mentioned this in my email signature that I'm a copywriter so I got enquiries and even Hearst contacted me after that article and inquiring me about my writing services and from then on I think it was a snowball effect that started from all because of that article is why my writing career kind of began because from then on I got do more do I got a few clients a couple of them are consistent then from there Hirsch hired me first referred me to my other clients and so the reference then sort of started so I think influencer roundup is a thing which is used repeatedly by many service providers and it is something that you should definitely give it a shot fantastic I mean that's that's a very unconventional way gentle now let's say somebody is freelance or doing freelance writing for two three years and they have a consistent rate now how do one go about increasing their rate what is the approach that they don't end up losing their existing client or new clients what is that you would recommend but so as I have already mentioned you need to understand content marketing content marketing is how can you drive revenue for the business through your services through your writing in this particular is its writing right so you need to understand that at the end of the day the person who's paying you should not look at you as an expense if you are an expense then you're not a headache but you are somebody who is replaceable who's a commodity so you have to come across as someone who's valuable you can give a return to the client so if you can understand the business that you are working for and how your writing is adding I live with them and you can always attach numbers to this so I've personally done this with a couple of people I think I remember doing this formal assessment and I have done this for my other clients has been you know always trying to go to that approach of ok how do i how do I calculate that my writing is generating revenue for them and how much of revenue will it generate and from then on you can anchor your price according to the revenue that you are generating so obviously this will require a client in order pool of clients which have that mindset is when but those are the clients you should be working for in the first place right they have the growth mindset they are the people who are wanting to invest they're not just looking at it as a one-off commodity gig so you have to be in that mindset and as for your existing clients so it cannot be jumped off 100% directly obviously it cannot be a jump of 50 percent also some in some cases but it's all about performing well so if you have performed then for a while and suppose if you're hired just right now – someone then maybe you have not had that conversation because you didn't have writing links and you have ready to add that negotiation dialogue but now you are in the place that you want to increase your rates and you want to justify it to a client so you it's it's something which is really natural you have to understand it's a business relationship first of all and you have to treat it as that and then the way to go about it is by telling them giving them a time frame of say suppose three months or six months that hey if suppose if it's harsh that hey hurts my rates are going to increase in three months and you have been a consistent client and I really value that and in three months this is going to be married and I'm informing you right now so if you can please accommodate that and I will be grateful for your partnership this is one way to go about it another way if you are with a new client and maybe he's not being you you're then you can tell me okay then can we please really discuss the range at the end of three months or at the end of six months and let's keep some performance matrix it's suppose say the number of shares when you're not even on the number of leads that you're generating or the amount of traffic that your articles are getting on the website and the number of backlinks many of these are vanity matrix but if you can attach it to the business the matrix that are really relevant to the business and that will help their bottom line then it can be a conversation that you are having as a consultant and not just as a right so that is what I know that was that was pretty awesome because I don't think a lot of people actually think that way they just think this has one of opportunity that okay I'm getting paid $100 and $50 that's all good but yeah I didn't like the way if you actually not think just as a writer but as a you know like what's the value that you are adding to the rasmus and yes so you basically get paid for the value and not just for the writing which is I think a very unique way of thinking and probably that's why I think I kind of like you way on doing things all right so now the last one that I think this is something you know will come from your own experience it's freelance writing job the laptop lifestyle that you'd leave Leave is it glamorous it definitely looks so from the outset so yes I think like as you yourself am being travelling around the world I am fan month-long stands and barks ooh and matters with ease and in co-signing in a Marcel for this so I have I can keep on traveling I have tried other career avenues like method acting music and all of that has been possible because of having this laptop feelin's lifes and I've moved across cities I've never been in one city up with in Bangalore who didn't know who I am do it in Delhi in various places so yes obviously it's a nice boat pros and cons so that is something if traveling and meeting new people and this is something that you like and even the solitary lifestyle make because you will mostly be on your laptop that is something that people miss and you might be most likely working alone and even if you have a team it might be very remote like they'll be in a different city and you will be conversing maybe on a phone call or something like that right or maybe on a Skype call or maybe chat maybe email so in that sense it's not very glamorous for me as a person I have a strong foundation of friends and more cities because of their software engineering so they are everywhere scattered across the country and my family is I have a strong strong support system in the form of my family and friends is my so that is why it's it's okay but definitely I think the core of it is that most people don't realize you just see that it's not time bound and you get to have all the fun you get to travel it's also sometimes very lonely and for someone like me it can also be the more routine so beyond the point everything is a routine and beyond a point it can be interesting in and you can I have the sugar the sugar has kind of Nod feeling in the initial bit but I think frozen wants to it it Slammers but it has its own drawbacks as well okay so I believe like what you mean to say is yes there is bright side of doing your own business but then the discipline is that key and understanding how we work and finding the right way of doing thing is the key definitely all right so I think that was freaking awesome and Jim that you added a lot of value here you added I believe like a lot of you who actually wanted to get to know about freelance writing or already there have got a lot of meat here babies actually the you know the real stuff which actually help you to grow now if you have any other questions feel free to ask in the comment section below children will come and like will you reply yes definitely man please do that like this is your time to learn from somebody who's actually doing something so please go ahead and if you know somebody who's into freelance writing our plan to start an online business or becoming a freelance writer send them this video let them know about you know what they can do what are the possibilities or the challenges and I believe all this question has covered that so with that I will see you in the next video thank you for children for for this and buh-bye [Music]

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