How To Audit Your Instagram Business Profile (MAKE MONEY FROM INSTAGRAM)

so you're using instagrams for business
but are you using it right in this video I'm gonna tell you about a few mistakes
that you could be making that's costing you money for more business and social
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position themselves as the expert and attract their dream clients if you're on
Instagram and aren't getting the engagement or the inquiries that you
want you may be making a few of these mistakes by the end of this video I'm
going to tell you the six things that I look at when helping a client with their
Instagram marketing strategy the first thing I look at is if the bio area is
unclear one of the sections that we take for granted is the actual bio it's not
just a place where you can be fluffy and free it's actually a place that it's
going to determine whether that someone should follow you or not and if they
want to go the extra mile and click the link in your bio or work with you so you
want to make sure that that is giving people the what you do who you are
and what they should be doing next once they get to your page the second mistake
that I see all the time is you linking to just your website home page in your
bio so I had to have two things the first thing is maybe something like a
link tree so a specific page on your website or on a third-party app that
links to various things various call-to-action buttons that take people
to specific places because one of the things that people get people get lost
on home pages so when you just link your website to your Instagram and it takes
them to your home page no one really knows what to do they're just there
because you put it in your bio so you're not going to get a lot of action that
way instead if you were to have something like a link in bio or like a
page on your website that has all these buttons there that go to specific things
that help you kind get leads then you're going to get more
more more success that way another way that will help you is if the actual link
is maybe a specific sales page or a training page something that has a
singular action that needs to be taken because again one of
the the cons of taking them to your website is that your website most
websites are designed where there are multiple things that you could do upon
that website and if you're not kind of getting them to go to one place you're
kind of gonna you're going to lose them the third thing that look at is if your
captions have called it actions and so a call to action is what are you doing
what do you want them to do next right so how do they look at your picture
after they look at your caption that pretty message that is that you put in
there what do you want them to do next it should not just be oh that's cute and
they keep scrolling you need to either have them build your community or build
your wallet and so this could look different ways so it's so building so a
call to action can can be double tap if you feel this way tag a friend that
need it to hear this send me a DM with with the word blank if you're interested
in doing X Y & Z click the link in my bio for more information on X Y & Z right
so all those statements that I made were call to actions they prompted a reader to
do something more to go an extra mile to do something that helps them either
become more invested into your community or becoming more invested to be working
with you so before we move forward I want to kind of check in with you and
see if you can identify some of these mistakes that you have made so given the
first three look at your own Instagram and let me know in the comments below if
you have made any of those mistakes move on to the fourth thing that I look at is
if you are creating expert content are you creating content that is serving
your audience are you creating content that is being helpful that is going to
position you as the person as the authority that I know you are one of
I see that I don't want to see is just a like it's just a lot of fun personal
stuff right so it's it's great to have personally it's great to have personal
things but it's important to also position yourself as the expert
so whatever feel that you're in we need to see that you are walking the walk and
talking the talk we need to see that you know what you're talking about so teach
us something give us a quick win show us something that is super easy for you but
will change my world by just watching a quick minute video from you the fifth
thing is I want to see if you're mentioning your services right are you
mentioning your your prices are you mentioning what you do like why are you
one Instagram for business why are you do you have a business like
that is something that people want to know like you know you're putting out
all this content if you are and you have like a link in a bio but like when you
make your post are you talking about your services are you talking about what
you do how you make money because the truth that of the matter is if you're not
mentioning that you do things for money no one's gonna know who to give you
money in real with you and these sixth and final thing that I look at is if you
have a way to build your email list now if you are following me on Instagram you
know that whenever Instagram goes down I am quick to post an IGTV or Instagram
story pushing people to start their email list because social media does not
belong to us I love social media but I understand that social media is just a
way that I can make money is a way that can serve my clients but I can also
serve my audience they might email list as well and I own my email list so that's
why it's that important because Instagram Twitter YouTube could go down
at any time and or you could be blocked out or you could be in Facebook Jail or
whatever and not have access to communicating to your followers to your
audience which could cost you like a whole day's salary or whatever it could
cost you money really okay so what I want for you to
start doing that email list so if you're not doing that already make sure that
you are building it right now so that you are not being caught making this
mistake if you want to start getting clients with your social media strategy
then I want you to take advantage of my free training called posting for profit
in this training I'm going to show you how to save time eliminate the burn out
and make more money with social media you can get access to that training by
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