How Much Youtube PAID Me For a VIRAL Video (5 MILLION+ VIEWS!)

so it's january 2019 and i decide to post a video that is considered off topic for my channel at the time in 2018 and in the early 2019 i was posting content for millennials i was posting content about quitting the nine of five posting content about post graduation mindset lessons anything that a millennial that just graduated college would likely enjoy but one day i decided to post a video about instagram specifically i wanted to share five specific strategies that i use to grow my instagram account and since then that video has had over five million views is one of the top videos when it comes to instagram growth and also is still the top performing video on my channel even after two years later so i know you guys click this video because you're interested to know how much did i get paid but you know me i am vanessa and i love to make sure that you guys not just get visible on social media but you also get paid and so near the end of this video i'm also going to share with you some tips on what to do to capitalize on viral videos so that not only do you have millions of views but you also have millions of dollars in your bank account so let's look at how much i got paid all right so like always i'm just chilling on my desk let's look at how much youtube paid me for my viral video that has five million views all right so we're on the video here is the big reveal since this video has been published it's generated 5.8 million views i've gained over 62 000 subscribers directly from this video and i've earned 27 000 with this video alone now let's go into my general channel analytics as you can see my lifetime earnings to put things into perspective is 129 000 then basically it means that a video that i posted two years ago in 2019 is generating about 21 almost 22 of my total youtube revenue which is insane now if you want to learn more about how much i make in total in general make sure you check out this video that i have right here that breaks down how much i make as a youtuber but one thing that you have to know is that even though i made 129 000 in total with youtube and also 27 000 of that came from the viral video with 5 million views you have to understand that i've been able to build a multiple seven figure business to date since 2019 i've built a four million dollar business to date and so how exactly did i do that well keep watching this video because i'm gonna share even more strategies where you can capitalize on your viral videos to make even more income for yourself as a content creator now that you guys have gotten a clear idea of how much money you get paid off of a video that has over 5 million views now i want to talk about how you can actually capitalize on this video so that you make even more money and it's not just adsense revenue that you're making because even though i made that amount for that video alone through adsense i've actually made multiple millions of dollars ever since that video has launched now like i said earlier on in this video having a viral video is one thing but what you do with it is another because even though i made this amount on that viral video in reality i've actually made this amount ever since that video came out because i continuously capitalize on that video so if you're lucky enough to have the youtube algorithm gods bless you with a viral video here are some things that you really want to do to make sure that you keep up that momentum even years later now the first tip that i have for you is make sure that all of your videos collect emails make sure that you have a lead magnet make sure that you're building your email list for this video i was really lucky that i actually had attached a lead magnet to that video and if you don't know what a lead magnet is make sure you check out this older video that i have for you when it comes to strategies on how to build up your email list but for me luckily with that video i was already collecting emails and because it went viral my email list went from pretty much 20 people to 20 000 people overnight so a best practice especially if you're a newer youtuber but even if you're a more advanced youtuber make sure every single video has something attached to it where you're collecting emails that way if you decide to monetize your channel later on whether you sell a digital product a physical product or a service you're going to be able to tap into a huge email list of people that you can connect to right away now the second tip that i have for you is when you have a video that performs better than your typical videos you want to make sure that you create similar videos of that nature now to further illustrate why this is important and what it actually means check out this screenshot of my video now what you'll notice is that you'll see the video that went viral and right after i decided to continue to do content that i usually do which is basically teaching people how to quit the nine of five and all of that you'll notice that those content pieces didn't actually do as well if anything it was just kind of average performance now what i didn't realize and the mistake that i made is because the instagram video was doing so well it was attracting a lot of people that wanted more instagram content and what was happening is that because they found me through that video about instagram when they actually enter my channel and they see that i have no other content pieces about social media or about instagram well naturally they're gonna drop off they're not gonna subscribe and so i caught on to this trend and what i decided to do is i wanted to experiment by doing more videos about instagram and like you'll see from the screenshot those videos also skyrocketed because the video that went viral was feeding all of my other videos and that was how i was able to accelerate the journey from zero to a hundred thousand subscribers and also get a lot of views on my other videos as well so the rule of thumb is is that when you start noticing a pattern of certain videos doing better than others you definitely want to take that as a sign to niche down now speaking of niching down and finding a niche for your channel i have a very unique way of approaching this so make sure you check out this video right here after you finish watching this video to learn more about how to actually find your niche specifically for youtube now on to the next tip that i have for you when it comes to making sure that you gain momentum on your viral video is make sure that you update your video with relevant dates and keywords every single year now this is a hack that i do is the fact that this video that went viral was posted in 2019 and i know for a fact that a lot of the tips that i share in this video are still relevant in 2020 and 2021 and 2022 and all the years like that and because i know that this is a top performing video on my channel year over year i want to keep it that way and i want to ride the wave for as long as possible and so every single year what i will do is i will literally go into that video i will change the title of the video and update it to the relevant year i'll change and update the keywords to the relevant year and i'll also go as far as changing the thumbnail so that when someone is stumbling on that video they're still going to click it because it's relevant to that specific year and they're not going to not click it because they think it's outdated because i know that a lot of the tips that i shared in this video are still relevant and timeless across the years now another hack that i have for you too is let's say one of your videos you mention a specific year what you can do is you can go into your creator studio and kind of edit that portion out especially if you want to make sure that video is timeless so remember you can always edit your videos and cut out bits and pieces that might not be relevant anymore however a best practice that you should probably be doing is instead of going back to your videos and editing them make sure in general when you're creating content that in your actual speech when you're talking in your videos try not to mention any years or dates so that that video can remain timeless and evergreen throughout the years that pass on youtube now if you're watching this video and you want to go from content creator to actual business owner meaning you go beyond just creating free content on youtube and you start monetizing that content beyond adsense revenue make sure you check out my free training at it's perfect for any content creator who's currently creating content and not getting paid for it in this training i actually teach you how you can monetize your content and create a business model for yourself that earns you 5 to 10k per month so make sure you check out this video link is in the description box below if you want to access more trainings for me i post a lot of content on social media marketing and entrepreneurship so while you wait for next week's video make sure you also check out these two videos that i have right here as well i promise they will not disappoint thanks again for watching if you want more content from me beyond just youtube make sure you check me out on instagram and also my podcast here as well with that being said i'll see you in the next video

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