How much money I made from 1M views- How to make money on Youtube

you probably saw youtubers buying luxury 
cars designer clothing and expensive houses. and I'm pretty sure that you have at least for 
once wondered how much do these youtubers make   so in this video i'm gonna show you exact 
data of how much money i made from 1 million   views and i'm going to explain you 
guys how you can make money as well hi guys, it's me, Ruri. Today we're going to talk about money. Money is a taboo topic in our society   I know that however talking about money learning 
about finance is a very important thing in my   opinion a year ago I watched Ali Abdaal's how 
much money I make as a doctor YouTuber and how   much money I make as a YouTuber videos it truly 
opened my eyes and it really helped me so I hope   this video will be helpful for you guys as well.

let's get started here we have data from my   the video which got 1 million views this is the most 
a popular video on my channel which is titled what   is like to be mixed this is the video that blew 
up my channel, this is the video that changed my   whole youtube game so this video got 1 million 20k 
views since it was published most of the time when   you look into other youtubers data people make 
around thousand to three thousand dollars approximately   however, this video made only five hundred dollars.
don't get me wrong five hundred dollars is a great   amount of money however when you compare to the 
other youtubers making 1k to 3k dollars out of   1 million views is pretty low and when 
you look to this video mine which is titled   how to learn Japanese it got only 355k views 
however, it made 578 dollars it made more money   then my 1 million view videos even though it has 
like one of the third views of that viral video why   is this happening I'm gonna explain to you why 
when it comes to youtube it's not about views   anymore amount of the views that you get is not 
really explaining how much money you make there   are so many factors that affect how much money 
you make and I'm gonna break down every single   the thing of that so when you look to this viral 
video the video length is only seven minutes   and when you look into that japanese video it's 13 
minutes what does it mean so basically in order to   add mid-roll ads which are the ads that you see 
middle of the video your video needs to be longer   then 8 minutes since this video is 7 minutes it 
doesn't have any mid-roll ads so you basically   see only an ad before and after the video however 
this video is 13 minutes long so I can add mineral   apps, and when you go to the monetization section 
after you monetize your videos, you can manage the   mineral ads and you can add as much as you want 
maybe there is a limit that i don't know but you   can basically control your ads so the length of 
the video is actually a very big factor when it   comes to the revenue that you're making another 
factor that affects how much money you make from   that video is rpm.

RPM basically means revenue 
per mille so that is the exact amount of money   you make from thousand views so when you look 
into this video for every thousand views i make   only 49 cents which is pretty low because average 
rpm is about one dollar to four dollars and when   you look into the Japanese video my rpm is about 
1.66 which is four times higher than the other   video so as you can see from the graph my rpm is 
changing through the whole time so it was like 49   cents since it's published but when we look to 
the last seven days it was around like 73 cents   and when you look at this video it was around 
like 1.66 cents however the last seven days it   was two point five dollars why rpm changes let's 
talk about those so since we learned about rpm so   revenue per meal now we can talk about the factors 
that affects rpm so the amount of money you make   from thousand views so factor number one is topic 
of your video basically, the topic that you choose   for a video affects the amount of the money 
you make if you choose a topic like real estate   finance and technology you can make money 
out of that video, why is this happening it's   simply because real estate or finance related or 
technology-related companies who are running ads   through the video have more money to burn since 
they have more money to burn they pay much more   for those google ads running through the youtube 
the video that's why your rpm is higher compared   to other topics of the video for example this 
video is about finance so the rpm of the video   is probably gonna be higher than other topics of 
my video like books or productivity because when   it comes to topics like books the book publishing 
companies don't have that much money compared to   like banks or real estate agents or something so 
the rpm of the video is of course gonna be lower   than topics like this video if you want to 
make real good money then going a topic like   technology finance in real estate gonna make your 
rpm much higher and you can make much more money   than youtubers who have like millions and millions 
of views in 2021 the amount of the views it   doesn't describe anything the thing that describes 
is your rpm you can have much less view than those   like bigger youtubers however you can make much 
more money than those for example graham stefan   has a finance-related channel and he breaks down 
his revenue and his rpm is so high like 10 or   something so he makes 10 times more money than me 
so if you want to start a youtube channel consider   about those three topics real estate finance and 
technology another factor that affects your rpm   is your watch time if your viewers are watching 
your video for a longer period of time then of   course your rpm is gonna be higher because they're 
more likely to watch an ad and if you have more   youtube premium membership subscribers then you'll 
gain more and I personally think like watching   five to like 25 seconds of ads here and there is 
so much waste of time so I'm a youtube premium   and my whole family is in youtube premium as well 
and you can make more money from youtube premium   subscribers so encouraging your subscribers to 
join youtube premium is also another great way   to make your rpm higher another fact that affects 
your rpm is the age of your viewers are   older then you can make more money because they 
have more money to spend on those things and   they're more likely to collect those ads and buy 
things so the last factor that affects your rpm   is geography so some countries have higher rpm than 
other countries so if it's a developed country   like us or japan or something it has a higher 
rpm than the countries that are developing or   undeveloped so basically it's another factor 
that affects your rpm so since we talked about   what affects rpm let's talk about how much 
money should you expect from 1 million views   another factor that affected my viral video 
is that i wasn't able to turn the monetization   half of the video because at that time my 
channel wasn't monetized in 2021 you need   to have a thousand subscribers and four thousand 
watch hour in order to monetize your channel and   reaching that point is very difficult my 
channel went viral in a couple of months   and i was able to do that however this is like 
my fifth channel and on my first channel i was   probably only making like a cent or so I think i 
made only like five dollars out of like 16 videos   but at that time i was pretty happy about 
that because as ali always says journey before   destination so enjoying the process is the most 
important thing when it comes to youtube however   if you are serious about getting started on 
youtube you're probably curious about how much   money you can make the average rpm is about one 
dollar to four dollars if you can choose a topic   like finance real estate and technology it can go 
up to ten dollars however expecting ten dollars   at the beginning is not a realistic way to do it 
so let's say your rpm is about like 1.5 to two   dollars and the 20 views of your subscribers is 
the average views that youtubers get for example i   have a 180k subscribers so 36k is the view amount 
that i should probably get from my videos and when   you look at my average view ratio it's currently 
about like 50k to 80k so my videos are much higher   than the expected rate and you can multiply that 
with rpm and you can figure out how much money i   roughly make however when it comes to youtubers 
it's not the only way that people make money for   For example, when it comes to Ali, he says that only 
10 percent of his revenue comes from the youtube   adsense so when it comes to my channel we also 
make money from sponsorships and from affiliates   so the links that i put in my description 
below are affiliate links so when you buy   something from that link I get depends on the 
the product however I usually get around like three   to five percent of commission and every single 
month i make like a little amount of money from   those affiliates the more people click your 
links and buy things more better it is for you   and another factor is the sponsorships i can share 
the sponsorship deal because it's illegal however   the thing that i can say is that the the chunk of 
the money that you make comes from sponsorships   relying on a single source of income is not 
stable at all and also another really great   plan on long term currently i only have youtube 
and sponsorships however i'm thinking about   expanding my youtube game a bit more like creating 
skillshare classes maybe starting a podcast and   stuff so that i can expand my revenue and so that 
i don't rely on single source of income so yeah   that was it for today i hope you guys learned a 
new thing from this video and i hope you're now   able to guess how much money youtubers are making 
i hope you like this video and i would like to   know down in the comments below how much did you 
guess youtubers can make from 1 million video   because i made an instagram poll and most of 
the people voted around like 1k up to 10 10k so   let me know in the comments down 
below and let me see my next video bye

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