How Much Money I Earn From YouTube with 50k Subs

Hello and welcome back to you
in the kitchen with Matt, I am your host, Matt Taylor today
and this blog episode, I'm going to show you how much
money I have made with my channel that
has 50000 subscribers. I always get asked when I'm
talking to friends or family members or just meet new people
and tell them that I have a cooking show on YouTube. A lot of times they'll ask,
do you make any money on YouTube ? How much money do
you make on YouTube? How much money do
you make per video? I always get questions
like that, so I thought I'd make this video and share it
with you all and be totally transparent with you and show
you how much money I've made, how much money I'm making
this week, how much money I'll make this month, and how much
money I have made total for the whole life of
my cooking channel. So here we go. There's a lot of different a
lot of different revenue streams that I have
from my channel. The main one is absence
from the ads. And then I have Amazon
associates where I do affiliate links.

I always when I'm cooking,
doing my channel, I will get questions from people. Well, where did you
get that food processor? Oh, that's a really
cool tool that you're using. Where'd you get that? So I always include links to
some of the more cool products that use my channel and let
people know where they can do it and if they want to buy it. I want them getting a small
percentage of a sale. It's like four percent or
something like that. So I earn a little
bit of money that way.

Also, I have a book
that I wrote called 101 Creative Dates, and I include
that link on all of my videos. Let's talk a little bit more
about that a little bit later. And then I earn some
money from a site called Fame Bit through sponsorships. I'll talk more about that. And then also a site called
Instructables Dot Com and through winning contests. And I'll talk about the value
of those of the products and things that I won over there. I've been on YouTube since
November 2013, and it's taken me this long to
eclipse 50000 subscribers. And I just want to thank
everybody who's been a part of the show and have
written down comments. I always enjoy reading your
comments and, you know, just supporting me through
watching my videos and trying out the recipes and reporting
back to me on how they went out.

So thank you so very much. Let's dive right in here. I am over on my analytics page
for my cooking channel. And right now we can see this
is the past seven days. My estimated revenue is two
hundred ninety three dollars. Not bad. And that's with one hundred and
fifteen thousand views. That's awesome. And then if we go to our the
last 30 days, one thousand forty eight dollars with four
hundred and sixty one thousand views,
that's just incredible.

Still boggles my mind
how well my channel has been growing recently. And I just really thank
everybody again who's been a part of the show. So what what the math works out
to be on my channel is about two dollars and twenty cents,
two dollars and 30 cents per 1000 views. I'm not going to go into all
the different ways that, you know, YouTube calculates
how much you earn on everything. I talk more about this on a
video I made on my other channel called How Much Money I
Made with a video that had one million views. I'll put a link down below. We can watch that,
if you like. And it goes more
into the details of earning money on YouTube. Also, I want to point
out every channel is going to be different.

My channel has, what,
454 or 55000 subscribers now. Other channels I have the same
amount of subscribers might be making more or might be making
less is just the nature of their channel. Some people might have far more
subscribers and are making less because maybe they're
not active anymore. Or maybe that channel
has only like 5000 subscribers, but they're killing it and
making a lot more. So it's just it just
depends on channels. So the worst thing you can do
is start comparing yourself with other channels. OK, so there we go. Now, let's look at
the lifetime, the lifetime for YouTube ad sense revenue on
my channel, fourteen thousand seven hundred seventy four
dollars and twenty five cents.

Now, this is since November of
2013 and I have always been active at the beginning. Otherwise I probably would have
been a lot further along than I am now. So there's a little tip for you
if you're going to if you're in it for the money or in
it to just grow your channel, make sure to be consistent. So that's pretty cool, though. I'm not complaining at all. I wish my cut from
YouTube was a little higher. But again, I'm not complaining
of super grateful for this platform. Now let's move on to the next. Come source that
I have, and that's from Amazon Associates. You can join Amazon associates
and you can become you can add affiliate links. I talked about that a
little bit earlier. So whenever I do a recipe,
I add an affiliate link to the products that I'm using. And that way, if people want to
buy it, they can buy it. And then I'll get a small
percentage of the sale and it doesn't cost the buyer any
extra to do that.

So it's really cool. And it's a small way
for you guys to support me, especially if it's a product
that you really like. And also if within 24 hours,
if that person clicks on something else on Amazon,
they don't necessarily have to buy the product that
I'm using. But you'll get a percentage of
the sale as well. So it's pretty neat. So this. A month, I am on target to make
about twenty six dollars, but hey, that's not a
whole lot, but that's enough to pay for a bill.

You know, one of my smaller
bills or, you know, goes to buying ingredients for
more episodes, things of that sort, but not really bad. Now, if we look at the
payment history, you can see all the payments I've gotten
since December one of 2015. That's when I started the
affiliate program and I added all that up. And then if you include
what I haven't been paid yet. The total is one thousand one
hundred and fifty three dollars and one cent, so not bad just
for adding a link, you know, adding a couple of links
here and there. Not too bad. Pretty neat. And that brings us to
Kindle Direct Publishing. So I mentioned the book. I published this book. This is a shameless plug for
my book, One Hundred One Creative Dates. And I wrote that
and I published it in February of 2018. And so it's been on the market
for a little over a year and pretty cool. So let's just show you
how much I've made with this.

Also, put a link down below in
the description in case you want to pick up my
book and have a bunch of creative ideas. So I am on target to make
seventy dollars and 90 cents for this month. Not too shabby. And then if we look at the
historical lifetime book sales and everything and how much
income I've earned, I've earned. This doesn't include what I
haven't been paid yet, but I've already already been paid seven
hundred and thirty five dollars and 46 from the U.S. buyers and
then forty four dollars and 65 cents from those
in Great Britain. Pretty neat. And then I added what
I have yet to be paid. So it brings me to a total of
eight hundred and fifty three dollars and one cents on
my book, which is nice because that has paid for the book
editor and it's paid for my marketing so far and it's leave
me just a little bit in profit. So now from now on, most of it will be
will be profit. Of course, you know, I've spent
tons and tons of time, tons and tons of time writing the book.

But anyway, from now on,
there we go. Some residual income. Right. So if you have an idea for an
e-book or a book, you know, you know, maybe you had a whole
year or a lifetime of doing some kind of skill for your job
or not make an e-book and start selling it as a way
to make some some extra money if you want. And now there's a site
called Fame Bit. I want to talk to
you about fame. It is a cool way for creators
like myself or maybe you if you Touba and then brands and
agencies to come together and either collaborate or to
to do sponsorships.

And the sponsorships can
be all kinds of things. The campaign could be just
do a simple unboxing video. It could be an actual video
review of a product or it could be they just want you to
highlight or just show their product and use it in
your video, whatever the campaign might buy might be. Now, I've done a few of these. I haven't done a whole lot,
only about four or five. And they were all
products that I really, really, really liked. And that's why I did it. And so I made a
little bit of money on.

There are not a whole lot. Five hundred and ten dollars. But that's pretty cool. Five hundred and ten dollars
across a few videos. That's pretty nice. Now there is a little
bit of competition. There's other people competing
to to win the business. So like I have applied
for a lot more than one, I've actually won again all
products that I was really, you know, passionate about and
didn't mind highlighting on my show. So if you're looking for
another avenue to get some income, check out Sambit. Now, that leads us to
last revenue source. You know, what I mean by
revenue is this is going to be cash value because I haven't
been paid dollars. I haven't been paid
cash from them. But it's the value of
all the products that I've won through contests. And this is a site called
Instructables dot com. And I have an account over
there and I've been publishing all my videos over there and a
step by step recipe, a guide on how to make the
particular dish that I do.

A lot of times people ask me,
do you have a step by step recipe or whatever for your. And I direct them over here to
Instructables because that's where I that's where
I post them. At some day I will have a
website where I'll have all this on there,
which is pretty cool. And so here on Instructables,
I've entered a bunch of contests and I've been really
lucky to win a couple of grand prizes where the value of those
the products was like four or five hundred dollars. And then another first place,
second place prizes and a bunch of runner ups where I've gotten
free T-shirts, mugs, aprons, things like that. And so I added up the value of
the estimated value of all those products and it was
about 2000 dollars.

So not too shabby. Now, if you add up,
here's the grand total. If we add up all those
income sources, it gets to be nineteen thousand two hundred
and sixty dollars and twenty seven cents if
my math is right. So there you go. That is how much money I've
made to date with my channel that has 50000 well,
about 54000 subscribers now and again, it's going to vary
from channel to channel, but hopefully you have some
inspiration to, you know, do your own channel. Or maybe this was just served
as some pique your interest a little bit just to
satisfy your curiosity. But what I would say is,
don't be discouraged if you are you, Chuba, just keep
at it, be consistent and be passionate about what you're
doing and the money will come hopefully someday.

This could be my career. I think it'd be really
awesome right now. I'm not there yet. It's going to take a lot, a lot
more money than this each month for me to, you know, quit my
day job, so to speak. But. Even then, I probably won't
quit my day job completely because I do
video production, it's fun. The claims that I have that I
work with, I probably won't. Even if I start making a lot
more money on YouTube, I'm not going to stop making
videos for them.

There we go. So hopefully you found
this video helpful. And I once again wanted to
thank everybody for being a part of the show and
thank any new viewers that are watching this video. Thanks for watching. And if you want,
subscribe to my channel, click that notification Bill. So you'll see all the new
videos that I post and check out my other channel,
my Mattila variety channel, lots of cool tutorials and
other kind of videos there that are not cooking related
until next time. I am Matt Taylor with
In the Kitchen with Matt. Take care. Happy YouTube. Happy cooking. Happy baking..

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