How I TRIPLED My Twitch INCOME In One Week! – How Streamers Make Money!

there are four major ways you can 
increase the revenue of your stream   right now and i implemented all four of those   in one week and managed to triple my revenue 
today i'm going to show you exactly what i did   and give you examples about how you can 
implement it into your everyday content let's go hey i'm Eljay with i'm also 
a variety streamer over at   there is a link to that as well as in the description today   we're going to be talking about revenue everyone's 
favorite topic and that's right i'm gonna be   breaking down exactly how i tripled my revenue 
in just one week i sadly can't give you the exact   numbers because of my twitch partner contract 
but i can give you the percentages and give you   a little bit of a breakdown about how i did it 
all we'll also be talking about the pros and cons   and how to implement these long term without 
hurting yourself and your viewers pockets and   most importantly speaking about not hurting your 
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to skip ahead to a particular part of this video   go nuts but first let's talk about the 
fact that i don't want your revenue   or at least i don't stream to make money i'm very 
appreciative and i'm very grateful the people who   choose to support my stream but because i don't 
push monetization and because i don't push heavily   to create more revenue in my stream it's why when 
i implemented everything i'm going to talk about   in this video today it was so successful if you 
were to take everything from this video and push   it constantly and go as hard as you can it 
would eventually dry up and you'd honestly   start losing viewers because it would become too 
much about the revenue one of the biggest tips i   can give you is that while this video is going 
to be about how to increase your twitch revenue   i actually wouldn't recommend it you see for me i 
prefer if my content were to be funded using this   youtube channel because at the end of the day if 
someone decides to support my stream it is money   directly out of their pocket where if someone were 
to support this youtube channel and watch ads all   they're losing is their time and spoiler i'm gonna 
ruin a little misconception a lot of you guys have   ad revenue on twitch is nothing that's right 
unless you're huge and i'm talking real big   you're not making any money off your advertisers 
on twitch the only reason creators run ads when   they're small is to turn ads off for 35 minutes 
meaning less ads overall if they run their own   there's no money in it to me i feel like this is 
a better trade i also don't want to feel like i'm   begging my community and they're responsible for 
my rent i'd much rather feel like i'm just there   to enjoy my content and enjoy my stream that said 
i'm also somewhat of a man of science myself and   i wanted to test out all of the different 
revenue generating tactics that i've seen   on twitch and spruced by other people and give 
them a real world tryout before i told you guys   if they worked or not and i had an idea for 
a week's worth of content anyway which leads   me to my very first revenue generating tactic 
adventising the first tactic and honestly the   best way to generate revenue is to eventize your 
content essentially you're going to generate a   lot of hype and excitement around one stream and 
then use all that hype and excitement to make good   content which will of course create more revenue 
because if you make something good people tend   to support that when i said all of that just then 
your brain probably went to the most common thing   ever and that is a sub goal for an event stream if 
we reach 50 subs i'm gonna do a cooking stream you   see it constantly and i'm gonna talk about it in 
a second because it is really important that you   don't do this wrong if you do these and you mess 
it up slightly it can really hurt your community   and really hurt your stream before that though let 
me explain what my event was and how i used it to   generate revenue for my event it wasn't just a 
single stream it was a week's worth of content   where i was going to play brutal games or really 
difficult games that are known for being like that   and i called it pain week i played dark souls 3 
alt f4 getting over it and jump king four games   people really know on twitch as a pain in the ass 
i then took the three other tactics i'm going to   talk about in this video and i heavily implemented 
them into the stream and i took it a step further   and i integrated them into the actual gameplay 
and the content you'll understand more in a second   i then took each game and each stream 
and i added a task that i had to complete   for that stream this was separate to the revenue 
however there were ways for my community to make   it harder for me to complete the task for example 
on night one i had dark souls 3 and i had to beat   the first three bosses on my stream or else i was 
going to dye my beard pink and purple this setup   allowed for some really solid content not only 
were we playing dark souls 3 but we had unique   stakes behind it we had a challenge and people 
wanted to stick around to see whether or not   i was going to dye my beard pink and purple and 
you'll understand in a second why using the next   three revenue generating tactics this tripled my 
revenue but first i'm going to throw it out there   if this video helps you out at all then consider 
subscribing to the channel maybe throwing a like   on the video or commenting down below if you came 
up with any cool ideas because of it also if you   want to meet other creators who are trying to grow 
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then feel free to join the stream scheme discord   it is linked in the description down below 
it's also where we host all our free overlays   there are more of those coming out soon so if you 
want to be the first one to download them and get   using them then join the discord okay so the first 
of the three revenue generating tactics that i use   during the event is goal setting and now you've 
probably seen these a lot it's the idea of telling   your viewers or putting it in your overlay that 
you're trying to reach a certain goal whether   it be for subs bits followers or heck just 
random donations personally i put goals into   two different forms the first is passive goals and 
these are quite simply put you say something like   zero or five sub goal and there's no really reward 
for it you're just trying to passively tell people   hey i'm trying to grow i'm trying to get more subs 
it's there these tend to be much less effective   than what i call active goals active goals are 
the idea of saying hey if we reach x number of   subs then i will do y task or event that you guys 
really want to see happen it makes sense why one   is better than the other for example one you're 
just saying hey if you guys want to support me   then support me whereas the other you're saying 
hey if you guys choose to support me then you're   gonna get some great content out of this or i'm 
gonna look like an idiot on stream for you for   my event week i set a few active goals depending 
on the game and depending on the night but the   most common one was i said that if i reached 25 
subs then i would reset my game progress on the   night this played heavily into the event task that 
i talked about earlier it's quite hard to beat all   three of the bosses and save myself from dying my 
beard pink and purple if someone donates 25 subs   i have to reset they're essentially setting it up 
so that i'm pretty much screwed and i have to dye   my beard i've mentioned before that in everyday 
streaming i'm not a huge fan of setting active   goals that aren't delivered on the spot i don't 
like when people say hey if we reach x number   of subs i'll play your favorite game or hey if we 
reach 50 subs i'm gonna paint homer simpson on my   stomach as a body painting stream and use my belly 
button as his nose and then they reach the sub   goal and they don't have to deliver straight away 
so they start thinking about it and they realize   god it's much harder to paint homer simpson on 
my stomach while live on stream with a belly   button for a nose than i expected and they just 
don't deliver on it honestly sometimes they don't   even deliver on just playing a game like they said 
they would and this breaks down trust why would i   give someone another 50 subs if they aren't even 
going to deliver on the thing they promised me   it's kind of similar with follower goals or 
general promises but when it comes to money   that's when you're really going to hurt someone's 
trust if you don't deliver and then the other   issue is that if someone does give you 50 
subs in order to do the homer simpson stream   and you do it but the content's kind of 
mediocre and it's not very fun to watch   that can be incredibly stressful because these 
people paid money for this you're putting an   extra amount of responsibility on yourself to make 
sure the content is perfect that is goals mostly   covered but there's something else i need to cover 
in this kind of section and that is punishments   or forfeits now i consider these to be smaller 
active goals that are reoccurring and help you   reach your larger goals so say you do set it to 
be 25 subs and you'll do the homer simpson body   painting stream then you want to get people 
to that mark but that could be a really large   goal for your community so you should set smaller 
punishments and smaller things to make sure that   they can reach it easier and get value at smaller 
segments for me during pain week i set it up that   every five subs gained i would eat a spoonful 
of vegemite which people loved i ended up going   through like 20 25 different spoons and like one 
night by doing this exact process i took myself   from roughly getting 40 to 50 gift subs in a whole 
week to getting 135 in just paying week and that   isn't including prime subs and individual paid 
subs that people also added on to try and help   push themselves to the next five subs to make 
me eat more vegemite so next up we have to cover   how you can use immediate gratification and 
immediate interaction to increase revenue and   this is something i think a lot of people are 
already doing fantastically if you look at what if   julia or ravs or any of these guys they are doing 
integration with immediate gratification very well   first let's cover interaction and integration 
with your actual game and your actual content   for me during pain week i set it up so 
that if someone would have donate 250 bits   then i would have to hold my hands in the air for 
10 seconds and count out loud you can imagine how   hard that was with some of the dark souls bosses 
but then there's another step if someone were to   donate 500 bits instead then i have to switch over 
for five minutes and only play with my left hand   which is pretty brutal when i've never used this 
with a mouse ever might be thinking that's not   quite good enough but you're forgetting about the 
fact that that is also going to hamper me when it   comes to reaching my overall goal of beating all 
three bosses in a night which means people were   constantly doing these things midway through a 
boss to try and stop me so that i would have to   die my beard i really wish i could give you the 
specific amounts for how much i earned doing this   however again with my partner contract i can't 
show you so instead i'll just let you know that   if my average was x amount then i managed to 
triple it using this system the reason was because   they add amazing interaction they're entertaining 
they're fun and people feel like they're really a   part of the content and they're a part of what's 
going on the thing is this is just me committing   myself to the rules i have to do these things 
when it happens but there are actually ways you   can force the game to interact it's called crowd 
control and they're very common in fact dark souls   has them skyrim has them so many games have them 
even just twitch extensions can be used to set   it up there are other ways to do this as well for 
example if someone donates bits to a creator like   nutty then they can trigger special overlays like 
big head mode or give them a high-pitched voice or   any other thing it's just fun it's entertaining 
and it's interactive for the audience however   there is a very simple way that a lot of creators 
are using this system that is causing them to have   a lot of revenue generated that i think a lot of 
you guys could maximize really well our third tool   sound alerts now i know i've talked about sound 
alerts a little bit but i need you guys to   understand how powerful they are if someone would 
have 869 bits to me then this sound plays do not   touch my balls this is a meme from my community 
and setting this up was incredibly easy to do and   also because i set it up inside stream labs or for 
you if you're using obs you can set it up inside   stream elements then i get all of the bits rather 
than losing 20 of it to a sound alert extension   if you're doubting how effective these are i'd 
say it's probably because you haven't seen them   being used in a way that the community can really 
get behind you need to really tailor them to your   community and to engage them and don't just use 
generic sound alerts in everyday streaming the way   i used this was when i used to play horror games i 
would take sound effects directly out of the game   and install them into my stream lab system so 
that someone donated bits they could play an   actual jump scare from the game in my ears and 
freaked me out it was perfect with a game like   phasmaphobia for example so take your community 
memes take things from the games take things that   are going to be very engaging for your audience 
and then let them know in your panels exactly   how they can make it work because i promise 
you it can go a long way to engaging people   but how much of this should you implement what 
are the pros and cons and how does it all affect   your stream's growth that's most important right 
well twitch isn't a stable income it fluctuates   heavily even if your view count doesn't and at 
the end of the day it does come directly out   of your viewers pocket as i said which to 
be frank is a bit [ __ ] if you want to do   this full time then honestly you're gonna need 
to diversify into youtube or sponsored content   because that's the only way to take it away from 
being your viewers responsibility to support you   but because this video is about twitch revenue and 
you do choose to implement everything from this   what are the pros well if you do it right it can 
be a lot of fun to do with your community in small   bursts if you overuse it it becomes a bit 
boring and a bit lame but if you do it right   honestly it's a great way to make content that 
allows people to feel engaged the cons though is   that it does add stress and responsibility 
the moment someone starts giving you money   they are entitled to the service you're promising 
them you're setting an expectation and you have   to deliver or else you're going to lose trust 
from your viewers and your community and the   extra con is that even if you do everything 
right and you deliver on all the content   you're still going to get people who send you 
angry dms in your twitter telling you that well   you're just in it for the money and you're a 
bit of a piece of [ __ ] but i hope you're able   to take some of this video and implement it into 
your own stream event ties use sound alerts create   sub goals that are active not passive and 
i'll see you guys next week for another video   don't forget about the skillshare sponsorship in 
the description if you want to support me guys   please go and support them because it shows 
that you guys are actually clicking the link bye

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