How I Make Money With APIs (Revealing My Secrets!)

In the next few minutes
you will learn what is API 2 ways to make money online with API and then I will reveal some
secret tips and tricks from my work and what I do to make money with API This video is interesting you don't want to miss, keep watching Hey everyone, I Well than h-educate if this is
your first time here on my channel here share with you real experience real case studies
related to digital marketing and online business
and make money online if you are interested don't forget to subscribe now and turn on alerts for every new update now To be honest with you this video
somehow needs an advanced level and has some technical concepts but I will do
my best to make it very simple So let's start and see what API API means Application Programming Interface but simply forget those terms and
let's give a straight example to make things easier let's go to if you want to post something on
facebook normally we click here post and you type the post then simply click share simply now what if you are a developer and you are someone who is programming an app and you want to
post to facebook automatically from An app is like creating an automatic Facebook posting program, how are you going to do that? You simply use the Facebook API So the API is that thing that
stands between you as a developer and a service like Facebook allows you to interact with the service in our case it allows us to interact with
Facebook and publish from your own program programmatically Let's give another example here is a tool called ubersuggest by Neilpatel I think you You know it if you work online If you go here and log in you will see that this tool allows you to connect
with Google Sign in with Google So you interact with Google How does this happen? Simply using the google API to sum things up: The API is the thing
that allows you to interact with the service.

Let me give you an example from my website if you go here My free platform for SEO tools and digital marketing and let's say you want to search and find
On difficulty for a particular keyword you go here to SEO then
keyword research tool and search for 'what is API' for example and search and now the tool will give you these metrics search volume, difficulty and cost per click and so on you can get this just
by using my platform My website itself what if you want to access
these metrics from your application you simply need to ask me about the API So I developed the API to allow
you to access these metrics I hope you get the idea I tried my best to make it as simple as possible but anyway You can always
join our telegram group to chat with me almost every day and
I will be very happy to help you or simply comment your questions below I will do my best to answer them all so we finished the first part What is API now How to make money with API as I said to As I'm going to share with you two ways the first way is to create an API and sell it as an example I can create an API that
gives the difficulty scale to search engines of any scale and I can sell
this API to any developer now here we have two problems number one how to develop it and number two is where to sell it let's solve the second problem fortunately We have a
website called that allows you to buy API and sell your API and if you go here for SimilarWeb extension you will see that we have 1.4 million visits per month so it is a trusted and popular site
where you can buy and sell API if you go here and look for domain credibility Now you will see that rapidAPI
will show you a lot of results the first one is this API Domain Authority open it and now you will see that by H-educate I developed this and posted it on
rapidAPI five days ago you can see it is still new and if you go here For pricing you'll see I'm selling this API with this
many orders at these prices so if a developer wants to access my data
or this API will pay a monthly membership Let's test this API you can scroll down here
and say for example and click test you will see This API will get the site name
Page Rank, Domain Authority and Spam Result So a lot of services
and developers want access to this data and they can buy my API So we saw the second problem is where to sell the API and now the first problem is how to develop the API Now in my case if you are following me
you know I have been doing programming so I developed this API believe me in less than an hour by the way it is very easy I will show you the code now you can see here I
only have one controller and this is the API code to
get the domain scale and this is the function if you go here you can see that this is
my secret way to get the domain
scaling one way and that's
it Secrets about this method How do I get site metrics Go now and comment this below and like the video and if you get a lot of interaction
I will reveal more and more secrets So I developed this How do you do this You have two options Number one is to learn this Believe me you can learn H So in less than one week I can do this, I can teach you
this in a 1 hour youtube video if you want me to do this
also tell me in the comments section below or simply hire someone on
websites like upwork or You can ask someone to develop an
API for you and sell it on Rapidapi but the idea here is to find
something interesting and it will help the developers so this is the first way
how to make money with the API the second way is to use the API and
turn it into an online tool if you come back to H- supertools If you're following me, I mentioned that one of the
best ways is to develop a tools site like mine here and last month I revealed one secret
about the Instagram hashtag generator tool I told you I developed this based on RapidAPI If you go here to Hastagy use this API here I got it and moved it or turned it into this tool and now I'm monetizing it
with google adsense and you can do the same if you it's not that hard believe me I always repeat, if you want to be successful online the
first tip is to learn technical skills programming and web hosting, anything technical
will help you be successful online so let's now reveal another secret if you go here to "discover" and then "influencers" you will find that I developed this tool where
you can find and discover influencers on the Internet How did you develop this? Let's go back to Rapidapi again and if you go here for infuencer search
you will see this API by Social animal So I used this API and then I implemented and integrated it
in my website to develop this tool Please I reveal a lot of secrets just click Like button, it will help me to
help more people around the world so the second way is to use API
from rapidAPI or different websites and API to build website tools like this and monetize through
google adsense maybe sell ad space,
affiliate marketing and a lot more Talk about this in my other videos
, you can check it out if you want to I'll put some links in the description
below if you want to check it out If you go here on my site you can see that every month I get about
300,000 hits on my website This helps me not only to make money
from this site but also to grow my business I can promote
anything, I can build an audience today we have about 80k registered users you can see 80k happy users registered on my platform so it is very important that you learn and apply in your business if you want to Grow and
build something special in your business I know you would love to see some
numbers, earnings etc.

Let's go to google adsense as an example and break down for this month you will see that in this month I have earned about
$2100 from google adsense from this site I talked about this in detail. do I do this how
much traffic do you need How to do everything in my
full free course here on my channel I will leave the link in the description below Now I want to mention a very important tip
that you should know when you want to work with an API especially if you are working with an API Rapidapi as an example let's go back to the Hashtagy hashtag APIs Let's click on the Hashtagy
you use and go here for pricing Please focus well let's say you got a $10 plan
for 250 orders per day As a beginner always always always save data whatever you get from API
save it in your database for two reasons number one if someone searches the same
term multiple times in the same period you can get the data from
your database instead of ordering from the API so you can lower your cost the other reason is that it can
develop New tools based On the data let's reveal another secret if you go here to youtube then thread browser you will see that this tool will show you
topics with high search volume and low competition

From last year now I have millions and millions of records I can simply filter it and show it to
you as a complete tool to help youtubers Please listen carefully This is very important information that will help you
anytime when you are developing an online business so always store the data and save the data
in your database when you work with API Now let's move on to the last part of the General Tips video Today's advice is simply take
some time to learn tech skills We are in 2021 Encourage instead of surfing Instagram and Facebook all day Watching Netflix and wasting your time Go to edx up to youtube, go here and start learning we have a lot of
free courses that you can learn from, dedicate one hour each day to learning technical skills or at least to learning something new so develop yourself over time don't waste time if you want a recommendation go
here and find mosh for programming this guy is a
great programmer, great teacher by the way i am not promoting it we have a lot of people like him who are
really excellent at teaching programming and technical skills You can learn from them on youtube for free you can go to udemy
any site you want and start learning and if you want me to teach you some
tech skills, programming and development and whatever you want please tell me in the
comments section below and like the video if you see an interaction I
can teach you any What you want I'm here to help you and don't forget to learn more about
online tool sites and the power of online tools site
to build a positive income You can learn this for free in this video See you later

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