How I Made OVER $2,000 From ONE Video – How To Make Money Online Pt. 2

hey guys improvement pill here and exactly two months ago I uploaded a video onto youtube called "How To Make Money Online – A Beginner's Guide" and I had two goals for that video number one was to give you guys a brief glimpse of the world of online marketing I wanted to show you just for out of the thousands of ways you can make money online now my second goal was something that I did not tell any of you guys about until now I know for most people out there making money online sounds like a fucking unicorn we would love for it to exist but it just seems so out of reach it seems imaginary impossible fan fiction so I wanted to prove to all of you just how easy it was to make money online by using this exact same video as an example so here we are exactly two months later and I've already made over two thousand dollars off of that single video and in this video I'm going to show you how much I made and exactly how I did it now of course I'm sure you guys want to see the proof first so here it is alright so now we're on a website called I'm going to get some more details about exactly what they are and why they're paying me money but as you can see right here over the course of the last two months they've paid me a total of 1431 dollars so where's the other six hundred dollars well over here as you can see I have my video monetized I purposely made this video over 10 minutes long that's why I could get the highest CPM CPM is basically how much money you tube is willing to pay you per thousand views for their policy I can't really show you exactly how much I made but I can tell you that I did in fact have a CPM of over 2.5 and that means for every thousand views so 2 670 00 / a thousand i made over two and a half dollars it actually brought me about seven hundred and fifty dollars plus B money I got from clickbank and that's close to two thousand one hundred dollars in just two months so let's talk about exactly how i did this for those of you who have not checked out my beginners guide video I briefly went over the concept of affiliate marketing which is considered to be one of the most common and beginner friendly ways of money online basically what you do is you refer someone over to someone else's products and if they decide to buy it you get a percentage of the money made and this model is very effective because of the fact that you don't have to create the product you don't have to deal with the backend bullshit customer service support delivery or blah blah blah all that nonsense so it's a zero risk zero headache way of making money now there are two forms of affiliate marketing there's affiliate marketing for physical products like stuff you buy off of Amazon and then there's affiliate marketing for digital products like online courses and they're both great ways of making money however digital products have a huge advantage and it's the fact that they don't cost anything to sell and deliver let's say for example you convince someone to buy camera off of Amazon and let's say it costs them around seven hundred dollars it probably costs to Amazon around six hundred dollars to obtain that camera and then deliver it so that means they can only give you a percentage of that a hundred dollars they profited from the transaction and that's what amazon has very low commission rates of like seven to fifteen percent take this and compare it to an online training course on losing weight let's say it's priced at five hundred dollars how much do you think it calls for Joe Schmo to sell and deliver that product to you nothing so you get a percentage of the five hundred dollars he profited digital products have amazing commission rates I've seen rates from anywhere from twenty-five percent seventy-five percent and that's why I decided to become an affiliate for a digital products for the purposes of showing you guys just how easy it is to make money as an affiliate online and all you have to do is go on to one of these affiliate websites such as which is an affiliate marketplace where a bunch of people with internet courses and programs go to help promote their products click on this button right here fill it all of this information including your banking information and within minutes you'll have your own personal hyperlink and with this link all you have to do is put it in your description box or you can put it on your website so when people click on that link that brought to a sales page now the product that I was promoting was actually a product that I had purchased about a year and a half ago it was the products about making money on indole on amazon and it was something that I went through and I found a lot of success with so it was something that I was willing to vouch for something that I was proud of that I wanted to share with the rest of the community so all I did was give it a little shout-out in my video and let my viewers know that there's this course out their debt it's very valuable and it taught me a lot you guys should check it out here's a clip from that video for Kindle there's actually a very good course out there my guy named Stefan Palmeiro knows that i personally use and can vouch for for those of you who don't have much money what i would actually recommend is for you to buy the course go through all the lessons and then just ask for a refund I believe you have 30 days to refund the course once you're making money you can always pay him back by buying the course again and as you can see all I did was mention is slightly I even told people that you could ask for a refund but I was fairly confident that a decent amount of people will go out purchase the product and actually find value in the product those that did would not ask for a refund and here are D results over the course of the last two months as you can see I've brought in a total of about a thousand four hundred and thirty dollars each sale gave me a commission of thirty dollars so as you can see the first week well the first about 12 days after i launched the video at a total of six hundred and thirty-three dollars in total of 164 of those dollars were refunded but that still means that i got a total of four hundred $21 straight to my bank account the next week something very similar about a third of the people ask for refunds and I still got paid about four hundred dollars the week after that same thing the week after that same thing same thing same thing and it will continue to make me money for a while honestly until I don't know until this program I guess becomes outdated or something but for now it's still a very profitable passive income stream and that's all it takes guys all I did was whip up a quick video this video actually took way less time than the average video that I make like half the time I think I only took me about four hours to win to record everything and within two months I have already made over two thousand dollars on such a simple simple video making money online is a lot easier than you think it is so blessing that we live in a time and age where you can make money on something that doesn't physically exists and there's so much money to be made for those of you who want to learn more about making money online there is going to be a link in my description box below click on it put in your email and join my wealth newsletter this newsletter will solely be dedicated to creating wealth and offering you valuable advice so that you can start making money online as well for those of you who have not checked out the last video I made about different methods of making money online i highly suggest you check that one out stay tuned guys

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