How I Made $250 PER DAY With eCommerce With ZERO Money to Start!

Ever Since I was just a… what is up ninjas
it is ya boy Kevin David, today we are going to talk about how to make two hundred and
fifty dollars per day using Shopify so let's get into my computer and get into
it today we are going to find some 250
dollar per day products that I want to show you exactly how to sell on Shopify
to start generating some profit right now so let's get into my computer today
we are going to answer the age-old ancient questions since the beginning of
time how to make 250 dollars per day with Shopify so we're gonna start on the
classic all the Express I promise you this is not gonna be like every other
product research video that you've seen on Shopify we're gonna show some real
actual actionable implementable tactics that you can really start to use in your
business immediately to find new products but all the Express is one of
the best ways so this is what we're gonna talk about a little bit later
these are literally the secrets to my Shopify business we're gonna discuss
each one of them in detail but first we're gonna take a look at a few things
on all Express what I like to do with all the Express is actually very simple
this site is so overwhelming there's so much literally on the site that you know
coming here and looking at this you can get pretty overwhelmed pretty quickly so
what I like to do is literally two things this is a pretty new feature that
they've actually implemented underneath the search bar and so you can like these
are interesting products that are kind of trending according to all the
expresses searches so I like to look at most of them magnetic blocks flame bulb
you know water bottle I'm probably not gonna look at but the cool thing is if
you reload the site and I just press command R there I'm on a Mac it's the
same thing with a PC I think it's ctrl R to refresh the page you can look at you
know cat socks bodysuits tactical knife hoop earrings saw a soldering iron
chromecast right and so there's a ton of different things that you can actually
find using this method and you can take a look at these actual search results so
magnetic blocks again I always like to sort by orders here instead of best
match if you sort by orders what this allows you to do is you can see what
other you know drop shippers and other people normally with Shopify stores are
actually buying because these orders are you know other Shopify users and other
other people Shopify stores and that are actually ordering these products and
then reselling them on Amazon so you know if they're paying 19 20 dollars per
unit they're probably charging you know 49.95
for this and you can see that you know there's
there's almost 5,000 orders meaning that these products are selling
right because 5000 of these most likely if they're not able to sell them because
they wouldn't then only buy one if they couldn't sell it they wouldn't continue
to buy more and more and more and what we see here is a ton of different orders
like all around this this whole niche right 1500 2000 3000 3300 order so
there's a ton of orders a ton of kind of you know interest in this particular
topic and another cool thing that this related search thing gives you
underneath the search bar here is when you type in any particular search phrase
it will give you related searches so instead of actually looking at magnetic
blocks we can look at Lego blocks terminal blocks wooden blocks water
block like I've never heard of water block or terminal block so let's take a
quick look at these you know an important an important point just as
we're kind of going through this product research is kind of like a rabbit hole I
think about it like Alice in Wonderland right you you sit down at your computer
you said okay I'm gonna do product research for one hour for Shopify and
I'm going to find 10 products if you lay it out in detail kind of like you know
very sentence tone like that for yourself it's gonna be much easier than
saying you know thinking about how overwhelming it sounds finding a nice
product sit down get in front of the computer watch this whole video from
start to finish we're gonna reveal some crazy stuff at end of this video I
promise you and once you do use what you learn and then implement it right don't
wait do it immediately after find yourself you know 3 to 10 products and
actually go and start to implement because as we're gonna learn guys the
people who are you know doing testing five products a day that is like the one
thing that differentiates successful Shopify user customers from people who
are not successful as Shopify store owners and so what we see here is not a
lot of orders on this one on water blocks and we see you know not a ton of
orders it doesn't look like either you know 449 but not a ton of orders on
terminal blocks either so obviously magnetic blocks is
significantly more popular than the other two and so this is this is
definitely one that I would look into a little bit more flame bulb so let's sort
this one by orders I know that these products were significantly like
unbelievably profitable actually it during December let's actually plug
these in so one of the cool ways that you can see
kind of how popular things are is go to the biggest organizer of data in the
world you know it's probably a website that some of you guys have heard called
Google and so what we've uh yeah we're already actually looking at this one so
flame balls if we type this into trends
we can see that you know it was ridiculously popular went up to a
hundred percent score kind of leading into Christmas of last year and then it
kind of you know tapered off and is not particularly impressive as far as you
know in recent time so this is definitely not one that I would you know
get too into it kind of already came about was very popular kind of peaked
its at his popularity and now it's on the downtrend so even though there's a
lot of orders these might just be you know fulfilling orders that they've
already had from a few months ago or you know even if they're still selling
people already have the ad campaign set up people already have the store set up
so this would not be one that we'd want to enter I always like to look at you
know new kind of product niches or particular like keywords or products to
actually consider selling in Google Trends and just make sure that there's
like some sustained growth I like to see 50 or higher 50% or higher I'm kind of
throughout the year or if you're selling if you have a seasonal store right maybe
you have a drop shipping store devoted specifically to Christmas obviously it
would be a little bit different but we could talk about that in another video
so let's take a look at cat socks obviously cat and dog stuff are you know
is generally very very popular just because the cat and dog niche is very
passionate people will always have cats and dogs people love the companionship
and they have a lot of love and passion for their for their animals and so you
know when people have love and passion for things they're willing to spend
money on them but something that I will that I will note right you have to be
very careful because drop shipping has gained a lot of popularity you know in
the past few years and a lot of the you know quote-unquote gurus and people who
are in a position to like teach and release videos like that they'll show
this very basic stuff on you know cat jewelry or dog jewelry with no
particular you know polarization nothing very unique or or you know artistic and they'll say you know so let's count
earring and all of a sudden you can make $100,000 tomorrow and that you know
that's not true you know cat and dog jewelry is very much so saturated at
this point I would say that cats socks is another one unless you can find some
you know interesting kind of angle to take at it I would say that this one was
probably popularized like on some TV show or like a celebrity had a celebrity
endorsement or those a Kickstarter or something we can see that this one has
significantly more orders than anything else obviously it's a very you know nice
design they're very very cheap and when you can get something for fifty nine
cents a pair with a with a dollar sixty-five for shipping right so that's
like a $2.00 and ten cents or two dollars and 20 cents total shipped to
your customers door right even if you're selling that for like 995 which is very
cheap for like a pair of you know for a gift or novelty socks for example people
are gonna eat that right up and so you know I would generally stay away from
the cat and dog niche unless it's something kind of new or trending or or
popular or or something that you kind of haven't seen just beaten to death like
basic cat and dog jewelry the next thing is bodysuit we see a lot of orders even
on some of these main ones so you know these probably get popularized and
people are selling these via Instagram influencers and if you guys want me to
make an Instagram influencer a video like a comprehensive one how how I
actually use Instagram influencers how I reach out to them
how to know how much to pay them leave a comment down below telling me that you
want me to make an Instagram influencer or video just leave the words Instagram
influencer in the comment and I'll know and if we get you know 500 comments or
something like that about Instagram influencers then we can do a video on
that and we will make something awesome so bodysuits again I don't know much
about body scenes because I don't personally wear them you know maybe I do
but not not on YouTube so we see tactical knives this mm mm you know
another one that I would definitely look into except there's kind of a big red
flag here they don't do a package shipping at least these top one so this
one does but you know again it's about double the price and but they do have 3e
package shipping a package shipping if you're watching and you don't know it
basically means it's the fastest version of shipping from China
one unit at a time so it without a package shipping you know China Post can
take 30 to 50 days even to ship which basically makes you know shop drop
shipping not viable but with a packet it's 12 to 20 days and usually it's
closer to the 12 day mark for the USA if you're shipping to the USA just because
we have such a huge volume and so that's kind of all you express on the other way
I like to use all the Express is typing in best-selling Aliexpress and so they
actually make this kind of difficult to find which is kind of annoying but if
you type in best-selling doll express comm /en which stands for English it'll
show you all of the debt all of the best products that have sold you know for the
week the week's most popular products in all different types of categories too so
I'm not gonna go to super deep into this but you know best selling on Aliexpress
and you know hot products is a great place to start because I think it's kind
of overwhelming looking at all Express or thinking about doing product research
kind of from a blank slate don't let yourself fall into that go on all the
express and just start exploring right like what is this bike light with no
battery like I would look at that looks interesting you know there's tons of
stuff on here full spectrum LED grow lamps like right so grow lamps not that
might be something interesting and I've literally never thought about this in my
life but you know marijuana is getting legalized in more and more states and
countries and things like that and so maybe you know getting into the
marijuana niche start starting to sell things for to grow your own plants or
you know and researching that topic I'm literally gonna take a no actually right
now to do more research into that because you know and that's that's the
point of product research guys it's a it's a beautiful it's a beautiful way to
kind of think about I literally have never before in my life thought about
you know marijuana type accessories or for growing your own marijuana and maybe
that's not even what this is to be honest I'm not a marijuana expert but it
says LED grow lamps and that's kind of what came to my mind so that's just a
perfect example of just sitting there actually doing it being a part of it
participating actively in product research you will find props you just
have to sit down and do it and hopefully you can watch this video and by the end
of it after we you know go through everything you can really start to apply
yourself I'm another cool website is called fancy and this is a great little
product and this would be such a perfect product to advertise via Facebook just
because of how beautifully it's Christmas
visually like a look at how look at how amazing this video it's literally people
riding on little which is hilarious right and you know who wouldn't want to
do that if you're a business traveler and you have to do all this you know
stuff that you don't necessarily want to do maybe you're a business traveler and
that's why you're watching this video because you want to stop being a
business traveler but if you're gonna be a business traveler you might as well
buy this $1,500 moto bag motorized smart luggage so this
is a website called fancy um it's an interesting website I like to look at it
and just you know awesome I see you boo right this is a great t-shirt design and
you know we can talk about print-on-demand also I think
print-on-demand is kind of one of the most underutilized ways to use Shopify
to make money you can literally eat all entirely on a computer create a full you
know merchandise store without having any t-shirts no t-shirt presses nothing
all you do is just organize the information and they ship out and handle
everything for you for a fee it's a beautiful way to add a complimentary
income stream source to your actual store so if you guys want me to make a
print on demand video leave a comment that says print on demand down below and
if I got enough of those you know I I will definitely make a video on that and
the reason I always say this guy's is because I really I want to do what you
guys want I want to make videos on what you want to see that's why I always ask
you so I hope you guys like that I ask cuz I really want to make you know sure
that you guys have every resource you possibly could have to be successful
online this is a ton of stuff here golden for the art lover Explorer they
have watches brown stitch leather tie right now you can connect HD laptops and
jemmye table lamps these are pretty cool kind of expensive but definitely
something that would be interesting to look at Scottish terrier here's
cufflinks these are great right this would be an example of something that
I've personally never seen before from like a you know quote-unquote jewelry
and you can see a lot of the social proof here which is great so that's
fancy one of the other ones that I really like is wish calm I'm you see COP
here because for some reason wish calm saved my cookies from when I was
traveling in Colombia and so that's kind of what we're gonna see here um so we
can see popular though um and what we see here is you know 20
thousand people bought this again this is kind of like orders on Aliexpress you
know this is one of the main ways that I like to do product research just because
it organizes things in such a way that makes it really kind of easy to see you
know what is popular of other people without doing a ton of kind of work
yourself we see some slime here some speakers more slime over slime lots of
slime a cute little cat t-shirt watch slime my balls grant wishes all right
this is gonna be a Dragon Ball Z which is great we see a lot of stuff here so I
love I love seeing t-shirt designs you know this is an ad actually so it's
actually not gonna be a lot of help to us but we see a lot of slime here so you
know maybe somebody out there is taking a hint and is gonna make a make a slime
or like a toy store and test this right I mean you know this is a good this is a
good kind of time to talk about some of the Big Five and so one of the big one
of the main questions that I get is Kevin should I make a general store or
should I make a niche store and you know the answer that question is you should
make a niche store general stores for the most part are overwhelmed are
overwhelming to people and then again the example that I use often is you know
if you go to the grocery store for example and you and you go and you want
to buy some cereal and if they have a hundred different types of cereal it
takes you a lot longer to actually pick out the one you want sometimes you don't
even buy any at all because there's so many choices you literally just don't
know which one you want that's kind of how I picture a general store on Shopify
the reason that clickfunnels works so well is because it literally
funnels people from one step to the next to the next with one button one very
defined order of operations so people do not get overwhelmed if you have a niche
store with one type of product people are much more likely to buy that product
than if you have you know a basketballs and plants and chairs and all these
things people are like what how did how are these related like what they're
overwhelmed by it so create a niche store so Tanisha are not too niche niche
is the answer and so what I mean by five products a day keeps the doctor away and
I'm trying to make these all in a little idioms so you guys actually like
remember them because they're very very important and I know they're silly but
five products a day keeps it what I mean by this is the people who
are going to be successful with Shopify are people who understand the importance
of testing five products a day and what I mean by testing five products today is
I mean literally importing them from all the Express onto your Shopify store
creating a facebook advertising campaign you know with thought about it not just
throwing up any crazy Facebook ad campaign but creating one you know with
with targeting interest that makes sense creating Facebook ad campaigns that you
know have a lot of thought and kind of meaning behind them so people who import
them from Aliexpress right using overload it takes like two seconds to
import a product it has you know all of the images and product description that
everything for you now it's on your website right you change the price maybe
you're paying a dollar plus a dollar for a package shipping so your cost is two
dollars you're charging ten dollars and so you have an eight dollar profit
margin you know you're probably shooting to want to spend maybe three dollars
total on advertising and so you're making a you know five dollar profit per
unit so that's kind of you know the people who understand that it's if you
can get a product completely live with a Facebook ad campaign easily in like 30
minutes to an hour and the more you do it guys the first time is gonna take you
a while you gotta have you have to figure out Oboro you have to figure out
Shopify you have to figure out you know Facebook Ads
but the more you do it the easier it gets and you can get to the point where
you can get a brand new product with a product listing on your website and a
Facebook advertising campaign completely set up from front to finish within you
know 20 minutes and if you test five products a day right times ten or twenty
minutes you could literally do an hour a day testing products and date some of
them are going to work guys not all of them but some of them are gonna work and
once you start getting you know $5 profit per unit per day and you're
selling ten units all of a sudden that's 50 that's $50 profit every single day
and then you know if you add a second product that's doing the same thing
that's $100 profit a day and it gets it just it builds and builds and becomes
you know the snowball effect where this is happening so fast and you guys it's
very hard to believe until you really feel it and so that is the five products
a day to keep the doctor away we already talked about orders how important it is
I think a lot of people think that competition is a bad thing it's a good
thing with Shopify it means that people are buying it and if people are buying
it that means that if you're doing things right they'll buy it from you too
right perceived value is a very important one what I mean by this is you
know some products just seem expensive and what I mean by seeing expensive is
you know like jewelry for example cost almost nothing to make but it seems
expensive like when people buy diamond rings for their wife or husband or
whatever for $2,000 right that diamond is worth almost nothing but it has
perceived value and you know there's things going on in the background with
diamond companies controlling the supply and things like that and artificially
you know mimicking demand but you know if you ignore all that complexity
basically they've done a masterful job at marketing the perceived value of
diamonds which means that people are willing to pay for it so understanding
what perceived value is and kind of how to use that to your advantage is a huge
benefit what I mean by feedback is basically just the number of actual
reviews on all the expressed product so if we look back here at Aliexpress we
can see that you know with every product let's just choose a random one we see
that there's a bunch of votes here right so there's 720 one five stars out of
1200 votes so it's pretty good you want to generally see above like a 4.7 5 and
why this matters guys is because you want high quality you don't want to ship
a product from China to your end customer and have it arrive and just be
trash or something else because people will you know try to return it or charge
back on their credit card and that's just gonna be a bad time for you so
ensuring quality and making sure that the manufacturers that you actually are
buying your product from and sourcing apart from on Aliexpress are high
quality and so expansion and upsell so what I mean by this guys is you don't
want to you don't want to sell like a product that has nothing similar to it
like and you know I don't have a good example off the top of my head but maybe
like you know a chameleon you know little coat for your reptile like
there's nothing near that somebody's gonna like buy like another version of
it that was kind of a ridiculous example but you know you want to enter a
potential niche that has things that you can upsell and cross-sell to people and
what I mean by this like is if maybe you open like a camera store for example and
you want to be able to you know sell them a camera bag or you want to be able
to sell them you know camera lenses or you want to be able to sell them a
camera strap and these are the types of things where people are making you know
there's digital income and the additional profit
fund because once somebody buys from you once you guys you get their email
address and that's so important because then you can actually reach out to them
and say hey you know you bought this awesome camera we actually have a 20%
off sale going on on our camera lenses if you guys want to you know come and
buy a camera lens today we have 20% off and people just come back and buy and
that is how you make the easiest money you're ever gonna make selling on
Shopify to existing customers guys so being able to expand and having upsells
and cross-sells is incredibly incredibly important I'm gonna be my marketing
before so this is kind of the secret to everything we're gonna talk about this
at the end of the at the end of the video but what I was gonna what I was
saying about emails guys you want to and this is the bare minimum if you have
let's say you have a hundred emails for example from people who bought your
stuff or signed up for you know like a five dollar off coupon or 20% coupon or
whatever the case may be you want to make at the very very bare minimum one
dollar per email per month from the email list so if you have a hundred
emails um you're gonna make a hundred dollars at the minimum right that's a
very bare minimum if you're doing things like not very well or incredibly wrong
you're still going to probably make about one dollar per email per month if
you're doing things right you know that number can actually balloon up to things
that you actually honestly couldn't even believe but you know five or ten dollars
per email per month sometimes depending on what your niche is I mean those
numbers will really add up fast so we'll talk about this marketing before because
it's kind of a secret that I like to use when I'm doing product research at the
end of the video so that's we talked about all Express we talked about fancy
we talked about wish trend hunter is a cool site that I like to use just kind
of to get the creative juices flowing I just go to the website I go to the best
here and once we're kind of on this best I just like to scroll around like they
have a lot of crazy stuff here um just to like look at like top 100 lifestyle
trends in 2018 you know they're showing all types of crazy stuff here magnet
infuse bedding weighted sleep masks hefty sleep inducing blankets right
weighted blankets are incredibly popular right now and Amazon people are making
you know some people are making a million dollars a month selling weighted
blankets in the autism nation there's a lot of
you know demand there because you know it's a something that people are having
to deal with you know with their families and children things like that
magnetic pain relief solutions composite looking look books Digital Designer
workstations smartphone charging mouse pads you know and I'm not gonna read on
every single one of these but I mean this is beautiful for example like I
might actually literally buy this because I've been looking for a money
clip and so I'm actually going to save this particular one and buy it and that
is the power of e-commerce you guys in a nutshell because I literally I'm gonna
buy that as soon as I finish this video because I've been looking for a money
clip and I love kind of the wooden design and the wooden feel of things
like that so there's a ton of stuff here I'm not gonna go through all of it but
shrine hunter is one of like the coolest websites and they give away so much for
free I just scroll through again go get your Allyson Wonderland on go
down the rabbit hole and you will find some amazing products I promise you that
the next thing that I want to talk about is watch count we've talked about this
before and like I'm gonna go over it really briefly but watch count tells you
how many people are actually looking at something on eBay and eBay as you know
it's not as big as it used to be obviously it's been unseated as like
kind of the go-to place by Amazon Shopify is doing a good job of you know
unseating it even further but what we can see here is Watchers and so what I
all I did was I just clicked on a category I did home and goods I think or
what did I choose yeah home and garden it'll show you you know twenty-two
thousand five hundred people are looking at these zero gravity chairs you know
Egyptian sheets right all types of different things that they're actually
gonna show you you know what people are looking at and you can go by category
like we could look at pet supplies for example would be a good one so you know
five thousand people are looking at these bracelets with their you know dogs
names on them or whatever a bunch of people are looking at these cat trees
and you you know you can type in anything like you would type in drone
for example and they have submarine drones and you know this isn't a
particularly good one but let's type in cat we see a bunch of the stuff that we
were just looking at with you know collars and harnesses and dog tags and
you know you can judge again by social proof how interested people are in
things and it's gonna pay huge dividends for
you because you if more people are interested in something it's much more
likely that you're gonna be able to actually sell that thing or the last
thing I want to talk about is just a little secret that I like to use I'm
kind of – you know know that you're gonna be able to target people before
you actually invest the time into testing new products because a lot of
people will you know spend a bunch of time creating an awesome Shopify store
and get all the products you know imported with over lo onto their store
and get the price set and get the product description and everything and
then they'll set up a Facebook campaign and then only at the very end of the
process do they realize that they can't actually target you know people
efficiently you know and target people by their interests to be able to
actually put their ad in front of eyes of people who are going to buy their
products and so what I mean by this guys is let's take an example it's go back to
all Express and you know dog and cat stuff is not protected at this point but
a cool little thing you know to think about is dogs and cats is very general
but let's say for example that you know we wanted to talk about pit bulls as you
know a type of breed of dog so if we just type in pit bull and then organized
by orders you know we see a ton of orders here
you know for these spiked collars for example so if we went up if we were
gonna go about trying to sell this particular product a trick that I like
to use is with a tool called audience insights and so we're gonna talk about
audience insights but before we do guys I always want to give a huge shout out
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best comment on this video and you're automatically entered to win so let's
get into this last little secret that I like to use to actually kind of know
upfront whether or not I'm gonna be able to laser target my Facebook audience
before I actually put in the work to you know testing all of these products so
what the what I like to do guys is if we're thinking about selling a pitbull
related product right maybe it's a collar or whatever it is I go over to a
little tool called audience insights and to find this I'm in business manager
right now you just go to all tools and audience insights here and then we're
gonna go into the little interest section right here so what we see right
now is all of facebook all of Facebook it has 54 percent women 46 percent men
right you can get a ton of different demographics and things like that but
what we're gonna do is a sneaky little tactic right here and we're gonna type
in pitbull into interest and we're not gonna choose the rapper but you know
there's a ton of pages of you know pit bull owners who love their dog so much
that they create these pages and you can actually target people out there in the
world who have liked pitbull related fan pages so I'm only going to show my ad
now to people who have proven to me by liking pitbull related pages you know in
the in the history of their Facebook use they've proven that they love pitbulls
I'm only going to show my ad to come to buy my pitbull product to people who
love pitbulls and being able to actually know up front whether or not you
actually have these interests available to you you know whether it's pitbulls or
maybe you know it's a breed of cat or you know maybe it's you know guinea pigs
or something like that you can type those into the interest bar here you
know if we typed in like pig for example you know pig lovers I just actually saw
a guinea pig so guinea pig actually is an interest here so people who are
interested in guinea pigs who can literally target as an interest on
Facebook so you know knowing that you can target people before you kind of put
in the time and effort to create these stores and sell these products is a huge
huge advantage that I always use it saves me probably more time than any
other time that I've ever discovered with Shopify so always come on audience
inside and make sure that you can actually
laser target these people for these products before you start to sell them
so if I'm gonna sell a pitbull related item I'm you better believe that I'm
gonna come over to audience insights and I'm gonna make sure that there's a bunch
of things that I can target as far as interest for pitbull related pages so I
only show my ads to people who love pitbulls and if you guys want to check
out my Facebook advertising video I go into a ton of detail about how to use
Facebook Ads in the best possible way there will be a link down in the
description to that video my facebook ads tutorial for complete beginners so I
hope you guys enjoyed this video again smash the subscribe button join the
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