How I Earned $1,082.56 in Just 24 HOURS | Make Money Online For Beginners

Please turn your playback speed to 
50%, and turn on closed captioning.   If you don’t do these, none of 
this video will make sense at all.  In this video, I’ll show you how I earned 
$1,082.56 in just 24 hours using only 1 app. But   before we get to the exciting part, do yourself 
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Thus, of course make the most money.  There are 3 simple steps to this video that you 
should follow. The first step is I will show you   how to sign up for absolutely free to the app 
that made me $1,082.56 in just 24 hours. The   second step is I will show you how I earned that 
kind of money with the app. The third step is I   will show you how to withdraw your earnings 
the fastest way. And don't forget, I have a   special bonus for you at the end of this video, 
so make sure to stick around and keep watching   all the way until the end. Now let's get started.
Step 1, once you come over to this page, click on   Registration right up here. And that will then 
take you to this page where you can sign up with   your Google or Microsoft account automatically. 
Or you can manually enter your email address   and password instead, and then just click Next 

After that, enter your full name, as well   as your gender, and just click Registration. 
And you’re good to go and start making money.  Step 2, the app is called It is 
available both on the Apple App Store and the   Google Play Store, and you can use it with your 
smartphone, computer or tablet. With this app, you   can actually get paid for doing a lot of different 
stuff, which you normally do every single day.

The   best part is it's all absolutely free. And once 
you create an account which I showed you earlier,   this is how it's going to look like. This is the 
dashboard where you can track your earnings and   track your balance. As you can see here, this 
is how much money I made today, how much money I   made yesterday, how much money I made in the last 
seven days and in this month. And then of course,   the total on how much money I made with this 

I will reload the page to show you that it’s   legit. So as you can see, it really works. And 
when you click on Earn right here, it will take   you to this page where you can select how you want 
to get paid. So you can get paid to play games,   browse websites, write comments, watch videos and 
so much more. Those are really good ways to make   money online because they don't require a lot 
of work from your side. But I highly recommend   you just focus on watching videos because 
this one pays the most. And just a reminder,   this monetization method is available only on 
iOS or Android mobile devices, so you can only   watch videos through you smartphones. So just 
simply download the Zareklamy App on the Apple   App Store or the Google Play Store and install it 
in your smartphones.

In fact, I earned this money   by just using my smartphone and watching videos 
in just 24 hours. Now as I promised, this is the   bonus tip, just let the video loads, and when 
it starts playing, just let it plays through the   background, and you can focus and do something 
else, or you can also open up another video in   different tab to maximize your results and still 
get paid.

It's kind of like passive income because   you're not actively doing anything, you just click 
the play button and you can do something else.   And then just come back and collect your earnings. 
So you can go through all of the videos, watch   all of them and get paid over and over again.
Step 3, you can withdraw your earnings on this   app through Bank transfer, PayPal, or Payoneer. 
I prefer PayPal because it’s more convenient,   in fact I recently withdraw my earnings 
through PayPal as you can see here.

And   that wraps it up. That’s exactly how I 
earned $1,082.56 in just 24 hours using   only 1 app. If you want to learn more, 
you can watch the full video right here.  Thank you so much for watching and be sure to 
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always, I will see you in some of the next videos..

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