How Apple FIXED AirPods Max: 7 Month Long-Term Review!

it's been seven months since i spent what i thought was way too much money on the airpods max but now that i have a ton of experience actually flying with them using them to edit videos listen to music watch movies and now that we've had multiple firmware updates are these still worth spending the money on or have my thoughts changed i'm gonna try to keep this long-term update video short but still cover a ton of topics such as durability battery life the active noise cancellation performance different software changes and overall give you a nice long-term review of these headphones let's start out with durability how have they held up over this time span the top headband here no issues it looks just like new the ear cushions they do have a couple bends in them from you know being shaped around my ears but as far as softness and wear there's really nothing and the thing that i was most concerned about is both of these cuffs banging each other they still look like new which is fantastic the headband as far as the tension for the adjustment it is just as good as new as well so overall durability wise these things have held up extremely well battery life wise i did have a few issues but thankfully those have been solved thanks to firmware updates i would just have drain overnight that was much worse than i was expecting and then i would have to plug it in to charge so apple actually addressed that with one set of firmware and now it's a lot better and i end up not even using this little soft case i just leave it on my desk and i throw these into my bag and then with that there's actually been another update that apple didn't mention what it was at all but to me going into active noise cancellation i think it's made it even better i flew with it and it's just crazy how much it blocks out the extra sound that is there it's almost like you're not in the airplane it's definitely a cut above what sony offers with their over ear headphones i've also used these on a few road trips it worked excellent and then even mowing the lawn these things block out an insane amount of sound so if you're looking for a great active noise cancellation it has only gotten better compared to like the airpods pro which most people agree that's gotten worse with algorithm changes i'm not sure if that's for battery life or what but these things are killing it with that i'm still shocked by how well the microphones work and how well the transparency mode works nobody can even tell that i'm using a pair of bluetooth headphones it sounds just like my iphone and i've actually started using these with the transparency mode just in my office i'll have some music turned on quietly and it sounds like i'm not even wearing headphones i hear the environment perfectly so vadim or angelica talk to me then i'm able to hear them but then also the benefit is throwing into active noise cancellation mode and turning up music and then just drowning everybody out and being able to just focus on what you're doing so that also works really well and now i want to talk about what has impressed me the most and why i'm basically just shocked with these how well they sound even more so than when they first came out i'm enjoying these even more but first if you're somebody that appreciates long-term reviews and longevity talking about that kind of stuff hit that subscribe button down below and with that you can help us reach our goal of a million subscribers before the end of the year i would greatly appreciate it and that is the latest updates to apple music and spatial audio and dolby atmos i have to tell you guys i went and i signed up for apple music again i left apple music a couple years ago for spotify the difference is noticeable now i know people say that hey even airpods max they don't support completely lossless or uncompressed music that's a bummer you're spending so much money but the sound quality difference between spotify's best quality and lossless on apple going through bluetooth is ma it's so noticeable with these headphones it's incredible you've definitely noticed one it's louder that's because these headphones don't have to automatically turn down the volume to limit uh distortion and to the clarity especially in the high end vocals as well but the high end it's night and day when you flip back between spotify and apple music you notice and even if you don't flip it back you hear some of the songs that you love they sound fantastic so lossless it's not a gimmick it's a free upgrade for those that have apple music and it makes these sound fantastic now another level to this is dolby atmos when i heard dolby ammo so my command virtual uh surround sound in headphones i had dolby almost in my theater speakers above you that sound fantastic but headphones really but when i heard it especially this song from skrillex my goodness it sounds so good with atmos you have two different levels to it the first one is just having sound all around and having giving artists the ability or those that are doing mixing to play certain sounds anywhere all around you is awesome and the extra separation that you get sounds incredible these already have a really good sound stage for a sealed headphone but going from say mono where sound is one to stereo you get a wider sound to be able to have a rounder sound and then doing atmos where you have above it is awesome you hear the separation you get a wider sound stage between certain instruments and vocals and it sounds fantastic and you can get sounds not just on one side and moving but literally sounds all around twisting around you it sounds fantastic and apple even will allow spatial audio to work with songs that aren't coded for dolby atmos and in that case in some cases it actually does make music sound better especially newer tracks but the downside is with that or even dolby atmos with some older songs for example move along by the all-american rejects that sounds terrible and that's actually coded into dolby ammo so don't expect if you buy these headphones everything to sound great if they just drop the track into dolby atmos in its older track it's kind of like dropping an sdr video into an hdr timeline and thinking it's going to make it sound better it could actually make it worse so in this case you get some more clarity but vocals sound distant and very low some instruments don't sound good and it's the regular stereo mix is much better but songs that are properly tuned for atmos where you give the artists more control about about where they want certain interests to be in separation it sounds incredible if you saw sdr video compared to hdr it's a similar thing but for audio now there's also the aspect of head tracking where it feels like you're in a concert you have all these instruments all around you you're twisting your head and the direction is staying where it should be that part is cool um in video as well but it's kind of like a novelty to me now the next thing as far as sound quality movies same thing dobby ammos it is just insane and these headphones for 550 or even as low as 400 bucks for the lowest price i've seen refurbished you can't beat it with the home a home theater system you just cannot because they go down to 25 hertz even down to 20 hertz as far as base and it just rumbles your head it is crazy and then the separation of different sounds and having animals all around and above you it just gives you the best audio experience for movies at that price point of course it's only for you it's not like a home theater set but for a home theater system to get this level of audio you have to spend probably about five grand which is what i put into my previous ammos and even then the separation and where different sounds were wasn't as good as this and i don't know if my system went down to 20 hertz i don't think it did probably about 35 but still you really get a lot of value for what you're spending then of course integrating into ios so i'm not going to focus on those things i already talked about that in my full detailed one month review none of that has really changed but that has been the update to the airpods max so am i happy that i kept them i did that review two days before my return period ended when i had to send them back i definitely am the sound quality is phenomenal active noise cancellation is even better certain bugs have been worked out and overall it's hard to beat this even though it's expensive if you buy this or buy buy a pair from apple and test them out i think you'll be very happy so thank you guys for watching click that circle above if you guys want to subscribe for more videos like this one check out my other videos right over there there's been max and i'll see you in the next one

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