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I've set everything up.
Here you go. Set up WhatsApp too for me. Not now, Dad.
I am busy. Then get me Facebook. Facebook… WhatsApp… Chat… So you're here with
a year's syllabus to trouble me. Hey… At least tell me how to
pay the electricity bill. Your son makes Instagram stories
even out of what he does in the toilet. – Charles. We get to know everything!
– What is this 'Story'? Can I get WhatsApp and
Facebook in installments? You meant Instagram, right? My son is a famous filmmaker.

Won't it look bad
if I carry an ordinary phone? Dad, it won't be easy to use. I will know only if I try. Take a pic. When someone calls him on the phone
he is jovial and lively. If I say something
he just responds with grunts. Because you are a director who
made your debut movie a super hit… …a busy star like Vishal
gave you open dates. He is my elder son.
He is a film director. He must complete the climax and
narrate it to Vishal in seven days. You know, the superstar… He rings him everyday
to check if it's complete. It's your own channel's Charlz Techy
coming with a new video! Woo hoo! Dude, go howl somewhere else.
Let me finish what I'm writing.

Why does everyone check the fridge? Be it fridge or phone…..even if you know it's empty,
you feel sad if you don't check it often. Waking up abruptly from sleep
can cause heart attack. He saw it on Facebook. See, this guy died of choking
while eating rice cake. Can you believe it? You were online till
3 o'clock in the morning. I'll call you later. What is it? Can't I sit with my son
for five minutes? If you have something to say,
say it to your dad. What is wrong, my dear? Nothing. Mom wanted to speak
to her son for five minutes. Should I tell? You must. What is that? Is this a true story? – You don't believe it. Do you?
– No. That's the problem
with this story. Amazing, Dad. It happened for real, I swear. Well, did I question it? But your face looks like
you don't believe me… Don't look at my face then. If you didn't believe this one…..you will never believe
what I'm going to say next..

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