Headset Mic Test Showdown w/ Background Noise! (Jabra, Poly, Sennheiser, BlueParrott, Logitech)

Danny Hayasaka here with Call One, Inc.
helping people do their business better and today we are – I'm working remotely for
the express purpose of testing these various headsets and devices to see how
well they block out dogs barking and so I have my son's dog and my dog and I don't know if you can hear them but right now they are barking in the background We're recording all this.This is the Evovle 75 from Jabra And the dogs are barking now so we'll see how well
it blocks it out this is a common request that we've been
getting so we're gonna test multiple headsets and we're just gonna start
going through the list of them so now we have the Plantronics Voyager 4200 series
this is a 42 20 again we have the dog barking in the background or young or
whatever it is he's doing he's making a noise there test test one two let's test
one two all right so beyond barking dogs sometimes you'll have other things going
on in your house while you're working remotely and today I happen to have some
folks here it's cleaning the floors so they have some wild Jose raised and it's
happening in the background okay this is the Sennheiser and DB 6 to
again one two one two alright so now we have
the new logic tickets own wireless headset and again there's still no he's
going on in the background our dog decided they're taking a break no more
barking for them no more yelping for them but we still have that but it's I
don't know it's pretty loud right jason says it's real a pretty lot
alright so now we have B Jabra we have the Plantronics Voyager or now Polly
Voyager 6,200 again there's noise in the background
to a nice ocean over here alright test test test to appear again this is the
Voyager took a few hundred that plants on it well now call it alright alright
so now we're testing the blue parrot 450 X T let's head on out where they're
cleaning the floors and stuff or whatever they're doing out here and I know this because I have like one
year open so I can hear this machine and it's extremely loud so we're gonna go
back you know Jason is gonna do is magic and you guys going to be able to hear
the audio quality from this microphone and see how well it blocks out again
you're working the poem and this stuff is going on in the background
alright thanks we got through at least seven different headsets for this
particular test to see if it would block out the dogs barking I did take a or go
back and listen to some of the recordings and no headset was able to
block out the dogs barking and they're all pretty good microphones but again
there's just certain sounds that are not going to be able to be blocked out
there's no headset that so far that we've tested that's going to do that for
you I hope you like this type of video comment below and let us know what you'd
like to watch and we'll do our best to make it represents hundreds of
best-in-class brands and hundreds of thousands of products and complete
solutions that includes hardware software cloud and services our passion
is to help you do your business better

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