GTA Online Guide – How to Make Money with The Cayo Perico Heist

Rockstar has just released a new heist,
and you know what that means – a new episode of GTA Series Videos Tips & Tricks. I'm Gary7 MT here and we're analyzing everything
about The Cayo Perico Heist now. As with The Diamond Casino Heist, this 
video focuses mainly on the Heist itself,   but we just gotta talk about the paywall first. 
Unlike previous updates, this one doesn't have   a new business connected to the heist.

is our old friend Lester involved. And the world   isn't under some new threat. But we do have 
Miguel Madrazo looking for a chance to shine   in his father's eyes by retrieving some files 
from a drug-lord who lives in Cayo Perico,   a small Colombian island in the Caribbean.
To be able to reach this new area and complete the   heist, you'll have to buy a submarine procured 
and modified by Pavel that only he can manage.   Pavel will also be the new voice in 
our ears for this heist, by the way.

Without any additions or mods, the sub costs 
$2.2 million GTA dollars, but a fully equipped,   fully functional sub will set your in-game account
back more than a staggering $9,000,000.   Starting from here, dropping that 
kind of dough isn't necessary.   To experience this heist at its best, we only
need one Moon Pool Vehicle, the new Sparrow. The cost of the helicopter and sub is 
$4,015,000 – plus another $240K to add the mounted homing missile modification to 
the Sparrow. Definitely not chump-change, especially if you're not an active, 
day-to-day player – and if that's the case, check our Beginner's Guide video to 
find new ways to stack loot fast. That said, let’s move on to the real interesting 
part of the update: The Cayo Perico Heist. After introducing the possibility of playing 
missions alone and in private lobbies with the Diamond Casino Heist, Rockstar decided to give
the very first completely playable Solo Heist to the players with The Cayo Perico Heist.
Everything, from the very beginning, to the heist itself,   can be played alone and in closed lobbies. 
Nothing needs to be done in a public session.

After completing the heist's long introduction,   it's time for the first mission:
scoping-out the island. The first time on Cayo Perico the player 
will be disguised as a tour manager, while later players will play the part of smugglers.
Technically speaking, the mission will work the   same: leave the enclosed area and traverse
the island photographing places and items.  The first time the player is forced 
to follow a specific path then later  is able to move and photograph at liberty. 
Subsequent visits aren't limited in any way. You can easily travel the island 
on foot or on a motorbike,  but there's also a simple glitch that 
allows you to bring one of your vehicles.  The glitch is pretty easy to exploit:   just place the vehicle at the limit of the Los 
Santos Ocean – more or less in the same area  where you can find the USS Luxington, the 
aircraft carrier from the Business Battle.  You can place a boat, the Seaplane or even use 
the Tug boat to place the Buzzard on top of,   retrieving it later to fly around the island.
Weaponized vehicle's weapons won't work  and the guards/camera will still be able to spot 
you – and expect Rockstar to fix that glitch soon.

The aim of this mission is to find 
everything the island has to offer,   meaning 4 Bolt Cutters, 4 Grappling Hooks, 
4 chests of Guards Clothes, 1 Supply Truck,   1 box of Cutting Powder and 7 areas to scope out,
plus all the secondary targets available placed   on tables in closed fenced areas
and what the Compound has to offer.  Cutters, Hooks, Guard Clothes, Trucks, Cutting 
Powder and the secondary targets – inside and   outside the compound – are always placed in 
different locations every time the heist starts,   meaning the player will have 
to find them again each time.

The seven locations, instead – Control Tower, 
Power Station, North Drop Zone, North Dock, South   Drop Zone, Main Dock and the Drainage Tunnel – 
only need to be photographed once, and all future   heists will always have those locations available.
So, everything not randomly placed on the   map needs to be scoped just 
once, unlike everything else.  But after finding the seven fixed locations, 
scoping the entire island and highlighting every   single item isn't really necessary, starting 
with the Bolt Cutters, Hooks and Clothes.  You only need one of these, even if you're 
planning to complete the heist with four players. But there's more, the Bolt Cutters for 
example are unnecessary if the player   completes the prep mission "Cutting Torch".
The grappling equipment is necessary only if   the player decides to use the North Wall 
or South Wall as a Compound Entry point.  And the Guard Clothes and Supply Truck 
are only useful if the player decides to   gain access to the compound using the Main 
Gate disguised as guards – a disguise that   will allow you to move around the island 
without being instantly spotted by guards.  So, unless you're planning on doing 
any of those things, don't waste   your time finding Bolt Cutters, Grappling 
Equipment, Guard Clothes or Supply Truck.

On the other hand, the Cutting Powder 
and the secondary targets are vital.  The first is a box of chemicals that can be placed 
in one of three possible locations and used to   contaminate the water reserve on the island.
This will slow down the guards'   reaction times and accuracy.
The first will help the solo   player in killing the guards that are in groups 
without giving them a chance to sound the alarm,   while the second is useful because it lowers the 
chances of being killed after being discovered.  Scoping the secondary target 
is instead particularly useful   to plan the best route to follow to ensure 
the highest possible reward from the heist. Unlike previous missions and heists, Rockstar 
has placed a limit on how much bags can carry.  During the Diamond Casino Heist, for example, 
a single bag could contain all the paintings in   the vault, while in the Cayo Perico Heist 
the limit of paintings per bag is two.  An entire table of gold will fill more than 
half of the bag and as opposed to the past,   the actual value of an entire table of gold 
can't be stated because Rockstar decided to add   a RNG algorithm to the value of each gold ingot, 
coke brick, painting, weed brick and wad of cash.

The numbers on the table you can see 
here are obtained with the help of   the GTA Online communities on Reddit, 
the GTAForums and our Discord Server,   together with dozens of tests we did ourselves.  We're pretty confident in the validity of these 
numbers, still, remember to look at the table   considering that the result can vary a little 
from what you see in your personal gameplay.

That said, obviously the most profitable secondary 
target is gold, something that at the moment   can be collected only inside the compound 
and by playing the heist with two players.  According to the game file, though, Rockstar could 
also place gold outside the compound at any time.  It's unknown if this will ever be done 
– like during a "Gold Rush" week event –  or if it's simply a leftover in the code.
The next most profitable secondary target is coke,   followed by weed, art and finally, cash –
all accessible to the solo player with the   exception of two areas in the Main and North 
Dock that require the presence of a second   player to open the gate of the secluded area.
And for those asking how the target on the   second floor inside the hangar 
at the airstrip can be reached,   parking the forklift inside is the answer.

The reason scoping part of the 
map is wise is 'cause you'll want   to ensure the highest profit possible.
Without scoping secondary targets you'll   end up searching for the best loot during the 
actual heist, increasing risk and wasting time.  So, if you plan on using the Main Dock as 
an exit point, make sure to also scope the   area around the it, so you know exactly where 
to go to get the best the area has to offer. While scoping the island is a choice, to 
discover the main target of the heist,   scoping the compound is a necessity.
For the first play, the target will   always be the Madrazo Files worth $1.1 
million inside the safe in the basement.  After that, the game will randomly select 
a target at the start of the heist.  They include a bejeweled bottle of 
Sinsimito Tequila, a Ruby Necklace,   a bunch of Bearer Bonds and a Pink Diamond.
There's also an additional sixth main target,   a Panther Statue full of jewels that, like 
the diamonds for the Diamond Casino Heist,   Rockstar can activate for specific weekly events.

After discovering the main target, 
continue looking through the cameras   to scope the secondary targets inside the 
compound, the compound entry points and a   possible location for the Supply Truck 
– if you've already scoped entry points,   are going solo and aren't interested in 
entering the compound disguised as a guard,   after discovering the main target you can 
directly disconnect from the CCTV circuit. With the target located, the access 
points and points of interest scoped   and everything else you want to find around the 
island located, it's time to go back to Los Santos  to complete the mandatory preparatory 
missions in order to pull off the heist.

There are a total of 16 preparatory missions 
– some are mandatory, but most are optional.  We've already done a full walkthrough 
of the heist on the channel, so   we won't waste time going through each and 
every one of them, just the important ones.  The first mission to complete is 
the one allowing you to use your sub   as an entry point for the heist – don't 
forget to scope out the Drainage Tunnel   during your first or second visit to Cayo Perico. Skip "Demolition Charges", 
unless you're aiming at going in   loud and cutting through the main gate.
Be sure, instead, to complete the mission   "Cutting Torch" – available after scoping 
out the Drainage Tunnel on the island.  The mission is extremely easy: either go full 
attack killing all enemies in the construction   sites, or reach the white dot 
that marks a yellow hardhat.  Wear it to disguise yourself and 
traverse the area to retrieve the item.  Whatever the approach, bring the tool 
to the sub to complete the mission.

"Fingerprint Cloner" can't be skipped because 
it will give the player a tool to reconstruct   El Rubio's fingerprint and gain access to 
the elevator in his studio and the basement.  The last mandatory mission 
of the equipment category   changes depending on the main target.
If the target's inside the safe,   you'll have "Safe Code", if it's inside the 
display cabinet instead, "Plasma Cutter". For the weapon loadout, go with the 
"Crack Shot" set and buy the suppressors.  You'll be armed with a Sniper Rifle and an 
AP Pistol, both accurate weapons with a good   firing rate that will help you rapidly eliminate 
groups of guards without triggering the alarm.  You might feel more confident 
with different weapons,   but this is undoubtedly the best set to use here.

The last three preps are all 
under the "Disruptor" tag.  Completing "Weapons" will change El 
Rubio's security weapons during the heist.  "Armor" will strip them of the body armor
and "Air Support" will remove the helicopter   support that will be called by 
El Rubio's if you're detected.  These three preps are all optional and, 
technically speaking, pretty much useless.  Your objective is to complete the heist without 
triggering the alarm, meaning that you should   always aim at the enemies' heads, rendering armor 
irrelevant – without alerting them – so they won't   use their weapons, and you should leave the island 
unseen – so no helicopter backup for El Rubio.

With everything needed scoped, vehicles and 
tools retrieved and path from infiltration point   to evacuation area chosen, it's time to start 
the heist, but there's still some additional   help you can unlock by paying a substantial fee.
First of all, with the exception of the last one,   for each of these services you must first disable 
the island air defenses at the Control Tower   during the heist or you won't be able to 
activate the help from the interaction menu.

For $12,000 bucks you can have an airstrike 
handled by Charlie Reed – nothing more or   less than a normal airstrike in GTA 
Online supplied by the Merryweather. For $15 GTA Gs you can call for 
a weapon supply drop near you   containing a Minigun, RPG and explosives. For $25 Grand, a friend of Pavel, 
will silently kill the enemies you   indicate with a sniper rifle – but his help 
is limited – meaning after a while he vanishes. Again, for $25 Gs Paige 
Harris will release a drone   that will reveal the location of all 
the guards on the island near you.

Instead for $30,000 you can have Rooster 
McCraw pilot a helicopter with NPCs on the   sides that'll help you by shooting 
and killing any guards around you. The last service that you can buy for 
$10,000 is only available by selecting   the Velum as your infiltration point.
By using this plane you'll be disguised as   a Smuggler and guards will check you on arrival.
By not selecting this service, you'll be armed,   the guards will notice and 
the alarm will be raised.  Thanks to this service instead you'll 
reach the island with no weapons   because the weapons will be stashed 
along the airstrip by someone else. Unless you're planning the worst possible heist 
ever, all these "services" are unnecessary.  Don't waste your money on them 'cause 
even if temporarily helpful, when things   really go bad, none of these 
services will save you.

The best way to complete the heist 
is to avoid triggering the alarm,   only kill necessary enemies and have a 
route to follow after collecting the target   and if you screw up, there's always the easy 
way out – restart from the previous checkpoint.  Unless you're aiming for something specific 
– like trying every infiltration point or   a "full loot 4-player heist" – always 
use the sub as the approach vehicle,   the Drainage Tunnel as infiltration point, the 
Main Dock as exit point and go for the night   instead of the day in order to make the the 
vision cones of your enemies slightly smaller. When assigning the crew's cuts, keep in mind 
that the host should always take a little more   than the second, third and fourth player.
Go for a 60/40, 40/30/30 or 40/20/20/20   to keep things fair, unless you're planning 
on going back-to-back with someone else   with them helping you playing your heist 
and later you helping them complete theirs.  And speaking of teammates, you should 
note that this heist will be canceled   only if the host leaves, and will 
fail only if all four players die.  Your teammates are free to die and 
spectate, or just leave the heist entirely.   Oddly enough, if a teammate leaves the game 
or gets disconnected, the heist will not   fail and their secondary loots will 
still count towards the final reward.  Their percentage cut will be 
given to the remaining players.

This could give the opportunity to just one player 
to earn big money with a 4-player loot – assuming   three players agree to help him out with the loot 
and then disconnect before escaping the island.  It's important to note that this is 
probably not how things are supposed   to work, so don't be surprised 
if Rockstar also fixes this hole. With all that said, let's get this heist started. After the introduction, move to 
the grate of the Drainage Tunnel   and quickly use the Cutting Torch to 
open the path inside the compound. After confirming the path, you'll be in the 
compound. There are two ways to proceed.   You can either start killing everyone in 
the area – looking for the one guard that   will drop the key to access the basement 
of the compound – always a random guard,   so you'll have to start wasting them hoping 
one of them drops the key as soon as possible.  With the key you can move directly down the stairs   of the main building and find yourself 
in the basement where you have to hack   one door with just one or two fingerprints 
before reaching the area with the target.  The other option instead is to reach El 
Rubio's office where you can collect up to two   paintings – with a bit of luck – and from $50,000 
to $100,000 GTA Dollars inside the hidden safe.  From the office you can either hack the 
elevator with three or four fingerprints   and reach the basement, or get out and use 
the stairs if you already collected the key.

The fingerprint minigame 
is pretty simple this time.  There's a fingerprint on the right you have to 
reconstruct on the left by rotating the eight   pieces until each one is in the right place.
Consider that every row is identical because   they all have the same eight pieces of 
the fingerprint one after the other.  So, if you have problems organizing it: 
look for the top part of the fingerprint,   then click right once for every row after 
the first – don't count the first row.  For example, if you're on the fourth row, find 
the first piece then click right three times. Having hacked your access inside the vault area,   look for the safe code sent by Pavel 
before interacting with the safe if   the target is inside, or bring out the 
Plasma Cutter for the display cabinet.  The fastest way to cut through the glass 
is to bring the heat almost to the max,   then release the trigger completely 
letting the cutter cool down and then   go again raising the heat almost to the max.
This way you'll get through the glass in 10 to   15 seconds, while a lot more time is needed 
if you keep the heat constantly in the red.

And with the target stolen, it's time to leave the 
compound and the only way out is the main gate.  Use the elevator or the basement door and 
quickly move towards the marker on the map.  According to the path chosen, you might 
have to kill a couple of guards before   triggering the cutscene.
Once outside, move forward,   kill the enemy near the bike, get on and 
move north following the red brick road.  Before the entrance you'll have one 
enemy on the left, a couple enemies   soon after – also on the left – and the camera.
Kill all the enemies with headshots – you'll   have a brief moment to kill a couple before one 
of them triggers the alarm, more if you've used   the cutting powder on the water reserve.
Destroy the camera, then you're out.

If you're not aiming for the Elite or highest 
profit possible, go directly to the Main Dock   following the road, keep straight at the 
hairpin going down the hill and you'll find   yourself at the Main Dock in a few seconds.
Keep right, kill the enemies on the right   moving in front of the secondary target location 
– open your way through the gate and collect the   stuff inside or reach the Dinghy on the left.
From here, kill the two enemies on the pier   to the right and the one on the left.
With that done, move the Dinghy forward   near the containment wall on the right, kill the 
last enemy on the left, wait for the patrol boat   to move away then push on the accelerator 
and go straight until the scene goes black. And that's all. No fuss, no muss, no coconuts.  The heist is done and with 
no big obstacles to resolve.  Once reaching Los Santos you'll lose 
10% – a fencing fee – in other words,   the percentage Miguel takes to 
turn the stuff you stole into cash.  Since Miguel himself is the buyer, this fee won't 
be charged the first time you complete the heist.  Pavel's fee instead is merely 2% of the total. 
None of these fees can be removed or skipped,   but at the end of the day, investing $250 GTA 
Grand to pocket almost $1.8 million ain't bad.

As always, there are a bunch of bonuses that 
can be interesting to look at, starting with the   possibility of starting the heist in Hard Mode.
To do so, you have to first complete the heist,   then wait in free roam until Pavel sends a 
message saying that the heist can be done again.  From this exact moment you have 24 in-game 
hours – 48 real-world minutes – to reach the sub   and pay the $25,000 setup cost.
Once done, the heist can   be played in hard difficulty.
Nothing changes for the prep missions,   but on the island, you'll end up with more guards 
and cameras patrolling the streets of Cayo Perico.  The enemies will have a slightly faster 
reaction time to what is happening   around them and a higher health bar.
The first can be easily tuned down by   contaminating the water towers and the second is 
not a problem as long as you blow their heads off.  But if this is the con, the pro of the 
Hard Mode is a 10% additional bonus   on the value of the main target – secondary 
targets are not affected – still this means   you can leave the island with 90 to almost 
$200,000 GTA dollars more in your pocket.

And then we have, as always, the Elite 
challenge that grants $50,000 more if   completed playing in Normal and 
$100,000 more if played on Hard. To achieve this challenge, you'll have to: 
complete the heist in under 15:00 minutes,  complete all hacks without failing once,
do not get detected in the Compound,  fill each player bag of loot – doesn't 
matter what, as long as it's full – and do not quick restart, 
A.K.A. do not fail or die. By following this guide, achieving the Elite 
challenge is going to be a piece of cake.  All you have to do is fill your bag with 
the secondary targets at the Main Dock.  Obviously playing with more people means 
more secondary loot to steal – but with   a second player you'll have access 
to all the loot inside the compound,   including the gold that 
will easily fill your bags. So, to wrap it up: as stated 
at the beginning of this video,   while the submarine requires a huge investment, 
the content it unlocks is too good to pass on.  The Casino Heist has been for the past 
year the fastest and most secure way to   score big wads of cash in a short time, but 
the Solo aspect of the Cayo Perico Heist   undoubtedly places this new content at 
the top of every money-making guide.

Completing the minimum preps 
necessary and the heist itself,   shouldn't take more than an hour – the 
missions aren't too hard and the heist   finale is doable in less than ten minutes.
Thanks to various combinations of approaches,   entrances and exits, though, the heist can 
be experienced multiple times still offering   new things to discover one play after another.
If you're aiming for the maximum reward possible   playing solo, the heist can start to get old 
fast, so try changing approaches once in a while. The Cayo Perico Heist has been promoted as the 
biggest update ever done and while it might not   feel that way at a first glance, the features 
added and those modified to better suit the   Solo nature of this update, really change the 
way this game feels and must be approached.  While the submarine and all its 
trinkets are definitely expensive,   the money-making possibilities added 
with the update undoubtedly justify any   costs – with a bit of skill and some luck, 
you can start profiting very, very soon.  As always, time is the only exchange currency to 
pay to play everything GTA Online has to offer,   unless you want to spend some real 
money to pump a fake bank account.  And that's it for this Tips and Tricks episode.
If you want to chat with us,   other players or just find someone to play GTA 
Online or Red Dead Online with, join us on our   Official Discord Server or follow our social 
media accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  From the GTA Series Videos crew and me, your 
partner in crime, Gary7 MT.

See you next heist..

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