Get Paid To Chat & Text Online: 6 Ways To Make Money from Home

hey what's up everyone my name is shay from if you clicked on this video obviously you are interested in finding a way to make money from home that doesn't involve a lot of phone work and just taking tons of customer service calls today i will share with you some ways that you can make money by chatting and texting online so if this is something that sounds interesting to you make sure you hit that like button so it can help youtube recommend this video to others and also hit that subscribe button below we post a variety of work from home job leads and different ways that you can make money as a side hustle so don't forget to hit that notification bell so you can be the first to be notified so if you are ready to dive in i'm just going to play my intro and my disclaimer and we're going to jump right into the companies that are looking for people right now [Music] the first company i would like to share with you is live chat this company focuses on providing a customer service platform to over 31 000 trusted companies these bigger companies and bigger brands may not have someone that is there to always take phone calls and then we already know that email support can be very slow so this company does a great job of providing a live chat service for these big companies now i'm on their official website and i'm just going to scroll down all the way to their careers section here and once you click on the career section you will hit the apply now button and if you scroll down we are looking for the support hero position now this is a completely remote position it will say roe claw here which is located in poland but this is a worldwide position that you can do from anywhere you will simply be providing customer service helping customers resolve issues via chat no phone is involved so they are looking for people that have a great understanding of the english language can type very fast at least 40 words per minute you must be able to multitask and also be a great listener this is a full-time position like i said that is available worldwide and they offer competitive salary they don't have an exact pay rate listed on their website but they have a competitive salary depending on your skills really quick i want to head over to glassdoor to see if any salaries are posted on their website and they don't have anything reported here but they do have some reviews about the company so if you take a look at the reviews they actually have a 4.8 rating a hundred percent of the people that have worked for this company recommend to their friends so that is always great when you're looking for a solid work from home job you know a lot of people looks like they are saying hey this has a great atmosphere they enjoy working with the company and they've been working with them full time for over a year so yeah it looks like you know a lot of people really love working for this company so i would highly recommend applying today the next company is outplex this company is widely known for providing customer care and call center services it's been in operation for over 18 years now i'm sitting on their official website and i'm just going to go to their careers page so we can scroll down to the work at home positions they currently hire in the united states as well as the dominican republic right now today i'm going to focus on the position for the u.s they are actively hiring bilingual customer care reps as well as work at home customer care representatives this job mainly involves you answering customer questions by chat or phone now you will need to have a high school diploma you must be a us resident and you must be able to type 30 to 50 words per minute error free and also have the ability to multitask so if you meet these requirements then you can be able to apply for the company now i am going to head over to so we can learn about the salaries and how much they pay now i'm just going to click on their customer service representative position it seems to be around the range of 10 to 12 dollars per hour according to previous workers they also have a live chat sales agent position that they hire for sometimes that starts around eight to thirteen dollars per hour but i would say for this position you can expect to make around the ten to twelve dollar range now i am going to go up to the reviews tab this company has a 3.9 rating at this moment 82 of the people that have worked for this company actually recommend to a friend you know a lot of people talk about the you know the customer service that is great you know they have good management great work from home job now some people do complain about the pay was inconsistent but for the most part most people really enjoy working for this company so that's always a plus when you're looking for a solid work from home job the next platform is chat recruit now this is an online chat service that is available worldwide where you can be able to make money wherever you are you can chat with people by chat or phone also you can do webcam chats if you are comfortable being on video this job does not require any experience there are no joining fees and you can work on your own terms now you can expect to to make around two dollars per chat minute every time that you chat with someone so if you are interested in this type of work i am sitting on their official web page and you will simply go up and hit the start earning button at the top the next company is working solutions now this is one of the top rated work at home jobs a lot of people enjoy working for this company because it offers the flexibility to work on your own terms now this company right now working solutions is hiring thousands of agents to work from home i am sitting on their official website this is one of those companies that hire you as an independent contractor so you are responsible for managing your own taxes as you can see they have several positions available insurance verification they have a lot of positions that involve the phone but you can also take on a chat position depending on the client you are working for so i wouldn't pass this opportunity up all you have to do is go up to the top and hit apply now now i'm just going to go over to so you can learn more about the salaries for the customer care representative position you can expect to make around twelve dollars per hour some people have reported up to thirteen dollars per hour it just depends on the client that you are working for i've seen some people even make up to 19 per hour then if you click on the reviews they have a 3.7 rating and people really rave about the flexible hours and also they have great management so if you're interested in applying with this company they are on a hiring surge right now so you will need to put in your application right away the next platform is an extra cash site that pays you to simply answer marketing questions and research questions via text now what they will do is they will text you a question and then you will respond as fast as you can once you respond they will deposit the money directly into your paypal account now what you will do on their official website you will simply hit that sign up button and what they'll do is they'll pay you anywhere from 25 to 50 for every question you answer there is no minimum balance to cash out so that's always great when you're looking for a legitimate side hustle to make money instantly the next platform is make money now this is a newer app that mainly focuses on helping to improve mobile operators so they will basically improve the services by sending out network tests for anyone who signs up to receive text messages now this mobile app only works on android so if you have an iphone this will not work for you now you will get paid to receive text messages and you can simply delete those text messages after you receive them i would only consider this for extra cash because you will only make a few bucks each month just by being on their list i hope you guys enjoyed this video don't forget to give this video a thumbs up and if you have any video suggestions and you would love to ask me any questions involving working from home make sure you leave those comments in the comment section below welcome everyone my name is shay from i am glad to be back with another video today so i want to welcome all of my old subscribers and say hello to all of my new subscribers thank you guys so much for subscribing to this channel now today i want to focus in on work-at-home jobs that provide computer equipment you know i get so many people asking me about you know jobs that provide the computer or a laptop already for you to start working from home so i wanted to make sure i gather some companies that are actively hiring right now [Music] wow

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