Get Paid $50 Per HOUR By Watching Videos (Make Money Online 2021)

This video, I show you how to get paid $50 per 
hour by just watching videos, which is one of the   easiest ways to make money online this year 2021. 
How to do it? We’re about to find out. This is,   how to earn money online watching videos! Also, 
only a small percentage of people that watch my   videos are actually subscribed. So if you 
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free and you can always change your mind later.   In that way, I will notify you whenever I have 
a new and fresh strategy to make money online,   so you can be one of the first to use 
it. Thus, of course make the most money.  Step number one, grab your mobile phone.

number two, click play and watch a short YouTube   video. Step number three, get paid real money 
straight into your account. It's as simple as   that. Now, I want you to stop whatever you are 
doing and take a closer look at all of these   payments. These people are earning hundreds of 
dollars and all they do is watch YouTube videos.   How cool is that? The best part 
is you can get paid real money.   This is super easy and simple for beginners 
who never made any money online before.   This is available worldwide and 100% free, so you 
don't have to spend any money at all to do this.   Now right before I explain you how you can 
do this. Comment down below, I am from blank,   a.k.a. your country. In that way, I will know 
exactly where you're from. So in the future,   I can make sure that every single video I release 
is meant for you. So drop your country’s name in   the comments down below. And don't forget, I’ll be 
giving special bonus tips that will allow you to   earn double or even triple more money compared 
to other people.

So make sure to stick around   and keep watching all the way until the 
end. Now let's get back to the video.  First of all, I want you to come over to 
this website, which is   Basically, this website offers us an opportunity 
to make money online by simply watching videos.   So take a look at all these recent withdraw 
history. They're showing you people from all   over the world who are cashing out real money 
every single day. Now take a look at this,   this is just today. So that just shows you that 
this website is very transparent when it comes to   how much money you can earn and how much you can 
cash out. Now, these people right here came from   different countries and they’re able to cash out 
their earnings.

So right now I want you to follow   every step in this video so you can start earning 
money right away after watching this. First and   foremost, I want you to click on this Join button 
right here. And then that’s going to take you to   this page where you can register and sign up for 
a free account. So just fill out your username,   your email address, and your password.

for the location is that they’ll automatically   detect your location. Now don't worry as 
they accept people from all over the world.   And lastly, solve the captcha by typing 
in whatever numbers you see right here.   Once you fill out all the details, just click this 
blue Join button right here. And don't you worry   because you can do this on your mobile phone or on 
your computer. Once you’re done signing up, this   is what your dashboard would look like. Now I want 
you to click on this YouTube button right here.   As you can see, it has plays, likes, dislikes 
and subs. So I want you to click on plays and   that will then take you to this page where you 
can watch YouTube videos and make money online.   Now pay close attention. The first bonus tip that 
I want to give you is that you have to watch the   videos for at least 35 seconds in order to 
earn points. Once you earn those points,   you can then exchange them into real money. 
Now in this case, when you watch this video,   you'll earn this amount of points.

So all you have 
to do is click on this play button right here.   And then that's going to take you to that 
YouTube video over here. And when you go   back to, you can see here that they 
start the countdown for 35 seconds. Now once this   goes from 35 to zero, you’ll earn points. That 
means you don't have to actually watch the videos,   you can just pause the video right here, go 
back to the website, just wait for 35 seconds   and you’ll earn these points, as simple as that.
But real quick, if you guys are enjoying this   video in which I’ve put a lot of time and energy 
to actually do, I would really appreciate it   if you guys tap the like button and make 
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drop a brand new video next week to show you guys   exactly how to make even more money online doing 
basic stuff like this in the comfort of your home.   Now let's get back to the video.
Now let me show you another example.   These are the points that you’re 
going to earn by watching this video.   So simply click on this play button right here 
and again, that’s going to take you to YouTube,   and just pause the video because you don't have 
to actually watch it.

And then go back to the   website, just wait for 35 seconds and these points 
will be added automatically to your balance.   Now this is literally very simple and easy, 
and you can watch as many videos as you want.   So right now I want to give you another bonus 
tip where you can earn double or even triple.   So for example, if you're going to watch this 
video right here to earn this amount of points,   what you can do is open up a new tab using 
your phone or your computer and watch another   video and earn more points because you can 
actually watch both videos at the same time.   This means that you don't have to wait for 35 
seconds just to watch one video, and again,   you can do this as much as you want.

So you can do 
this with 2, 5 or even 10 videos at the same time.   So for example, you can open up this tab, click 
on Play and watch this video. At the same time,   you can open up another tab, click on Play and 
watch a second video, and so on and so forth.   Now this is a very cool and efficient way 
to watch 10 to 20 videos at the same time.   Now by watching a lot of YouTube videos, you can 
make a lot of money much faster compared to other   people.

So you can see right here the stack of 
credit points added automatically to your balance.   So right now I'm going to give you another bonus 
tip. When you're watching YouTube videos just like   this one, click on the gear icon right here, and 
make sure that you actually play the videos faster   by changing the playback speed from normal 
to double. Another tip is that when you click   on quality right here, by default, it’s on 
auto. Now if you have a very slow internet,   or you're using a very limited data, what you 
can do is select 144p right here which is the   lowest video quality available. And that's going 
to save you a lot of time and data, in that way,   you can watch a lot of videos more efficiently 
so you can earn more money in much lesser time.   So right now, let's move on to the next bonus 

When you click on daily bonus right here,   you're going to come to this page where you 
can claim daily or even hourly bonus points.   Now as you can see here, free points every 
day, login daily, do 15 likes or hits, click   on the button below to earn bonus points. Now you 
just have to log in to your account every day,   and then watch at least 15 videos, and then you 
can get at least 100 daily points by doing so.   Now if you want to cash out your earnings, 
just click on this cash out button right here.   And that’s going to take you to this page where 
you can choose a payment method such as PayPal,   PerfectMoney or Bitcoin. But if you don't have 
these payment methods right here, don't worry,   because you can cash out on more different payment 

Now this is how it works. Once you earn   points by watching videos, you can then convert 
those points into real money. The best part is   they have a payment threshold of only $1.50. 
This means that you just need to earn $1.50 in   order to cash out your earnings. That’s because of 
their minimum payout system, once you earn $1.50,   you can request a payout, and then you just 
have to wait for three to five business days   in order to receive your money. This is an easy 
way for you to make money online and only a few   people know about this, so use this strategy to 
your advantage.

Now if you want to make even more   money, then you need to watch this video right 
here, for you to discover how to earn free PayPal   money using only one app, which is one of the 
best ways to make money online this year 2021..

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