Get Paid $300 Free PayPal Money Every 15 Minutes (Make Money Online)

in this video i will show you how to get paid 300 free paypal money every 15 minutes this method is tested and working for many people and i am sure that this method will work for you you just have to pay attention to this video and stay until the end because this method requires some work before we get started i'm curious as to where my viewers come from so please tell me your country in the comments section so that i can make videos that everyone can benefit from don't forget to hit that like button and subscribe with notifications turned on so that you'll be notified whenever i upload a new video let's get started the first step is to come over to a website known as be careful it is not com it is dot co this is the most cost effective marketing tool the social pilot is a social media management tool that's going to help you grow and manage your social media accounts automatically don't worry you don't need to have any followers or subscribers also you don't need to invest any money into this tool you can do this with zero dollars because it's all absolutely free i'm going to show you a simple trick that will allow you to make hundreds of dollars for free using this platform as you can see you have the option of connecting as many social media accounts as you want more accounts plus more posts equals better value for money powerful social media analytics and white label pdf report with one click engage efficiently with social inbox collaborate with teams and manage clients they will simply hire a full-service social media management agency allowing you to build a business around social pilot you can find clients who require social media management and provided for them by using social pilot don't worry that's not what we'll be doing today it'll be a little more difficult but it'll make you a lot of money we'll scroll all the way down to the bottom of and click on the affiliate program which is located just beneath the company section i'll show you how to set up this affiliate program on autopilot using an additional completely free platform that will earn you a lot of money through referrals you can see that you will earn a 30 recurring commission on social pilot subscription sales and if you look at the pricing plan you can see that this can reach 1 000 per year this is 85 per month but it is annual billing which means they must pay for the entire year at once which is 12 months multiplied by 85 that's over a thousand dollars and you're profiting 30 of that or 300 for just referring one person to this platform you can see what else they'll get such as 50 social media accounts to use with so they can run them and manage their business which can be a huge return on investment because if they invest 85 per month in this agency plan have clients paying them thousands of dollars per social media account they can make a lot of money as a result you can easily get referrals for an agency plan that pays you 300 per month if you refer 10 people per month that's 3 000 per month and you don't have to do anything that's 100 per day passively if you refer just 10 people to the agency plan you can close your laptop turn off your computer or put your phone away and still get paid 100 every day i'll show you how to reach hundreds if not thousands of people who might be interested in signing up the best part about their affiliate program is that you will be paid through paypal i know a lot of you enjoy using paypal so yes the social pilot affiliate program offers a paypal option simply click on get started right here once you've arrived at the affiliate page you can register for free by entering your first and last name as well as your email address in this box to sign up you must first create a password and agree to their affiliate terms once you've signed up as instructed you'll be directed to this page where you can begin promoting using an affiliate link and earning money through paypal you won't have to wait for approval or anything your affiliate link will be available right here so all you have to do is copy this affiliate link and whenever someone signs up you could earn up to 300 you can keep track of your referrals clicks and how much money you've made right here because this is a brand new account that was just created it will obviously be zero dollars for the time being you have the potential to change this to some insane numbers once you start promoting it using the strategy i'm about to share with you in this video now all you have to do is start directing traffic to your unique affiliate link i'll show you how to reach hundreds of thousands of people who will benefit from social pilot and will continue to use it they'll see it as an investment and as long as they use it you'll get recurring commissions as a result you only need to refer once to earn recurring commissions month after month and year after year it will take you less than 15 minutes to complete this task so even if you only get one person to sign up in less than 15 minutes you've already made 300 what better way to get traffic than to use some freelancing websites where people actually do their own social media management you can give them a tool that will do all of the work for them allowing them to take on a lot more clients they can automate the entire process and have 100 clients per month at 50 each for a total of 5 000 all they have to do is pay 85 to get in for these guys it's a no-brainer because they're seeing massive returns on their investments quicken gates and freelancer are two freelancing websites that you can use now you currently have over 1 000 potential sign ups and all you have to do now is contact these freelancers and send them your affiliate link you can send them information from the sales page itself and a nice looking message and also tell them that you can refer them to that platform you can also use up work people per hour in addition to freelancer and quicken gigs if you search for social media management you'll notice that there are a lot of people offering the service right now you can contact them all and share your referral link with them you can actually find 92 561 people providing the social media management service on fiverr all you have to do is reach out to them for example open up one of these sellers profiles and scroll a little bit down to find the contact me button so that you can reach out to them now just keep in mind that you should not make this mistake you should not immediately push your affiliate link over there directly on these freelancing platforms if you do that you will get banned from all of these freelancing websites you should take them off of all these freelancing websites and then give them your referral link so this is how you can get paid 300 free paypal money every 15 minutes i really hope you did get some value out of this one i will see you in some of the next videos

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