Get Paid $1,000/Day On Invideo.Io (Weird Trick To Make Money Online With This New Website)

27 time and time again this claims brand new site here that you can try now completely free in this video I'm going to talk about sites I did not talk enough on my channel before I talked Once or twice about the site, but I feel it is a very underrated website we can use to make money online just to be transparent, you can be a complete
nobody in this, you need no money to start, it is worldwide anyone can access this website and it use and use it to make money online now is not going to be affiliate marketing we are not going to drop shipping, it is not CPA marketing is not going to sell anything and we are not going to make our own recordings content or talk on camera or do so something is going to be something new that we can use and it can also become a complete passive income business, so I really suggest you want to build something like that and have this watch to the end of the video and I give you ' n gr atis grow youtube course at the end of this video going on co fall news jay here your nobia south african online entrepreneur and coach document my journey here on my computer every day on how i make money online building landing pages service at affiliate marketing deals with all sorts ways and business models to make money and here I am recording it all on my YouTube channel so if you want to follow this journey make sure you subscribe below with the red notification button so I can send you a message every time as i'm uploading an epic video just like this but without it i'm not going to waste any time the site here you may have seen this site before but not in the way I'm going to use it is today this site you can use to earn money in so many different kinds the ways in the v today's video is probably going to be my most profitable and best way to be do it actually, I'm going to show you at the moment someone who earns over 500 000 a year with such a tool so far here just to show you how it tools that you can choose from a bunch of templates that fit your project, it's basically you're a content creator customizing content output and uploading to content, but what many people do not know about this site if you actually draw this with your account to The tool has a bot where you can transform text into ready for your full videos and believe it or not, it is actually a very high quality that most people spend hours putting these kind of videos together and here is a tool here it will do it within two to five minutes here on the screen when you come to and click on text to video here, which you can see you have choices from a wide square and vertical if I do it easily had to insert terms widely is suitable for YouTube square for instagram vert ikaal for youtube shorts and tik, what the is
portrait view in this video we are going to use this tool to literally print money with tikki and youtube shorts click on the vertical option here and you are going to choose this blank blue theme here because it of application is click on any niche to use this template here, where you need to add your headline and story is here the magic happens where you next click here and it will change it all text into a perfectly made tic tac in youtube short video , but for now we are not done, this is step one I want you to leave it open for a while in a tab here fast before we go on I just keep talking about reputable sites on my YouTube channel every site that i'm talking about i usually watch it on screen here with a site called, which is most true issted looking at the site and here you can see it in video has a 4.5 star rating with an 86 excellent ratings I usually do not do not use any sites with a three or less star rating here and just to double check to go through all the comments here you will find some people who will have hate comments because they do not have the experience with the tool they want but you can see here most people who have left reviews are all five star review so it is always important to just check your website you are using to make sure it is trusted and not a spam or ' a scam of a website and just for extra support, I quickly did background check on this site for you just to show you what kind of site it is how much traffic it gets this site gets 2.8 million views every month growing with month past month more than 2.85 million views this site is currently among the top 21 000 sites in the world that does not look so great, but if you think about it there are millions of sites on the internet, so to be among the top 21 000 actually ' a very good position and it is the 47th largest website in its category in the computer electronics and technology category, so it just comes back claiming that it is reliable and usable website well and the next step is now leading us to YouTube here, do not worry we are going do not record content: we do not need a microphone need a camera we do not need software edit or something like that and here I want to show you a wise
example of someone doing it from India it absolutely blows on simple youtube short videos about facts watch around the world hereafter flying cars the future comes soon 35 seconds and he watched 47,000 times a day ago and he already has 15 and he is just Has watched 59,000 subscribers it is the richest dog in the world, 70 000 views in eight hours, which is 20 000 people more than the number of subscribers in just eight hours here is another video try not to find happiness, just enjoy your life 986 000 views in just three days one million k yke in five days 1.1 million views within five days and he earns about one hundred thousand dollars each a single month after creating these youtube short videos which are everywhere equal to 600 to 1.4 million dollars each year with only 59 000 subscribers , but what mostly contributes to it is all of these views he overcomes here is another great example YouTube mentioned here Luke David facts very similar concept he creates simple facts videos like three places you should never want the secret swim guards have that you should know that they do not have it 3.4 million views in just one week and he literally creates easy fact videos on youtube shorts and absolutely blows above, what are we going to do we are going to go to Google and we are going to search the following facts to know and here you can see there is only a website 50 facts to know that you will not believe you already have it did not know one you should throw away the cotton in your medication bottles it is easy to a calculate tip without a pocket calculator na, you are the highest first in the morning you need to sleep at your door by locked in a cool room helps you to slim down, so here you can see only 50 random facts and we can actually use it to inflate just like these guys do and the The best part is that we are not just going to make money from the advertising revenue of YouTube is actually going to have two streams of have
revenue from this, so what we can do is we can copy this title of this article come back to our video tool and just paste it as a heading and maybe change it to five instead of fifty because remember the video should be less than one minute long, so past here we can copy fact number one just like right click paste it in the video here and just hit the number one and all you want to do, copy this command description here and paste it below and then what you want to do Is type number two back to 50 facts just copy number two so and paste here and then can you just copy this description and pl ak it below and for number three I'm only going to use three here can copy this title here so right click on copy paste it here and again you just want to paste your letter description here and everything we need just make sure we automatically suggest photos and videos, click here and click on rearrange text and click next here and it will load your video in about two to five minutes done, complete we do not need to record anything on this software bot has all the work done for us done on the next screen you see each and every slide here you have the one on the way with the intro so if I play it look at this and you can see step and then it goes straight into number one and then directly in the description then to point two and as you can see, just make it video for you what I suggest you do is just click on a preview above all watch here through the whole video if you see spelling mistakes or any mistakes you can close it come to the text on the left here and just arrange the grammar here if you ready click download and share at the top right here and click export and it will be downloaded directly to your computer after about two minutes of version here you will only see a few minutes remaining 25 left once it is ready download it here down to our computer with this button here and here you can see it is now complete, click on download here and below down left you will see that it is now download to my computer and the best part is it with my help you do not need don't spend every day thinking of descriptive titles or thumbnails that you can come across on this site called video marketing blaster this is a tool that automatically generates titles and description for you that will rank you
videos on the top pages of Google and YouTube this site is called it is a tool for the one time price of 27 I will not sell it to you or give you an affiliate link, after which you can come directly to the site I do not get commissions from this and I suggest that you read it through what they have to offer so it basically reverse engineers the google youtube ranking system it finds untapped buyer keywords that can be easily exploited and drives 100 free traffic from google and youtube it is an excellent tool if you have a content is creator or do you want to start your YouTube short channel and make your page grow fast secondly I recommend another tool called that translates all the captions and titles and text of your video into all languages around the world which gives you basically 75 percent extra of more views and customers from abroad countries who do not understand English so this is also an excellent tool I recommend if you are new to YouTube shorts and want to use the strategy to grow again even more, I will not leave a connected link, you can come directly to i get no commissions or rewards from this site only as a bonus for you earn even more revenue your videos and your YouTube short you can these youtube shorts also place on brand ticks and create a teespring store selling faxware, what you can Go do, you can go to Google and just type fact logo generator and click enter here come to the first link and enter just a logo in name we can fax you and just click on the design and this site will Generate you tons of logos you can use it to jump on here as logos on your merch your hoodies your t-shirts or whatever you want sell through your YouTube shorts channel so here we go and click on for example clothes here on the left here you will see you will make 10.15 profit per sale you make now you do not have to order any of these t-shirts you do not need order bulk and keep it in stock with your premises how it works this website you automatically create a store every time you get an order design the t-shirts for deliveries and keep a percentage and you get 10 , 15 profit per sale, fairly cheap and there is no start-up cost with this no it's totally free so make money with teespring here is just a good second source of income finally actually better than your youtube ad revenue is really recommended youtube shorts while watching the channel that i showed you that he inflates millions of views in mostly every video and he has only 60,000 subscribers and growing by the day, so what will I do for the give away I promised in at the beginning of this video you just need to Like, make sure you subscribe comment below if you are ready and I will reply to your comments and I will also leave a playlist here to help you even more with the growth of YouTube channel to strengthen your short YouTube channel and get money earned in your first month and finally make four different streams of revenue on YouTube from affiliate sponsorship deals and advertising mergers revenue and all sorts of ways to make money from YouTube, so I really recommend clicking on this playlist here and I see you there

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