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I'm here today with Rik van Dam Better known as Geck-O Thanks for having me! Yes of course, it's going to be fun Yes, I'm excited Hey, you're kind of a busy person, Producer, DJ, own radio show, label etc. Even my own party How are you doing, what are you doing right now? I'm doing very well actually I'm a bit less busy now, which is actually quite nice We just had our 7th party and we had an amazing hosting at Bootshaus in Germany I believe that immediately It will take a while before we have our next party I just announced in the radio show that it will be on September 28th It's going to be special
– Even more special? Yes, it's always special, however, it's time for something different again Can't tell anything about it yet, but I'll be announced soon I'm very curious As a producer you're pretty broad, when it comes to genre and everything else.

Where do you get your inspiration mainly from? From a lot of stuff Mainly I think from other music When I listen to music… so many ideas flow through me I think that has the most influence When I'm producing, I just surrender myself to the flow Sometimes you hear that producers write out a whole plan they completely write out what it should be, before they even make it but for me, it's more of a vague idea I throw myself in that direction and it just flows I think the way it flows is influenced by all music I've ever listened too, together.

So do you have periods where you listen more to a certain genre and end up producing more in that genre as well or is that different every time? Yes absolutely, but it differs completely every time as well Back in the day I was fully focused on Hardstyle but after that a lot of techno and electro influences Right now I'm a bit on the psychedelic tour but also that gritty, club techno/electro sound and I also love some retro Yes because you started out in the Hardstyle does that still influence your music or has that faded over time? No, it definitely hasn't faded I think it's still very clear in my music I think it also still speaks to a lot of people that are in the Hardstyle scene For those that want something different, it's often my music that appeals to them because it still has a little bit of it in it it is music that has been intertwined with my musical development which will never disappear, whether I want it to or not But you also notice that in the Hardstyle scene, more and more producers are experimenting Finally again! So you see this as something positive? Yes, to me that's very positive I like what's happening right now a lot there's a lot more variation but in a completely new way, not as it once was or anything like that but in a fresh new way Suddenly all sorts of kicks are possible again I really like that
– so many possibilities Would you advice Hardstyle producer's to make music in another genre when they are in doubt about this? So to produce in different genres?
– Yes Yes definitely I think if all you produce is Hardstyle you get some sort of incest, to say it that way You need fresh influences to keep going forward that's my view anyways.

I always used to create some small things next to it when I was still producing Harstyle in the time of Qult I jumped into experimenting but before that, it was just a small, extra thing but I learned so much from it First of all: different skills but also I often run into this musical concept that didn't exist yet in Hardstyle I'm going to make that happen I'm going to create it into a Hardstyle track You were just talking about Qult, which stopped two years ago sadly Funky Cat came into existence because of that. How did that happen That's a long story I understand Qult was Q-Dance's place for experimenting and trying things out but with the underlying idea to create a new kind of Hardstyle Hardstyle once became big because of club Tempo etc and the BPM's just went up higher and higher Which left this hole Q-Dance wanted to look at what could come next it ended up in that subground sound from Acti etc.

But I think it has been caught up or something by EDM, Bigroom House etc. There just wasn't the need for it, for that kind of music The gap was already filled by other things So it was doomed to be underground, which in my eyes isn't bad to have peace with However, Q-Dance is a big company They had just been taken over by Americans so they had to be careful with their money So we had to stop with that You had to make place Makes a lot of sense About a half year before we gave our last party – which I enjoyed the most of all by the way I heard that we had to quit I didn't think 'this sucks, my life is over' I thought 'ok, what now, this is a new chance' A chance to make it even more my own. and a chance to accept that underground image not to want to explode or whatever I think that's very important Some sort of satisfaction with my place However, I do get the idea that Funky Cat is becoming more popular I see a lot of people on Facebook, Instagram talking about it and wanting to go Don't you think it will become more – I don't want to say mainstream – popular over time? I do hope so, but I think the Funky Cat has its limit Yes ok because of the extend in which it's experimental and different by nature That means if it does get popular, it changes to something alternative of the mainstream Which is something you see in my former successes.

Such as It's What We Are, which even got a Headhunterz edit I just started making completely different things I think it was just done for me, that sound I actually have a lot of respect for producers who are able to keep doing the same thing I just can't do that, I need to do something different, I need to move on We see it in everything, the fact that you keep moving forward is that something you always had or something that developed later? I think that has always been the way Yes, always.

Everything I ever made has been opposite of what was popular Which is logical, because I want to make music that doesn't exist yet That gives me the most satisfaction, the most value Funky Cat is not only your own party, but it's also the name of your label with multiple artists. How does such an artist end up at the Funky Cat, since it's so broad How does the selection work? Do they send you something or do you approach them? Usually, artists approach me I think that's a nice relationship But I can imagine if I see a talent somewhere I'll keep an eye on him and ask him though it hasn't happened yet In the past I was the one who checked all the demos for Theracords. I learned a lot from that It's unbelievable how much garbage comes in But I do think it's a good thing to listen to all of it I've noticed that when it comes to the Funky Cat, I receive less garbage People understand what the label stands for and they understand what we can offer those artists.

I like that It's the reason we have guys such as STOIK and Hatom Who send me stuff and I immediately knew 'this is it' This is exactly what the Funky Cat stands for This is quality, different than what others do, musically and it does something to you I think it's important to you in a track, that it's unique. I talked with Pieter about uniqueness vs.

Quality in the last episde We talked about how a track should be unique, quality is something you can work on What do you think about this? I always found that the most important thing too, but there is also a certain level of quality that should be reached before I release it But if I take a look at how I used to do it, I didn't start out with learning how sound works and the technical parts I started out with making tracks That's what I wanted, I wanted to make music I improvised so much Back then you didn't have any YouTube Tutorials so I really had to teach myself I was a lot on fora, online, with other producers exchanging ideas and techniques I was on MSN a lot with other upcoming producers oh god With Wavolizer, The Machine, Chris One etc. of course also with Pieter I had no idea about techniques when I came with my first release I did everything by feeling and hearing So that's the most important thing? Yes I think it's most important that the music is good Yes quality can get better, but then you have to make it happen as well.

I get a lot of demos where I think 'wow, this is so cool.' But the quality isn't good enough They need to work on that. I try to give tips & tricks as specifically as I can But sometimes it's just a matter of putting in two years of work and they'll get there Does it happen often that people re-send something to you, to show they listened and made the track better, or even a brand new track? Yes, a fun example is a German guy who send me something psy-like a pretty long while ago it was out of key etc.

But I understood what he wanted to do, so I gave him feedback And a few weeks back he send me a new version Fixed everything, everything sounds pristine so cool. He came to Bootshaus so I met him there I really enjoy that How was Bootshaus? I was sad I couldn't be there, it looked amazing It's actually very interesting because it wasn't extremely busy or anything in our area but that wasn't the goal It was our first time there, most people didn't know us yet It was a nice way of getting to know each other. Besides that, the organisation invited us to give the party an extra taste Area 1 was mostly the mainstream and euphoric Hardstyle Area 2 was more extreme, the Raw Hardstyle So it was nice for area 3 to be funky When you want some rest or just relax a bit, when you want to float for a bit, instead of pumping all your energy out Of course, we tuned our lineup to the rest of the party with Hardstyle influences? Yes exactly, so I closed the area with Thera (Pieter) The atmosphere was great, lot of people were dancing That's a good sign People were dancing very diverse, I loved seeing that The DJ booth was so weird, with some sort of bars in front of it Yes! I saw that on Instagram It reminded me of Tresor in Berlin So cool So at Defqon this year you'll be playing a Qult set, I'm very curious What else can we expect from you this year? The plans are extremely divers actually I didn't expect anything else So at Defqon I play a set on the Silver stage for the very first time which is completely out of the box for me I've never played a full on Industrial set I'm doing that with Wavolizer who is one of my best friends since the beginning of Theracords 10 years ago It's going to be a fun challenge of course we made a lot of music together, and I'm excited to show my extreme side there Very different from usual You can expect a very divers set, slow tracks, but definitely also the 175 BPM tracks Yeah but that's also quite fitting to Industrial Yes definitely, it possible there I'm really happy they put me on that stage I'll definitely be at Defqon on the Sunday, so I'll come have a look then Indeed, Sunday I'll be playing the Qult throwback set on the White stage It feels a bit easy for me actually I'll just play the sickest tracks of that time, Everyone is going to enjoy it a 1000% It can't go wrong I'm very excited I'm very sure people are looking forward to it.

Every time I vlog at the Funky Cat people keep commenting about Qult! So I'm sure that's going to be fine What about your other plans this year? I'll be playing at Mysteryland on the Q-Dance stage, which has been a while Very exciting, a bit like back in the days I used to open a lot of stages, introduce the big stages. which I see as an art If a Hardstyle act opens, it'll be maximal from the start Hardstyle is very focused on being ultimate which I understand when a lot of artists play that way, but I see myself as a DJ that wants to introduce the energy of the party in the right way I used to start out with the Qult sound, now with the Funky Cat sound and then I start throwing in some Hardstyle classics and then the new sound mixed with tracks that aren't going to the max yet They exist! So you build it up? But the fun part is, when you first drop the hardstyle sound Even if it's just a bare kick Yesss
– Dare it is Oh here we go I love that moment of introduction Really cool Let me think what else I got planned This Saturday I have a party in a squatting home, where I can go to on my bike which will mainly be Tekno and …

Let's see… the Funky Cat will be back 28th of September We're also doing a lot of stuff with Theracords 10 Years I'm so proud of Pieter that his label exists 10 years already Definitely sets a goal for me He's going to do something really cool with that tour so I have a lot of great gigs coming up I saw you're coming out with a new EP Actually, it's out now, I just put it online I think yesterday I saw the first track on instagram, tell us more! It's different, I really liked it This EP is more focused on the Techno/Electro Club sound I was just talking about A bit darker? Yes, darker, a bit more old school-like.

I actually did the vocals of all the tracks myself Improvising a bit The title track "You're A Wizard,'" with a comma so you can put your own name behind it Always been my dream There's this quote I read when I'm not feeling it I'll read that and know it's magic what I'm creating my art is magic and the inspiration and energy will return to me So that's the title track of the EP I added a trance-like melody It's mostly what I wanted to do myself The second track is called Purpose Tour Named after the Justin Bieber tour of course Which is a bit of a pun on base of the vocals You can hear this laughing sample throughout the whole track It's like someone is laughing at you the whole track, it's pretty mean I think I ask the audience 'what's wrong with you?' You look awful, what are you doing here? Dear god Sorry, sorry,
– no that's fun It's just really mean I was just feeling like it "This music is illegal, you're a criminal It's kind of exciting actually, you're listening to illegal music It's very different from my last release Which was very happy, exurberant, psy synthwave-like and the next single will be 'Space out" some people have been waiting for that one for a long time I actually played it at Defqon last year Lot's of psy influences, 150 BPM Why did it take so long for you to release it? Is that a conscious choice? It just happens When I didn't make music myself I didn't understand why it took some producers so long Now I do make music myself, and find it logical that it takes time to release music at the right time with the right artwork, in the right timeframe and you have to keep in mind all the other music you're releasing I really make a lot music So I need to spread it out For this one we have some iconic artwork by Erika Novakova it's just iconic I'm not going to show it yet though! It's just iconic, and I want to release it on my birthday! (12th of June) So cool Artwork is clearly important to you and the Funky Cat Very important Do you approach artists to do that for you? Or do you have some standard people you work with? There's a few people I work with Among others Marloes a.ka.

Mesloes She's just one with The Funky Cat Without her, The Funky Cat wouldn't be what it is now She's essential She helped a lot with realizing concept in the beginning After Qult came to an end, I thought I'd just do it myself in my own way We came up with the name 'The Funky Cat' So I was wondering where that came from actually? I once made a track called The Funky Cat Which was on my first album 'A New Wave' The track had this sample where someone said 'The Funky Cat' I thought that was pretty iconic, so that's what I called the track Later, for my own party, it just felt good The Funky Cat is an entity A thing to which even I am inferior.

You look up and see that big head with the lights coming through What's nice is that I was working with Marloes from that moment on I thought of the concept and I new Marloes from some workshops At that moment she was struggling with her art I just felt it This is right, I think she should do this I asked her and she said that this was exactly what she was specialized in: the character of The Funky Cat, the trickster apparently she was specialized in that so she helped a lot with the concept of The Funky Cat After that we developed the logo From there on, she was a part of the team, designing the posters and most of the artworks Sometimes we also work with Mandy Astula She also worked with me on the A New Wave album The Funky Cat already exists for two years now, 7 parties, the 8th is coming up That's quite a lot, three or more a year Do you plan to keep on going like this, or spread it out more? What's the future? Yes we do plan to change that up a bit Let me think…

In the beginning I was still in that Qult mood We did Qult very often, once every two months When you don't have a full Q-Dance team behind you, that's a lot so we planned the second edition two months after the first And that was a lot That was my whole life at that moment, no time for anything else That wasn't good OK, so not once every two months, that was clear So then we decided to go to three times a year We did that for two years But it turns out that's still quite a lot because we don't just do ' a party' we put in a lot of effort in the concept, the decoration, in promotion we put in a lot effort and thus a lot of time The plan now is to go to two big editions a year but with the additional option to do some smaller stuff next to that Which are less effort than the bigger parties smaller locations or hostings at festivals or clubs So will you stay at the same location, P60, where is it again? Amstelveen If you're talking about bigger, will you stay there? With bigger I mean the P60 editions Funky Cat is underground and bigger than P60 isn't possible for us right now So the bigger editions will be the P60 editions I will just say it right now: the next edition is in a different location We're not saying goodbye yet to P60 We'll be back there But this time it'll be in Utrecht Ok, for me that's a lot easier Yes, I think it's easier accessible for a lot of people which is exactly the reason why we do it P60 is absolutely amazing, and the collaboration with the organisation of P60 is great Yeah, I love the location too The sound is great, we can decorate it nicely We still have to wait and see what it's like in Utrecht There's more of a risk for us It's a bit scary and exciting, but it's also a step we have to make We'll see how it goes, but we're not saying goodbye to P60 That's great, I'm very curious You have a pretty faithful fan base, also around The Funky Cat How did that came into existence? It just came to be actually I'm not a big socializer /recruiter or anything sometimes I find that hard which is a handy skill if you have your own party which is a big of a weakness I have But it just came into existence a lot of them are friends of mine old friends I already had Great friends and acquaintances that wanted to help out that first edition The first party we did with quite a small team But somehow with the later editions we just have a massive team of people that want to help out Freely voluntary, tinkering, which is just so nice to have that Since recently we're managing it through a Facebook group "vrienden van The Funky Cat" (The Funky Cat's Friends) if you're not a member yet but you want to be a friend, feel free to join I do see it as a group of friends We're not into aggressive marketing with ambassadors etc.

We just don't like that But we do share some inside stuff Send people material as posters and stickers so they can distribute them We just noticed a lot of people really want to help I think people are exiting to be part of it Yes, but then it has to be possible to help and it just feels really good to do it this way You also use Instagram and YouTube to post videos to keep your fans up to date Do you think it's important to distribute it that way, is it the right medium? Yes, I think it's the most direct way to reach your following Now a lot of in between media are disappearing such as DJmag and Alive at Night I was really good at those But since that isn't here anymore, you have to rely on direct communication Now you have to do everything yourself, instead of other people writing about it Yes and I perceived that I find it hard with the changing algorithms.

I've been doing this since the beginning of social media It's changing constantly
– It's hard yeah What works in one moment, doesn't work at all in 6 months I find it hard to deal with it especially since lately Facebook's reach has been going down it's so frustrating it really frustrates me, and I'm still searching for ways to reach people Trying to think in different ways Maybe it's time for new social media to rise Yeah you say that, but won't the same thing happen again? Yeah maybe, you'll never know I feel like maybe Blockchain is the next step but we're not there yet We're in this valley in between them, I feel like And we just have to deal with that Do you have any tips to deal with that it's sometimes hard when you post something and it doesn't get the reactions you expect.

How do you deal with that? By throwing my computer out of the window You just don't deal with it No, no it's not that bad I try not to be bothered to much Just let it go No, and don't be to much of a perfectionist when it comes to posting things Nowadays I just throw something I like online not as much as some people though I do think it's important to upload things that have value, so I keep that in mind But I let go of the fact that everything had to be perfect. Sometimes I have something I find very important, I want everyone to know and if it's disappointing then, that's still very hard for me to deal with I think that part of social media is very hard Do you also notice now there are more upcoming producers who have a bigger reach that you have more competition? No, I don't really feel compitition because I'm in my own world I'm in between everything so when it comes to that I don't really have a lot of competition But for me the challenge is reaching any attention at all I'm thinking of doing more offline promotion since I've been pretty much 'online only' But I'm not sure yet how, it's still new.

– that's pretty tough yeah Because you're pretty much in between every thing, do you notice that when playing at parties? For example, you were talking about opening Q-Dance stages, does it make it hard to place you somewhere, or easier? I think it makes it easier. You can put my anywhere, and I'll play an amazing set for you Do organisations think the same about that? Organisations think they need give the audience clarity about what an artist wil do if one time he's playing Hardstyle and the other Ambiance music, what is it even? I've realized and accepted that organisations think about it like that It is what it is
– Yes it is But I often get booked with a special mission, such as at Defqon That must be really special
– Yeah Not only are you a producer, DJ, you have your own label and radio show and more, How do you keep up with it? Since you also keep up with social media, and you want to start promoting offline That many things at the same time?
– Yes I just do it Working constantly on it I think?
– Yes I have half a planning I do a lot of things when I feel like doing them Which is why it works, I don't make myself do anything I don't want Because of that it just pieces together, what I feel like doing switches all the time But I definitely can't go without my diary I have a google diary with everything in it, even when I have to do my laundry Every little detail? Yes, everything that needs to happen I have these themes every day "Take a look at this project" or "launch?" It's pretty liquid when things will actually happen which has pros and cons I've now come to the point that I might hire someone To help you with the things on the background? Yes, the background So not social media or what people see, because I'm very comfortable with that But the emails to organisations etc.

Really the 'plugging' part of it Is this something you don't really enjoy? Apparently not, no I'm able to do it, but I never feel like doing it I saw on Instagram that you love traveling
– Yes a lot Do you get a lot of inspiration from your travels? Yes, a lot Last year I went to Japan, Australia, New Zealand the atmosphere there… I can't describe it. I make notes when I'm there and when I get home I have no idea what to do with them but it's a certain feeling But I do think you can feel it in my music: adventure, aesthetics, exotic I feel like that's part of my music, though I don't know if the audience feels the same That's definitely something I get from traveling and gigs in other countries, is that different? Does the audience feel different? Yes I think it's very different You've probably heard this before, but the Dutch audience is spoiled Yeah, but it makes sense Especially at the bigger events I feel like there isn't much movement People are just chilling at a festival Not like "YEAH I'M AT A FESTIVAL" It happens of course It's not that special anymore for us I think No, which makes a lot of sense Defqon for example is one of the best festivals because so many foreigners go there who are all very excited and I feel like they awaken the Dutch people with those vibes That's just the feeling I got I notice that it's more special for people in other countries German people on Hardstyle are just like "wow I love this" and in The Funky Cat area people were just dancing so much I do notice when it comes to The Funky Cat we get people who really go for it Which I love.

Those we really love the music and are dancing a lot I you go to the smaller parties when you really want to go for a certain artist or genre And the bigger ones are more for chilling. For us it has become quite normal I got foreign friends who are so jealous of how often we get to go but on the other hand, for them it'll stay special Yes so maybe they shouldn't be jealous, maybe it's a good thing when it's a bit scarce. So you really have something to look forward to I'm thinking about other things in other countries For example in Finland, people are more on their own or something they really do party, but they would never come to talk to you but in the UK for example, people get a bit more wasted I always loved playing there, it's a more underground More 'do it yourself' The organisation is a lot less tight but that does give it a fun character It's so weird because in Japan, there's a lot of things around you that you can't even read or understand At least, I don't know Japanese
– Me neither and the people as well, it's so different But I noticed while playing there that people were just enjoying it so much that I was giving them something unique it was insane closing that set with people I look up to So did your inspiration for the 6th Funky Cat from that trip to Japan? Yes that did play a role It was definitely a factor.

But Marloes who makes the artwork is really into Japanese stuff too She made an amazing poster
– Yes I love it One of my favs What was your favorite edition so far? I'm curious All editions had something special Don't think I can pick a favorite Well last time you got a massage, that must count I think last edition (7), had the ultimate lineup because all of them were Funky Cat artists We had Stoik and D00d, Bitface, Bold Action all from our own label and it was just really cool, really loved it but I also enjoy getting foreign artists to the parties, such as Chris One, Acti So keep it divers? Yes exactly, and we'll keep doing that Ok, I'm very curious about all that's coming And I'd love to take a look what you're doing here in this amazingly decorated space I definitely love a cozy studio space. Got some plants and stuff
-I love it Let's dissect my track 'something different' Here you can see what the track looks like I work with FL Studio, which I love I don't work very organised.

Nothing has a name Literally nothing has a name I actually used a lot of mixer canals here, 38 I try to keep those minimal around 20 to control it easier but it's also the most effective way The fun thing about this project is that I worked together with Artificial Intelligence specialists Had some meetings with them about how we could apply it to electronic music They knew me through Marloes, really nice So we made an application a bit like the Prisma app on your phone where you can merge two images mix the style of one with the other picture We did the same with audio So we grabbed a sound from the bassline and merge that with a piece of vocal which led to the weirdest things Let me check the effects Oh that's so weird You can hear the dynamics of a voice in it It reminds me a bit of alien films Yes exactly.

Which really fits this track I really enjoy that and with all the effects you'll get something like this but yeah, I really enjoyed doing this It's not like you get really useable music through that application but you do get something very vague, which I like I'm just putting it back now So this is my own voice you're hearing Do you do that a lot, working with your own voice? Yes I really got into it I really used a lot of samples back in the day In my old tracks there are a lot of blatant, in your face samples but I stopped doing that I want more original content and I believe I can do that myself With this one I can hear that it's you Yeah you do hear my voice here right? Yes but not in the first one I just turned down the pitch by 5 This is when I put it on 0 Sounds so weird Let me see what more I got Must be very funny to work with your own voice like that Yeah I'm just jamming in the mic and then a line just pops up I love that, putting in something of myself This track does have a sample in it too Let me see…

By Kate Bush I sampled that, she's my biggest inspiration when it comes to other music and it just really fit my artistic process in that moment I wanted to do something new, something different, which became a psytrance track I completely degraded it sounds like a radio signal from far off I just tried a lot of new stuff in this track Just did a lot with my own voice What you hear in the background is also my own voice Let me see It sounds terrible That's pretty much what I recorderd Let me see This is the non-stretched version So that's pretty much what I did in the microphone I can't sing at all But you can really use it And it's not possible for anyone else to have it Because it's you
– Exactly! and I love adding that originality as much as possible Let me see if I can show you something fun I did with my voice in the last part So that's just my voice It has an autotune What I did is the original sound So out of tune It's one note, that I sang Really! Your neighbours must think you're absolutely bonkers Yes exactly, that's very true So I put this one low I send it to two layers which autotuned separately Here you can see what I did with this when it comes to the keys which I;ve thrown through the autotune Which changes the key You probably know it from R&B and old Daft Punk It's that kind of effect You hear the two voices very clear I love doing this It makes me very happy In the end that's what's important, that you like it yourself As long as I'm happy! Yeah but if you don't create music you enjoy yourself, why do it You're right actually, in the end that's what I do it for: the fun in the studio, and that will always be, that's the path I chose Are you lucky that your fanbase expects you to do weird stuff? You can call it lucky, but I worked hard for it Yeah of course, you build it up yourself Do ever make a track where you think 'Ah no one is going to enjoy this?' I have the best example ever Soul Train Soul Train is the track everyone asks for when I play somewhere which we're going to do something very special with later this year A special edition Soul Train has that hardtrance sound when I made it, it was completely outdated It was purely what I thought was cool We released it on Therabyte under Geck-e Just to release it anyway I like it and maybe some other people will too It grew popular purely because of the music, not because of the marketing or whatever Purely because of the music, and that means a lot to me but I never expected it and release it anyway? I released everything, still do There's always someone who wil enjoy it It'd be a shame not to release it Ok that's clear I made this recently for D00d an adjusted intro for his takover Let me throw that in That's not much yet of course but if I add a manipulator, it's going to be fun Pop the limiter to the max You can do so much weird stuff with this So I think that's it let me see how's this going to sound That's so cool That's the idea I heard the 'Alennah' could be a bit louder Now you have to record an intro Yes, I should.

What do I do? Just say welcome to….in the mic.
– The Funky Cat
– Or The Producer's Loft of course! that's also a possibility of course Just"welcome to The Producer's Loft Doesn't really matter, just to try it out You'll have to bend down a bit Yeah sure, at Pieter's I had to stand un my tiptoes so Can I? This is so weird Get a little closer to the mic and just add this is Alennah etc. See I can do it Let me see what that sounds like Very curious since I purely edited on sight Which is an interesting fact I'd say that at least 50% of producing is visual So not what I hear but what I see So the graphics and how everything is arranged on the screen that's the biggest part of producing Has it always been that way? Yes as I explained earlier I used to do it pure on what I heard because I didn't understand it yet, had no idea what it all meant But now it's very visual Without my graphics I feel very handicapped when I'm producing But yeah, very exciting, here it is! I love this I really love it Relevant music

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