In this video Classmates, I will share with you this one mobile earning app where we can earn for free on our Gcash account by just watching short videos on You Tube. So stay tuned Classmates, as I will teach you on how we can earn here even we don't have invites. (instrumental music) Hello classmates! Welcome back to my channel. By the way I’m Rose. And if you are new to this channel and you want to earn for free, click now the subscribe button as well as the notification bell to get updates if we have new video uploads where you can earn money online.

Here Classmates, we are giving away free ₱100. To those who will comment the hashtag word that you will see on this video So for today's video Classmates, I will share with you an earning application that I already tried wherein we can possibly earn free for our Gcash account. So what is this? Without further ado, let's get started. So Classmates, the earning application that we will use on this process, is this Go Viral Videos. This application Classmates is available for Android users, so we can download it on Play Store. For Iphone users I'm not sure if it is available on App Store, so just check it out. By the way Classmates, I placed the download link in the description box below, so check it so it will not be hard for you to look for this application. So after we download this application, we will be re-routed to their registration page. So here if we don't have an account yet, we will just tap "Register". So here Classmates, it is very easy to register. We will just create a Username, we will just put our Email address, we will just create a Password, we will put our Gender and our Country.

After we are done providing all those information, and we checked it, we will now tap "Register". Here Classmates, upon registration, we will immediately receive $0.75. Since I already registered here, I received this and already credited in my account. Here Classmates, what we'll do is basic for us to earn. So we'll just watch short videos on You Tube. Here Classmates, on their dashboard you will already see this "Watch videos".

Also, they have other options so we can earn coins here. They have there Adgate Rewards, Go Surf Extra Coins, and Kiwiwall Rewards, Here Classmates, since our focus is to watch short videos on You Tube, what we'll choose here is the Watch Video. Let's just tap this. Here Classmates, to proceed on watching, we need to download another application. This is the GV Just Watching. So there we will watch this short videos. Let's just tap the "Download". And we will be re-routed here on the Play Store. So what we have to do Classmates is to download this and after that we will just tap "Open". Let's just open this. And now we're here on their Dashboard. Classmates, our Log in details here is just as same as our main account. Let's placed that here. Classmates, here with Go Videos, we'll have two applications. The first one is our main account wherein we'll receive our earnings here. And the second one we've downloaded, here, we'll just watch the short videos.

Later, I will explain it further. Here Classmates, to start, we'll tap "Watch" on the lower left Let's just tap this. Everytime we watch videos here, short add will pop up. We need to finish it to proceed on the videos that were going to watch. This is really too short so let's just wait for it to end. There, it alreasy ends. So let's just tap the "X" on the upper part.

And there, we will be re-routed here. Here Classmates, for us to start, we will just tap the "Play" button. And the timer will run which is located on the lower left. So here we have 20 seconds. That means we need to watch the video in 20 seconds, for us to earn here. So to start let's just tap "Play". There. If you will notice the video is now playing as well as our timer below. That is 20 seconds only and after that we will earn from here. Let's wait for it to ends as this is really to short. There. It will ends soon. and There. Here Classmates, on the second short ad we have an option to close it soon.

So what we'll do is tap here on the top. There. Then tap "Hide ad" so we don't have to finish it. Cool, isn't it? We only have to finish the first one. Here, I discovered that we can hide it immediately. There. So let's close it now. We don't have to finish it. Let's hide the ad. So there it is. So there Classmates. We received here 0.50 VT coins. So every video here there's a possibility for us to receive that.

And if we want to have additional coin we can tap "Accept". Then we will just watch a short ad. Here, Classmates, I will set your expectation that there's really a lot of ads here. But there are some that has an option to close it right away. For us to watch a video again we will tap the "Next Video" below. We'll just tap this. So there. We will do the same again. We will tap "Watch" and we will just watch a short ad. And after that we will again tap the "Play" to run our timer. So we'll just tap this. And there. So this one is optional if you want to listen or watch as long as we finish the 20 seconds timer. Oh! It's already 30. It's already 30. So this is alternate, I'm sorry.

20 and 30 seconds. So that's how it is Classmates. Our next video is 20 seconds only. So here we earned 1 VT coin. Earlier, the video is just 20 seconds but we earned 0.5 VT coin. But here, it's a 30 second but we earned 1 VT coin. So there. We will earn higher if we are given a longer time. Now let's check on our main account if our earnings here is already credited. Let's check it. And there. Here Classmates, on our Virtual coins we already have 16,296.50. They already add our earnings by watching earlier. Let's try another one. Here, let's tap again the "Next Video". Again, let's select "Watch" located below. Again, let's just tap "Play". We have to wait for 30 seconds again.

That is not too long to earn VT coins here. So there. You see, they are doing some exercise. Let's wait until the end. We can watch it as some videos are enjoyable to watch. There. You can also try doing it also. There it will ends soon. And there. Again, the add that pops up we can close it right away. So that's how we close it immediately. See? That was fast. We don't have to finish the add. So, we earned here 1 VT coins as we watched a 30 second video. And it was added again here on our coins. So now our total earnings here is $16.30 You see, Classmates, that is how easy to watch short videos here. Let's watch it, play for 20 or 30 seconds then we will earn coins here. And that coins, eventually, we can convert into cash. Here, Classmates, aside from watching short videos, there's a lot of way to earn more coins here. And those are the Adgate Rewards, Go Surf Extra Coins and Kiwiwall Rewards. So check it for us to earn more coins here.

Also, another way to earn here is by their Referral Program. Here, Classmates, on their referral program, we can earn 10% earnings from our invites and that is for lifetime. So if they will play here for a lifetime, our earnings here is lifetime as well. Now Classmates they have a referral contest wherein we can earn from 100-300 USD by just inviting our friends. But again, Classmates, as I always say, inviting a friend is optional that is for those who wants to earn extra. For me, there is nothing wrong if we do invites as this application is free. So now, for us to withdraw here, let's go to "Withdraw Money".

Let's just tap this. Here, Classmates, minimum amount to withdraw is $10. And their payment method is via PayPal or Skrill. So we will choose PayPal. And their processing time is 1-15 days. Here Classmates, we will choose the coins amount we want to withdraw. And we will input our payment details or our PayPal account here. Let's just tap this. And after we placed the coins that we want to withdraw, and our PayPal account, we will now tap "Transfer". So there Classmates. Our withdrawal here is already successful. We will just wait for it to be credited on our PayPal account within 1-15 days. And Classmates, I will also flash it here on our screen if I already received it on my PayPal account. And now Classmates, I will teach you on how we can transfer our earnings on our Gcash account. So to do it, let's go to our Gcash. And here we have to link our PayPal account. To do it let's go to "Profile" here on lower right.

Let's just tap this. And after that, let's just tap "My Link Accounts". The next one is let's just select the "PayPal. And here Classmates, we will provide our PayPal Email Address. And here, make sure that the name on your Gcash account is same with your PayPal account. So we can link it here. After we placed our Email Address, we will just tap "Link". Then once it was successfully linked, we can now do cash in on our PayPal account and to our Gcash account.

To do that, let's just tap "Cash in". So let's just tap this. And located below, under Global Partners and Remittance, let's just tap "PayPal". Here Classmates, you will now see your balance on your PayPal account and here we will input on the "Enter Amount" the amount we want to withdraw. So will placed it here. And after that, we will now tap "Next". And after a few seconds, it will be credited on our Gcash account. So Classmates, that is what we'll do to transfer here on Gcash our earnings here in Go Viral Videos. And Classmates, before I end this video, I'd like to announce that we have a giveaway.

Here, all you have to do is to like this video, subscribe to my channel, and comment the hashtag word that you saw on this video ang also the #EARNATPERAUNIVERSITY as well as your Gcash number. So, I think that's it Classmates. Hope you liked this video and please share this video so we can help more of those who wants to earn online. So goodbye for now. See you on my next video..

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