Finding Profitable items on REI for amazon fba sellers using Oaxray for online arbitrage

Hello guys this is Ted with OAXRAY and today
we're going to use OAXRAY on see if we can see some profitable items for Amazon
F.B.A So here we are on and I already checked ebaites and raise and there are no discounts
today might check back later, so I’m going to go to clearance on and there's
just so many different categories. So I’ll just do all women's deals and see
if we can find something lotta different matches here so I’m going to go to the OAXray extension
and click it and I’ll go to the next page, click it there also and I noticed that…
the cool thing about OAXRAY is that we can run
it on multiple pages at the same time, here you can see the numbers going up that is OAXRAY
processing those listings so when the OAXRAY tabs are done running they're going to have
either a green check mark or a gold star, a gold star means one of the items in the
list has a match of my buys criteria so normally I remove any green check marks then
check out my gold stars.

My buys criteria is set by my rank ROI and
net profit ratios a rank of two hundred fifty thousand an ROI of at least forty percent
and NET profit of at least a dollar and whenever I click on my buys I come up to one hiking
boot and I’m gonna have to look at it a little closer to make sure everything matches
up I click here on my REI link right here and whenever I hop it over I can see the Amazon
picture and the REI picture. Here's the item on R.E.I. looks like it's
normally two hundred thirty dollars but today it's reduced to hundred and fourteen eighty
three they have two sizes available which are size ten and a half and eleven. So I'm going to go to Amazon now look at the
ten and a half first, so here we have the ten and a half and this is the correct color
gore-tex correct brand.

This item has three point six stars most of
them are five star and it looks like a couple three and a two star if I scroll down I can
see my seller on Amazon button here you always want to check that to make sure you're able
to sell the item I would actually click it and makes you able to add it to Amazon and
there's no restrictions, so here we are and we see that it's two and a half pounds approximately
and then it just fits in a regular box shoe box, sales rank is one hundred fifty thousand
in shoes I suggest that everyone get acquainted with a category in their sales rank before
you start purchasing items because sales rank means something different in each category.

So I'm going to go over here to my Amazon fee calculator app there sometimes are going to see an inventory alert which means a seller
might have a lot of these in their inventory and Amazon may restrict you or they may not
so if this item come if this comes up I will try to add it to shipment make sure you're
able to sell the item I've been seeing this a lot more recently so our sell price is
$229 it's going to cost about a dollar to prep the item and
our buy price is one $114.83 and here calculated
to get my ROI, it looks like my net profit is $73.68
and the cost of product is $144.83 which is an approximate ROI about sixty percent again whenever you go through a listing who want
to make sure we have customer reviews and positive if possible there are a lot of negative
reviews this could mean that you're going to get a lot of returns also make sure you're
able to sell the item so make sure you have the sell on Amazon button click it make sure
you can add it to shipment check your size and your weight to make sure this is going
to be easy shipped into Amazon and make sure you get acquainted with some best sellers
ranks in each category so that you know how fast things sell before you purchase them.

And finally check your Amazon fee calculator
to make sure the fees are accurate and you have calculated your net profit and everything
accurately. Thank you guys very much, have a great day and make some money using OAXRAY.

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