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hi this is Travis Peterson and welcome to this advanced self-hypnosis audio this session has been designed specifically to assist you in creating greater freedom and control in the area of your finances with repeated use you'll be literally reconditioning your mind with the habits values and attitudes of true wealth good subjects find a quiet place to sit or lie down and use headphones so you can hear my voice inside your mind as you're listening to these words on some level you've already made the decision to be free of debt and achieve real lasting financial freedom be sure to acknowledge yourself for the progress you've already made because as you listen to this recording we'll be communicating this new decision to every level of your mind and body so settle in and settle down and as you're breathing just a little more smooth calm with every easy exhalation you can enjoy positive conditioning through your positive intention to relax into trance many people are in a satisfactory trance and that's what we'll be working with now you're relaxed and maybe you don't know just how relaxed you are that's quite all right because as you become more absorbed in your internal world sensations emotions thoughts images you can rest assured that if anything requires your attention in the external world you can emerge from this session by counting from 1 to 3 and simply opening your eyes as long as it's appropriate to do so now and just remain relaxed and drifting in the comfort of security and calm that comes from within and with your eyes comfortably closed you may begin to notice the difference in your mind between your knowing and your thinking because the difference between the things you've known all along and the things you used to think can lead to so many great misunderstandings about what you're about to understand very well which means you can know well without thinking and think without knowing exactly how you know so well about the way you're understanding all those old misunderstandings in new ways so you can just let all those old misunderstandings float away because the sooner you let go of what you've been misunderstanding the sooner it's all flipped upside down to a greater over standing of those things that used to cause you frustration in the past but you can trust your unconscious to take care of all the details so you can just relax now as your unconscious Tunes into the sound of my voice takes you deeper with every word and every easy exhalation and it's almost like we were having a very interesting conversation in a quiet cafe you sipped a warm cup of tea and listened to the soothing relaxing music you were gazing peacefully out the window idly watching the people as they passed by feeling the gentle rays of the Sun begin to awaken something inside of you because because he became more and more comfortable he just sort of drifted along with the music you listened to the sound of my voice and your mind began to really focus in and each of us has our own way I'm becoming completely absorbed in something interesting and fascinating and it could be very interesting on the words sentences and paragraphs unfold into characters experiences and dreams and it's almost as if you could just step into a different reality and as you're doing that ours might seem to slip by like minutes the outside world fading off into the distance you know it's there you know you could respond if it were necessary yet for the moment there's something more compelling inside some have said it's like being here and not being here at all like being in two places at the same time and then you noticed that as you were peacefully drifting dreaming away you heard the sound of my voice in many different ways the fluctuations the variations the intonation in the sound of my voice reinforcing the attitudes thoughts and behaviors reminding you of these matters of importance important to you now every situation where they old you would have spontaneously spent money you now pause for a moment and consider what is the actual cost of this expenditure what's the cost of not investing this money what's the cost in five years what's the cost in ten years and what's the cost in 20 years do you even need this at all naturally you make better decisions when you look forward to the future and isn't it interesting that when you focus on the long-term benefit of your actions today you feel proud of yourself you feel more in control of your own life which means when you plan intelligently for the long term you can really feel the benefits now it's easy to make the right decision when you're in control you realize now you're always in control you always have a choice every choice you make is a decision every choice you make is a decision and every decision sets the course for the rest of your life when you act your wage and plan intelligently for the future you become a financial adult more and more each and every day you're creating in your behaviors the healthy habits of wealth you're creating in your mind the positive beliefs of wealth you're creating in your life the freedom security and comfort that you've wanted all along the more you notice other people spending money unnecessarily the more you realize the harm they are doing to themselves when you notice this it strengthens your resolve now you know you're on the right path and the more assuredly you walk this path the more you inspire others to do the same instead of buying things you don't want to impress people you don't even like try something different for a change is good when we tune in to the natural rhythms of life or grateful for what we have and really notice that everything you want and everything you have already can be one in the same it's like a wise man told me once as he flipped through a folder of the many properties and businesses that he owned happiness is a choice you make every day and freedom is when you're happy with what you have better to understand now you need very little to be happy and you can invest the rest to secure your freedom I looked at them for a moment and paused as the words seem to penetrate deep into my mind he went on to say listen close now you would do well to make these habits a part of your life take full responsibility for your finances he said no one else will do it for you know always where your money is going if you avoid your finances your finances will avoid you pay yourself first each month by putting a portion of your income into savings and then investments use your wealth to invest in assets that create more wealth only fools waste their money on excesses or impressing others think carefully he emphasizes the words every time you spend or invest money respect money and use it to create more value for yourself and others and finally and most importantly he glared at me intensely as he said these words avoid debt like it's the plank these are my rules of financial freedom focus your mind clearly upon them keep them with you like the gentle beating of your heart he said to me and as the seconds turn two minutes to the minutes two hours and the hours to days weeks and years you look back on this moment the moment you made a powerful new decision that change your life forever I just sat there letting it all really sink in it was like I heard these words before but somehow this time they went even deeper feeling as if something really condensed ID me I went on with my life and I took the man's words with me everything he said sort of circled around pleasantly inside my mind reminding me reinforcing all the positive steps I was taking and as I did my life began to change these words his words became my words and soon I was surprised to find that I was now sharing these lessons with others and it all started with a little time in deep relaxing trance and then as you took a deep breath and slowly regained your awareness you looked around the cafe and you realized how completely absorbed you were in what I was saying you felt different as if something had shifted inside like a new sense of freedom and inner peace as you looked out the window the Sun is shifted to a brilliant sunset in the sky we had been talking a long time and the streets were much more peaceful than before feeling relaxed you stood up from your chair in the cafe feeling lighter somehow more confident about yourself like the feeling of having a wonderful dream thinking back but unable to remember what the dream was all about we set our goodbyes and you went on your way because just as you can dream these wonderful dreams you can also wake up to the magnificence of your life and as you walked on home with each step you felt more alert more resolve more confident in yourself and more alive that's right and you can take all the time you need to open your eyes now with positive changes in town ready and willing to live your life every day better than the day before can you look forward to listening to this session many times each time you'll notice new things things you didn't notice perform because your mind is named condition that all the ways that the more freedom and control in the area of your finances they're becoming wealthy because that's what you want

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