Finally! Bill Passed | New Stimulus Package Details | Schumer Promises To Lower YOUR TAXES

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1 million subscribers. I ll make sure to leave a link below. Today the Senate held the final vote on the
$1.2 Trillion physical infrastructure bill or the American Jobs Plan. The final vote was 69 yes s to 30 no s. So 19 republicans in the end decided to vote
with democrats on this historic bill.

Senator Sinema, Portman and 8 others involved
in the bill negotiation efforts released this joint statement. Congress has talked about truly modernizing
our nation s infrastructure for as long as we can remember. The United States Senate delivered so that
we can finally give the American people the safe, reliable, and modern infrastructure
they deserve," The bill almost didn t happen because the
Congressional Budget Office released that the bill wasn t fully paid for and will add
$256 billion to the national debt but seeing as that is over a 10 year period and the infrastructure
is needed, the bill still went to the floor and passed. The impressive thing is this bill was almost
entirely paid for by saving money here and there and changing up how money went out to
certain groups so no taxes had to be raised on people or businesses to pass this bill
and the IRS didn t get a massive influx of money to audit the wealthy, but we all now
know most of that would likely have gone to audit the middle class and those that make
under $50,000 a year.

Now the senate can begin to focus on the $3.5
trillion stimulus package. Until this is passed the $1.2 trillion spending
bill won t seem like a victory. Yesterday House Speaker Pelosi again refused
to take any action on the senates infrastructure bill. She said she applauds their efforts but moving
forward without the $3.5 trillion spending bill is moving forward without the people
that need it the most. However, its now starting to look more and
more like moderate democrats won t vote for the $3.5 trillion bill because of the cost,
raising taxes on people and businesses and the amount of national debt. So I can see now why Pelosi is tying the two
together. She is hoping moderates will vote for the
$3.5 trillion bill in order to get the $1.2 trillion bill
they support.

By the way, thank you so much for giving my
videos a like. I really appreciate you taking the time to
hit the like button. The framework for the $3.5 trillion spending
bill is beginning to be made public. Here is what we know so far. Democrats want to raise taxes on the wealthy
and give tax relief to middle class families. They have not said how much they will tax
the wealthy and so far there has been zero published about tax breaks but this is what
is written so far. Just the idea of more or less tax. Taxes would be raised from 21% to 28%. This will make the united states corporate
taxes some of the highest in the globe.

Ok so
here s how we know this bill is far from complete. One it isn t in writing yet. Two democrats are just now starting to submit
their ideas, amendments, proposals and acts to be incorporated in. Third, democrat senator Ron Wyden who sits
on the finance committee and has called for a 4th stimulus check said we are working on
a menu of options for democrat colleagues to pick from for the final bill.

So we know this isn t done and there is a
lot more detail that needs to be released this week and likely next week. Wyden said congress needs to make a change
to the tax code so companies have incentive not the send jobs overseas. Wyden said he also wants to see the child
tax credit become permanent. Senator Schumer said he plans to give American
families the biggest tax cut in history and make the wealthy pay their fair share. The trump tax cuts were some of the biggest
already so it will be interesting to see how Schumer gets the middle class even more tax
savings. Ok now this part was a little sneaky. In order to get republicans on board with
the $1.2 trillion spending bill democrats removed giving more money to the IRS. However, Schumer said this morning that in
the $3.5 trillion stimulus package they will be giving money to
the IRS to do more audits. Some democrat lawmakers are saying the only
way to pull off this massive spending bill is to raise taxes so it will be interesting
to see how they get enough tax revenue while not coming after the middle class which pays
the majority of taxes.

Senator Sanders says he is going to try to
get medicare for all. And if he can t get that at least lower it
to age 60 and if he can t get that then leave the age alone and try to get more benefit
for those that qualify by going after the prescription drug costs. Larry Levitt of the Kaiser Family foundation
said if democrats can pass this bill it will be the single biggest change since the affordable
cares act or Obamacare as some like to call it. The bill also seeks to make community college
free and pre kindergarten free. The bill seeks to have $107 billion go towards
border security and a path way to citizenship for those that enter the country or are already
in the country. This one will receive republican push back
as many say this bill seeks to create more democrat voters and give more aid to people
who aren t citizens than it does to help our own citizens.

Democrats also say they will make game changing
investments in infrastructure with this money. While some are saying didn t you just make
game changing investments in infrastructure with the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill? Democrats say they want
to invest in getting millions of people their green card. As well as invest in infrastructure that helps
native americans. They say they also want to invest in veterans. Schumer said all this money will be spent
to create tens of thousands of jobs and restore the middle class in the 21st century. Democrats want to spend $67 billion on the
Environment and Public Works committee. And $198 billion on the clean energy initiatives. Democrats also want to create a massive civilian
climate corp of young people that can help make a difference in the clean energy of this
country. Some fear this will just be a massive paid
group of people that travel around shaming businesses. Democrats also say in addition to the $3.5
trillion they need republicans to help them raise the debt ceiling so they can access
more money for more government programs. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell had
this to say, Here s the comedy: They won t let Republicans have any say in this monstrosity
but they want our help raising their credit card limit to make it happen,
So far there is no mention of a 4th stimulus check.

However we are hearing from several democrats
about survival checks, universal basic income, cash payments, etc. I think what we know about the $3.5 trillion
spending bill so far is just the tip of the iceberg and much more will be released this
week and next. In other news, Governor Andrew Cuomo has decided
to resign after nearly every phone call and email to his office was calling for his resignation. Two more women came forward today bringing
allegations. The letuinet governor will likely take over
the Cuomo until things settle down.

Once sworn in Kathy Hochul will become New
Yorks first female governor. The Washington Post is calling for CNN to
investigate Chris Cuomo, governor Cuomo s brother, for his involvement in the cover
up. It came out in the investigation that Chris
Cuomo had been coaching his brother on how to deal with the media and deal with sexual
misconduct allegation. Chris Cuomo is on a planned vacation as of
right now that he says has nothing to do with his brothers situation. Although I don t know that CNN is the best
to investigate one of their own that could bring addition shame and worsen CNN s reputation. Likely an unbiased investigation is needed. The Prime Minister of Australia is losing
big time in the polls for his aggressive draconian lock downs.

People in Australia aren t allowed to leave
their homes. The military and police are patrolling for
anyone breaking the rules. One of the ministers said he was so worried
about covid that people could even infect each other through their farts. Now I don t know if that is true because I
m not a doctor but that seems like pretty extreme thinking. You guys I can t make this stuff up. People really say this stuff. Ok now on a serious note, a new study shows
that children and teens are dealing with the highest levels of depression and suicide ever. The pandemic, lockdown and isolation from
social life has been incredibly damaging. If you have teens or young kids please keep
an eye on them. Show them ever love. Put down the phones and hug and go for walks
and look for ways to build connection.

Connection is what is missing in a world of
smart phones, social media and lock downs. This is my update for today. As I know more I will come on and share more. Now before you go, make sure to go sign up
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