Fastest Way To Make Money Online ( Copy My Strategy! )

in this video the fastest method the fastest way 
to make money online today from your home i will   show you step by step with real numbers with 
proof how you can start today and make at least   300 500 up to 1000 dollars from your first month and you 
can scale up in the upcoming months this video   may really change your life so 
stay tuned and follow up with me hi everyone i'm Hasan from H-educate and 
today i'm more than happy to share with   you this step-by-step guide to make money online 
as fast as possible i promise you from the first   month before we start please don't forget if you 
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time but before i go and start   i just want to mention that in this video 
we will have a $50 cash giveaway so please   stay tuned to the end at the end of the video 
i will show you how to enter this giveaway as   i promised you in each video i will try my best 
to run a giveaway so i can help you as much as i   can so let's now stop wasting time and go directly 
to our point and see how we can make money online   the fastest way but before i want to show you by 
numbers that this really works and you can do it   right now from your home i will go and log in to 
my earnings dashboard here at impact i will log in and here is my withdrawal history and you can see 
from like four months ago in april i made around   347 dollars then 400 or 470 dollars then 500 
dollars and now 715 dollars and you can apply the   same strategy to make more than that by the way 
these numbers is just like 30 minutes or one hour   work per day if you work like two hours per day 
definitely can make more money so these are the   numbers let's now go to the strategy step by step 
now in general to make money online we have mainly   five strategies or five methods i explained in 
detail in my full video course here on my channel   you can check in the description below just to sum 
up we have content creation affiliate marketing   freelancing SAAS services and online stores in 
this video i will go the second method which is   affiliate marketing why because i believe it is 
the easiest way and the fastest way to make money   online as you will see in this video applying 
the same strategy and i'm sure if you do what   i will tell you in one month you will make these 
numbers and more so let's start together what is   affiliate marketing simply affiliate marketing 
is promoting a product and earning a commission   why it's simple simply because you don't need to 
create any product you are promoting product for   other companies products for other people so 
you will not worry about investing in a product   or developing an application or whatever so 
you only promote you only advertise and this   is the power of affiliate marketing and you will 
earn commission on each payment so this is why   affiliate is simple and easy you only promote 
so what is your first step please get a paper   and write down notes to apply the same strategy i 
will show you in this video it's really an awesome   strategy simple and easy in one month you can make 
money so the first step in affiliate marketing is   choosing the product you want to promote we have 
thousands and thousands of affiliate products to   promote so what to choose my little advice for you is 
to choose two types of products the first one   will give you commission on a monthly basis so you 
will get recurring commission in my case i use SEMrush   which is an SEO service company and the 
affiliate program which is BeRush if you go   here to affiliate which is which i'm enrolled in 
allows you to earn recurring commission you see   forty percent recurring commission so as an 
example the service cost like one hundred dollars  per month you will earn 40 dollars for each client per 
month recurringly and this is very important you   can build a business a full passive income with 
servers like this other example is click funnels   it also allows you with the affiliate program 
to earn recurring commissions we have a lot of   examples that gives you recurring commissions i'll 
explain some of those examples in my full making   money video here on my channel you can refer to it 
in the description anyway now so the first product   you will choose is a product as a service that 
gives you recurring commissions it's not mandatory   you are not obliged to do this but it's a tip 
it's a good practice to choose such services if   you are looking for a recurring commission 
in the long term anyway the second example   is to choose a product in my case i am promoting 
envato products if you go here to envato   it's a marketplace for digital assets and 
applications and mainly i promote code canyon   products which are like wordpress themes html 
templates php scripts and so on so the earnings   you see here are from envato only so if you choose 
multiple products you can make multiple of these   numbers anyway now why i choose code canyon simply 
because it is related to my business it's related   to my content now if you want to follow exactly 
the same strategy like mine you can go with envato   and test by yourself if not you can choose like 
some rush click funnels you can go like to click bank as an example and search for products you can give clickbank 
sign up and go here to shop and we have here   a lot of products to search for you can like 
select languages parenting self-help we have   thousands and thousands of products to promote 
in my case i am using code canyon it's up to you   you can use the same service like me but i 
advise you to select at least two products one   is recurring like SEMrush or clickfunnels and one 
is if you want fixed commissions on each payment   like clickbank or code canyon or any product 
that you like to promote so we got the product   very nice now it's time to promote and here is 
what affiliate marketing it's about marketing   now i will show you in one month how you can 
get traffic to your affiliate offers and make   money exactly how i do it exactly what i do to 
promote the affiliate offers simply we are going   to create two things a blog and a youtube channel 
so as i told you we will make money in one month   only so the first week is creating your blog and 
creating your channel without publishing anything   so now you need to create a blog in my case i am 
using wordpress to create my blog if you like to   know anything about my blog my theme anything you 
want you can comment below and i'll be more than   happy to answer any question so go now and create 
a website a blog you can use also   which is totally free from google to create a free 
blog it's up to you you can create a blog with   blogger or wordpress i do prefer wordpress because 
it has a lot of options plugins that help you   in affiliate marketing and in your business anyway 
now you need to create a blog in my case i created   this blog and i posted some articles what you are 
going to do simply is in this month the first week   you will create a blog and the youtube channel 
with no content the second week you will go and   search for content related to your products in 
my case what i did exactly is i searched here   i found this product mailwiz which is an email 
marketing application and they found it's like   five star reviews it's like 69 dollars 
and it has eleven thousand sales so i think   it's a good product to promote so what i did in 
my blog here you can see i have an article about   mailwiz setup guide step by step and in my 
youtube channel if you search here for mailwiz you will find a step-by-step guide on how to set 
up mailwiz so in this guide i mentioned if you   want to buy this script you can get a link 
in description below and you can see in the   description if you go down buy mailwiz this 
is my short link for this product so anyone   who watched this video you can see i have around 
20,000 views and wants to buy the script so i earn   commission this is how things work so what you are 
going to do simply is in the second week you will   go and find some content ideas related to your 
products as an example we are writing about click   funnels you will go and create a video on your 
channel about click funnels how it works and so on   you will create a video about maybe semrush a 
video about any product in clickbank and so on so   in my case since i'm promoting semrush and mailwiz
plugins i create videos about digital marketing   about scripts related to code canyon and i 
mention the links in the description of the videos   and in my blog the same way if you're going to 
my blog you will find links affiliate links to   those products so this is simply a strategy 
and this is how it works you need a blog   a youtube channel you will create content related 
to the affiliate products and then anyone who've   watched your video or read your blog post will go 
and click on your affiliate link but here we have   a main problem if you create a new youtube channel 
you may get zero views if you create a blog   you may get zero visitors so we don't have any 
visitor we don't have anyone watching our videos   so the main problem now is how to get a traffic to 
our youtube channel and to our blog post and here   where it comes the main point in our video how 
we can get traffic to our content and our content   will promote the affiliate products and if 
you do this definitely you will make money   so the main problem is visitors now to make 
things simple for you i created a step-by-step   video on how to promote and rank your youtube 
videos if you go here to youtube and search for   mailwiz as an example you will find that 
my video is in the top videos you can see   this is why i'm getting a lot of traffic in 
the same way for a lot of videos like build   smtp or whatever you will find that my videos 
is on top of youtube these three videos on top   of youtube and so on so i rank on youtube on a lot 
of keywords and this is how i get a lot of traffic   you can see here my views the last 48 hours it's 
around 20,000 views so imagine like you get only   200 or 300 clicks from this traffic definitely 
you will make 500 1,000 dollars per month it will be so   simple and what's nice it's passive if you rank 
your video once on youtube you just sit down and   look at your earnings it's totally passive this 
is the power of affiliate marketing and this is   the power of this strategy it's totally free 
you need a website a blog which you can create   for free on blogger or if you want i will leave 
a coupon in the description below which is $100   free coupon on digitalocean to create a wordpress 
website also for free so you can test this   strategy also for free without paying anything 
so everything is free the products are awesome   you just create content and get traffic to youtube 
and to your affiliate links the second problem is   getting visitors to our website also i created 
a step-by-step video mentioning seven methods   that allows you to get traffic fast from the first 
day believe me from the first day and one of the   most important methods is Quora which i explained 
in detail here on my channel you can check the   video in the description below in quora if 
you go here to my stats click on my stats   you will see it every day every day let's see 
the last seven days i have around 11,000 views   every day i have 1500 1000 views maybe 1800 
and so on so you can see i have all my answers   on Quora like 1000 views every day if only two 
or three clicks on the link i will make at least   $500 per month you see how things work this is 
why from the first month if you see for the   first month i did around three hundred dollars 
with only one article or maybe two videos and   just sitting like 10 minutes or 20 minutes every 
day on Quora i explained this in detail please   refer to my videos in the description below so 
here again to sum up the strategy create a blog   create a youtube channel create videos like 
two or three or five videos about the products   and three or five articles about the products 
and get visitors using the method i showed you   like Quora or in my video in my channel 
here seven methods to get free traffic and   get youtube visitors by ranking on top of youtube 
like i showed you here i explained this in detail   and then you will definitely get thousands of 
views thousands of traffic on your content and   then simply promoting the affiliate products 
and i promise you if you do this correctly as   i explained to you you will see these numbers 
from the first month and more it's really so   simple just a little work for the first month like 
two three hours a day from the first month you   will see these numbers in your dashboard in your 
bank account now it's time for the 50 dollars   giveaway in this video i will give 50 dollars for 
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