Easy ways for Kids to Make Money – 28 WAYS on How to Make Money as a Kid at Home

– Just parents parents
coming up and saying, hey, I want my kids to become entrepreneurs and start e-commerce, but we
really don't have any money. I said how's this going? She said, I can't believe
how much money they've made. – Went on line real
quick and I'd made $200. – I am 15 and I sold my
first product online. – I was able to make enough money to pay for my entire college. (lively music) – This is the kids version. We're going to be talking
about ways that kids can start earning money so they can launch their e-commerce business.

We're going to throw in
a ninja training camp and I'm going to show you some kids that are crushing it, yeah! Don't forget to Like, Subscribe, Share, all that social media
stuff because this one is going to be amazing. It's also got a treat
in here just for you. We just got back from
Saturday morning soccer, yay! I've had a lot of questions lately about, just parents coming up and saying, hey, I want my kids to become entreprenueurs and start e-commerce but we
really don't have any money.

What are some ways that my
kids can start earning money to be able to buy inventory. So I asked my kids a few
ideas and Luke, what was one of yours? – Babysitting. – Babysitting. Could you babysit? – Yes. – No, no. – Yes, yes, yeah. – Okay, what's something that
you could really do though? – Sell lemonade. – Sell lemonade, yeah,
have a lemonade stand. – Okay, so we put together
a list of a whole bunch of ideas. You're going to find the
link below so you can get the list of ideas and one
of them that I thought was really, really good, this
actually came from Jared, is to hold a ninja training camp. So you invite some of the neighbor kids from the neighborhood over
and charge like $5 or $10 and then the kids that are
in charge, so like my eight and nine year old, they could ninja train or super hero train, some of
the kids in the neighborhood. You could do that with
cupcake wars, right, have this little mini cupcake war with
some four and five year olds in the neighborhood. My teenagers could put that on.

So anyways, check out this list. There's so many good
ideas that you can do. We've actually got a free
section where you don't have to have any money. Zero money, and then
another section where like a $25 investment into some
of these ideas will help you get that cash flow
started so that you can start investing into e-commerce and be able to make money while you're sleeping
because my girls did it. It is an absolute reality.

It's happening. It happens with me in my businesses, 'cause e-commerce is amazing. It's like this magical thing. Ah, that's awesome. – Ah! – Huh, buddy? – Yeah. Alright, so check it out. After we got done with the soccer games, we saw a kid's lemonade stand. They were doing amazing selling lemonade, having such a fun time and I
asked the mom later, I said, "how's this going?" She said, "I can't believe
how much money they've made, "from just a little lemonade stand." So support your local lemonaders
and buy that lemonade.

My two little guys,
they set up a rock stand and you know what, they
ended up making $9, $9. Talk about a good ROI. The rocks were what they
fond in the street, so zero, but they sold them and made $9. Next up is Mia's story. – Hi, my name is Mia and I just made $200. The process was super easy. I just picked my product
and then with the help of Alison, I sold it and
then a few days later I just checked, went online real quick, and I've made $200. I'm super excited. – Hi, I started an online scarf business and in a short amount of
time, I was able to make enough money to pay for my entire college. – Hi, I'm Abbie. I'm 15 and I sold my first product online. I made money, yay! – Isn't this so fun, to be
able to start teaching kids, that they can earn their own money.

They can create their
own financial freedom. If we can start teaching
them how this works when they're little, imagine
what's going to happen when they're adults. They're not going to be
chained down by financial debt. They are going to know
that they have the power to create income and do the
things that they want to. So get started. Make this a reality. And my battery went dead. It's like 10:00. (laughing) Kids, don't forget to get that freebie. Get in there and talk to
your kids about how they can start earning some
income so that they can start their e-commerce business. Links up above. Links below and I'll
see you guys next week. Bye..

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