Easily Earn Money Online Without Any Skills – Part 1 | Remove Photo Background and Earn from Fiverr

What's up everyone.this is me Mehedi Shakeel 
and you are watching sstec tutorial.so guys   today's video is going to be very different video 
from my regular topic.it will be very useful for   those people who wants to earn money easily from 
online without having any kind of skills.recently   in my Instagram i got so many messages to make 
videos on this topic.so finally i decided to   make 3 video on this topic.that how you can earn 
money online without having any kind of skills.you   just need your mobile phone or pc and you are 
ready to go.you don’t need any kind of previous   skill to do it.so without talking too much lets 
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and stay connect with my channel.ok   guys now there are so many videos on youtube about 
earning money online.but most of them are PTC site   or other fack apps.and also you can not assure 
your future depending on this sites or apps.i   will not mention those site name or app name.but   guys in this video what i am going to show you 
is 100% legal method to earn money online.also   i can assure you that if you go on that site 
that you might get assure your future also.now   what i am talking about is nothing but fiverr.you 
all know about that market place right.this   one is one of the best platform for freelancer 
to earn real money by working for others.now   you might think what i can do in fiverr without 
any type of skills.but trust me guys you don't   need any type of expert skill to work on 
fiverr.you just need to know about basic   use of computer.and that's all you need to work on 
fiverr and earn easy money from online.now let me   show you how to start on fiverr.first of all open 
up your browser and search on google fiverr.now   this is the fiverr website.first   of all here you need to create an account.the 
account sign up process is very simple.just   fill up everything in sign up from and 
create an account.let me show you.here   is the fiverr home page.Just click on join.now 
enter your email address here then click on   continue.and follow the step.or also you can 
do continue with facebook or google.after   creating & Login to account there you 
will find so many proposal to hire.it   also can create for you so people can see it 
and hire you for there works like this.those   proposals or advertisement 
called gigs on fiverr.now   if i search here remove photo background.you   can see here there are a lots of gigs.and 
people just getting money by removing photo   background.and this one is the easiest task 
what you can use to earn money from fiverr.don’t   worry you don't need to be expert 
on photo editing or Photoshop.now   let me show you how you can remove any 
photo background without any skill.just   take another tab and search on google remove   bg.now go to that site.and using this website 
you can easily remove photo background.here   i have some photos.now i will show you 
how to remove this photo background   using this website.just   click on upload then select the image which 
one you want to remove the background and open   it.and you can see here this website completely 
remove the background from this photo.now   you can easily download this photo from here.you   might say it is easy one.but what about those 
photos which background is not so easy look   like this one.so guys you can also use it for 
complicated photo backgrounds.let's try another   one.again just click on upload image and let's 
select this complicated background image.click   on open.and   you can see it’s also work for this photo   scoop.now just click on download and you 
will get the image without the background.if   you want to download the high resolution just 
click on download high resolution then it will ask   you to create an account i will suggest you use 
any temporary email account to get one image.every   email account every new account has 
one free image download option.so   every time you need high resolution 
just click on download high resolution   sign up an account to remove bg using 
temporary email and download the photos.now   you understand what is the method.now let me 
show you how to create gigs on fiverr.first   search for same topic and get some idea 
about existing gigs.see how they create there   gigs.and read the proposal.see 
others gigs and get some idea.now   to create your own gigs click on profile.then   click on create a new gig.now   here add some titles,photos and gig 
proposals.follow the step one by one.and   create your own gigs.and like this you can 
start earning money online on fiverr.in my   next video i will cover another method of 
earning money without any skill on fiverr.so   that's all for today.so guys that's all for 
today.i hope you like this video.If you really   like this video and enjoy this video then please 
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