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Hello everyone! My name is Mimi and welcome to my home-based story where we always share new videos regarding work from home. So if you're new to this channel, please consider subscribing. And don't forget to follow and like our Facebook and Instagram accounts. We're coming up to 100k subs here on Youtube we'll be updating our accounts for a giveaway so stay tuned for it. The website I'm going to share with you today has quite a lot of positive reviews. It's also a micro freelancing website. It's called Appen.com I'll show you how to sign up here, what are the jobs that you can do and how much you can earn here.

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So guys make sure you visit www.hostinger.com/mimi Just follow the link down below in the description box and pinned comment. So you can take advantage of their discounted offer. Guys this is the next step in showcasing your online presence and who wouldn't want to be on top, right? Succeed faster with Hostinger! Back to what I was telling you before about Appen. So there are already a lot of Filipinos who are working for Appen and have started earning. This is also non-voice, you don't need to take calls. All you have to do is just complete the task. So, let's hop on to the computer so that I can show you about Appen and what are the things that we can do to earn here. So this is the Appen.com website Here you'll find the information about Appen.

So just go to "Jobs" because we're workers, right? In the "Jobs" section you'll see the Raters Flexible, part-time, home-based work that requires a computer and/or mobile device. Language Jobs, this is more on transcription, translation and linguistics. Micro Tasks, simple tasks that can be completed in about an hour from the comfort of your own home.

For Corporate Jobs, you need to be in an office. Let's try the Raters, what's this about? Current Appen Assignments How do I apply? Simply click on your country of residence below and complete a short registration form. And then once you're eligible to participate they'll send a Project Page that lists the projects available for you to join in your country and your language. Here select the Philippines, right? What's your primary language? Do you speak any additional languages? So here you can put that you speak Tagalog. If you know other languages just add it here and then click on next. Then, you'll fill in their registration form. Your contract type is either you intend to contract directly with Appen as independent contractor or if you have a business you can select the second option.

So we'll be choosing the first option. Then, we'll just input our first name you need to put your real name, complete name. First name and last name. Your email address. Then create a password. And then, of course, your address in the Philippines. And they also need a primary phone. Then, you'd need to upload your resume. And then specify how long you've been in the Philippines or wherever country you are, that's also okay. Your level of education and if you have some qualifications put it in. If you have experience with two languages.

Yes. Work experience in transcribing audio or annotating data. Yes. I have work experience in proofreading. No. I am currently working as a Search Engine Evaluator (SEO). No. If you have any referrals– actually I just researched about Appen which I found out on a Facebook group so you can just put Facebook. If you want to put our channel as your referral, just click on "other" and then put it here in "Specify". By the way guys, it doesn't have a referral bonus. For Appen, you need to be 18 years old or older. Just click on "I certify that I am 18 years of age or older" And then just click on "Submit Application". So guys, once you've submitted your application, they'll send you an email. With this email verification, you have to enter this code here on their website. Once you're done with the registration you'll get the Application Received email where they'll review the information given during the registration.

They'll be reviewing your information together with your resume. And then guys This is what I got once it was reviewed. So, they need documents it says "Congratulations, we've finished reviewing your basic qualification information so we invite you to proceed with the qualification process. To complete the next step of the qualification process, please login to our website to review and sign the necessary documents. And then you will be asked to sign several online documents through our website. Each of the documents presented to you will be different".

So it's really more on terms guys. I won't show you. I agreed. Here you see the qualification steps. The first one is the qualification information. Then, the basic qualification package that they review. And we're also done with the online document signing. So with every step of the process, they will send you another email. Here it says to complete the document signing, which I've completed. And we need to qualify for our first project. We can browse projects but technically we're still in probation at Appen. Because there's still some paperwork to do before the actual work. Let's try logging in at Appen. We'll be logging in into our account. Here it says "Your account is not yet active. Once you have fully qualified for at least one of the projects below we will be able to work toward activating your account". Firstly you need to qualify. As you can see on the right side, there are some "Qualify" buttons. You also see how much are the prices for their projects.

They have $20 per hour, $25 hours per hour, they also have $4 per hour, the others are on disclosed. This, Caledon. Help improve search results for an online shopping platform. This project involves annotation of online shopping queries using a large inventory of tags related to product features. It's similar to that we've done for SupaHands. Let's try this Caledon. Okay. So I don't have any company that's currently working as a search engine evaluator. Thank you for registering. You are invited to the qualification process. Please note, due to the number of registrations we receive daily, please be patient while we work towards reviewing your qualification package. We will keep your registration for this project on file for 60 days. If you have not been accepted to the project after 60 days, you will automatically drop off our registration list. If you are still interested in the project at that time, you may resubmit your registration. That's it. So we have to wait again for their email qualification approval. Let's see if they emailed something.

It's the same as the pop up that we received in their website. So guys, what I'll be doing now is showing you the projects or type of work that you can apply and qualify to, okay? Because it takes them some time to get you qualified. Like this one, they have surveys where you need to link your Facebook account and you'll be earning $4 per hour. And then, they also have annotations or segmentation and annotation of online shopping product. So, it's similar to the one on SupaHands that we've done before. This one is a little different, you tag words. Not the picture itself. But it's similar in a way that you have to detect the product based upon what the customer has typed. Then, you also have English transcriptions but it's available only for those in Euro.

They also have image collections where you upload different images for each scenario. There are 14 scenarios and 280 images are needed. You can look up images online. They also have QA support for clients telephone voice recognition system. And then Rafferty. It's still not listed, it's a new project, you can qualify for it so that you'll be already listed for the upcoming project. Appen is definitely a must-try. I've seen this in the Facebook groups that I'm in. And they said that they're earning, that the stream of the upcoming projects is steady. So guys, there you go, that's Appen actually, right now we don't have much information, I still can't show you the payout process. But they're paying through Payoneer and direct bank transfer. That's what I know as of now.

I will definitely update you guys with another video But you guys can already check out Appen, just go to their website, it's Appen.com and then just go to Jobs. What I really like about Appen, so far from what we've checked, are their competent rates like $19 per project or $20 per hour. So that's high especially if you're gonna work with them full-time. So if the minimum hours of work are 15 hours per week, that's kind of high and it's sustainable it's not a simple side income, you can make this as another source of your income and it's actually very– what I really like about it is their competent pay. So please feel free to check Appen, just go to their website and just click on jobs. If you have any questions just put it in the comment section below.

And I'll see you again on our next video, thanks for watching and stay with me, see you! Bye!.

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