Earn Real Money By Watching Youtube Videos (No Investment)

in this video I will share with you how we can start earning with PayPal and Gcash just by watching videos using just one application. what I liked most about this application is that we have no investment release and this app is 100% free by the ways this is a withdrawal proof that there is and there's a lot who's earning in this app shout out to you boss Aldrin Tinay! Thank you for lending me your withdrawal proof for this application and let's start it after the intro Hi guys! are you new here and want to learn how to earn an extra money online? click the subscribe button and hit hit the notification bell so you are always updated whenever I have a new upload so please follow our Facebook page and Telegram channel for more updates the first thing you will do is go to the playtsore then search cashplay application or I'll prefer link in description box below for you to register and download the app this what dashboard looks like after you log in here in cashplay there are two ways for us to be able to start earning first is the referral program or inviting a new user of application 2nd is watching videos' But even if you're too lazy to invite people, you can still make money here.

we have coins to collect here and those coins are convertible into cash you need to refer or watch videos to get those coins I'll give you the example on how we watch those videos for us to collect coins just click this "earn coins" and we have to install another application for us to start watching videos just download this CP videos application and it will direct you to Google Playstore don't worry, It won't eat up your storage it has a small MB once you downloaded this CP Vidoes just log in your account at cashplay and then we can watch a lot of videos here you have a lot of option here let's try how to watch videos here let's try the first one, click watch these are their requirements to earn coins you have to watch the videos at least 20 secs ok let's try! just click the video we will get a small amount of their coins after you watched just click accept if you want to get more since I already show to you on how to watch videos let's go back here in cashplay app that's all we do when watching videos those coins we collect from watching will go here to our cashplay account I got more coins here I got 15.10 coins about the 2nd way of getting coins which is the referral program just copy your referral link and then share it to all your social media account you will get a 10% from those you refer every time they get a coin if you are diligent in referring, you can join their referral contest for example you can refer up to 5thousands new user of this app they will give you an extra 10 thousand coins worth 100 US Dollars or 5 thousand pesos take note that they're doing this contest every month lastly is how we can withdraw those coins we collect here go to 3 bar then find the "withdraw money" they have a time frame every 21st of the month up to 30th we have 10 days to submit a withdrawal and can receive up to 7 business days or earlier 10 US Dollars is the minimum withdrawal or 1000 coins and the maximum is 50 US Dollars or 5,000 coins just click that if you're going to submit a withdrawal for example you are going to withdraw this in PayPal just put your email address there and I mention it before that we can earn at Gcash if you already received your withdrawal in your Paypal account, you can now transfer it to your Gcash I will also put a video link in our description box below how to transfer paypal balance to gcash that's how we can earn money by watching videos using this app I hope this video helps and if yes, please help me either to share it with other people this is our lucky winner of load or cash in our previous video congratulations! to get your reward just message us to our Facebook page so I know if you want load or cash we also have a giveaway in this video make sure you already subscribed, ring the notification bell, like this video and comment #pinoyextraincome that's all for now, thank you so much for watching! please like and subscribe.

God Bless!.

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