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my name is adam james and i've been making a full-time income
working online for the last five years you might also know me
from my other youtube channel the holistic trainer tv
where i make travel videos and make money online
while traveling the world and on this channel i have dedicated
specifically to show people exactly how i make money online and i share with
you new strategies so you can do the same
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a new method to make money online so let's
look at how this works there are people and even businesses all
over the world that are wanting views on their content
maybe they are a new business and they want social proof
or they're just wanting to crack the algorithm or maybe
they just want to speed up their growth on social media
by having more engagement on your content it's going to make you look more
professional and trusted than if you have content
with no views regardless of why they are wanting these
views the fact be known that there is thousands of
people around the world that are willing to pay for social
engagement and this comes in the forms of
youtube facebook instagram tick tock views likes and comments
and much much more but we're going to be focusing on youtube views
because this is a great way of making money
but there is a few steps involved so make sure
you're paying attention otherwise you're going to be left behind
so let's get started the website we are going to be using is called
add me fast what this site does is help people grow
their social media presence they are a social media exchange website
there are plenty of these websites out there but this one
is one of the biggest and most trusted they are offering a number of services
on facebook youtube twitter
instagram pinterest bk soundcloud and tick tock and what we're
going to be doing on admin fast is watching youtube videos
and this is going to allow you to accumulate points which i will then
show you how to turn those points into cold hard
earned cash all you need to do to get started
accumulating points on add me fast is to register
an account and you'll also need a youtube channel to watch the videos
so the first step is just to come over here where it says
try for free now click on that and then you'll need to enter your email
password once you've confirmed your email you'll be brought into the
dashboard that looks like this so all you need to
do is scroll down and on the left hand side you'll see
where it says youtube views this is the one we want to
use so click on youtube views and what's going to happen is
the video will come up so all you need to do is view this video
for 150 seconds and get 40 points so you click on a view video here and this box will open up
and all you need to do is watch this video so you can actually
just minimize this you can leave it open and it'll keep
accumulating points for you you don't need to sit and watch it and open up the
next video the next video once this video goes you see this
counter here once it once you view this for 150
seconds the next video will load up and you'll
get your 40 points and then you'll start getting
points from each videos you watch so you can have more if you've got
you know multiple computers you can you can create multiple accounts
and earn double the amount of points and what i'm going to show you now
is how to turn them points into the cash so you can get paid for watching these
videos all right so now on to step two of this method and this is a crucial
step so you want to really pay attention so we need to turn
the points into cash and to do this you need to
come to this website called playerup.com so once you're on
this site you can create a free account and
once you've done that scroll down to this place where it's
called right down here all other games and
marketplaces so what we're going to be doing is we
are going to be offering services on this website so we're going
to go to youtube and we're going to offer youtube views
so you'll see here you'll click on youtube
and then you'll see the service come up which says
youtube views for sale buy or sell youtube views so what we're basically
going to be doing is we're going to be earning
the points in add me fast and then on this side player up
what we're going to be doing is offering the services so people are going to buy
our service so here you can see people are selling
uh the views you know three dollars twenty five
dollars seven dollars so you're going to create an ad
on here and when people buy these services
you're going to be able to fulfill these orders
with the points you've got from watching the videos on the other website
you can actually create lots of different ads
on all the services they offer so if we go over to
add me fast and look at all these services we can create ads for that
and then what happens is when someone buys the service from playerup then we
go back to add me fast and then we're going to fulfill the
order which i'll show you how to do right now
so once someone purchases one of your services basically what you want to do
is come back to add me fast and click on add site or page so basically
what you're doing is you're acting as a middleman you're
getting the money from the player up and you're filling their order with the
free coins you've earned on add me fast so all you need to do is
come here and click on the type of service that
they want for example we're doing the youtube views which are here
so all you need to do is click on youtube views and
then fill in the information how many clicks they bought
and then save changes and then that service will start
and that's basically how simple it is and there's no cap on how many points
you can earn and how many services you can sell on
playerup so basically you can make as much money as you want
to so on to the second website as i promised
and this is another website you can get paid to watch
youtube videos as you can see this website pays out
1.2 to 1.6 daily cash rewards and you get paid out in bitcoin that's
the best thing so you can boost your youtube videos and
get cash back rewards so we scroll down you can see the last
10 payouts this updates in real time and you can
see people are getting payouts all the time so
you can see the last 10 payouts this guy just got 19.52
16 21 21 so these are real people earning in cryptocurrency and if you
don't have a cryptocurrency wallet set up all you need to do
is go to a site called coinbase i'll leave a link in the description
and you can set up your own account and get a wallet and then you can start
receiving um bitcoin straight to your coinbase
account the name of this website is called
tubebirds.com so all you need to do to start is click on join us now
and then i'll ask you some simple questions your first name
last name you just create a username and your email
and a password select i'm not a robot and then click on register
and you'll be on your way to start to earn that bitcoin
as you can see they already have over 34 000 people
registered and there is over 700 videos available for you to watch so
there you have it two different ways to earn money
watching videos personally i think you can make some
good short term money doing these methods but the thing is you are
still trading time for money so when you stop watching these videos
you stop getting paid these websites can also come and go so
you want to be spending your time on income producing activities that create
you a passive income over time focus on
doing something that makes life changing income
and i want to share with you what has worked for me
if you go down to the first link in the description you will see my number one
recommendation to make a full-time income online
click on the link and you will be able to watch another video
of me that will explain everything to you
in that link below is exactly what i'm doing
to make a full-time income online and if you guys enjoyed the information on the
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see you on the next video peace

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