Earn Money Online Using This FREE App – How To Make $1,975 per Month

This video, I show you how to earn money online
using this free app which is one of the easiest ways to make $1,975 per month. How to do it? We’re about to find out. This is, how to earn money online using free
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will make you money while you sleep.

It's nearly worldwide available. And you just have to follow all the steps
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way until the end. Now let's get back to the video. So the app that will actually be paying us
today is called SpyFu.com.

This is an app I'm pretty sure none of you
have ever heard before. But believe it or not, can make you a lot
of money. Now what this app basically does is it helps
other people with either their website or Google ads to get more traffic for a small
amount of money. The way it accomplishes that is seen right
over here. SpyFu exposes the search marketing secret
formula of your most successful competitors. Search for any domain and see every place
they've shown up on Google, every keyword they've bought on Google ads, every organic
rank, and every ad variation in the last 15 years. So as you've seen, this tool essentially spies
on more successful competitors, and allows people to replicate the success of said competitors,
thus the name SpyFu.

Now this may sound a bit complicated and overwhelming
at the moment, which is why I urge you to stay with me because we will not be paying
this tool first and foremost. And secondly, it's not nearly as complex as
it may seem. And in fact, you don't even need to know how
website traffic works and what any of these things mean. So it's a very easy strategy. Now there is a lot more to this app that you
can read if you want to. But as I said, you don't really need to know
anything more apart from the fact that it increases traffic to websites and various
advertisers on Google. So what you need to do when you come on their
homepage is scroll down to the bottom and then click on affiliates right here.

Now, SpyFu is absolutely fantastic to promote
as an affiliate. And it's mainly because of these recurring
commissions with 40% payout for life. So let me break down what this means if someone
you refer to here keeps paying SpyFu for like a year. That means throughout that entire year, you
will get 40% of what they pay to this app, which is huge. So you have three very important things to
remember about their affiliate program. Number 1, it pays a lot. Number 2, it’s in recurring commissions
making it the go to app for someone looking to make money in passive income.

And the third thing that makes the recurring
commissions that much better, is that people will need this, simply because they will be
getting a huge profit. Yes, they do pay SpyFu. But they will be getting a huge return of
that investment, which will of course encourage them to keep using it for longer periods of
time. And actually on this page, you'll see soon
enough exactly how many people stop using this app after they start. I'll get to that in just a second. In any case, people sticking around means
you will be able to earn more money even if you refer a small amount of people to this

Anyways, if you scroll down a bit more, you'll
see more info about their affiliate program. So they have a 365-day tracking cookie. What this means is that when you send someone
to your affiliate link, and they don't sign up through that link right away, but if they
do so in literally a single year, you will still get paid nonetheless. This is an excellent feature because just
as it says below, not every visitor converts right then. So this allows you to earn money even if people
you refer don't sign up right away. The next thing you can see is that you get
paid twice a month, and more importantly, through PayPal or wire transfer.

I know that many of you love PayPal, so it's
for sure available with this app. Here you can see that this app allows you
to earn money in true passive income. And here's exactly what I was saying before,
with less than a 4% churn rate, SpyFu customers rarely leave. Your recurring commissions hold real value. So only a mere 4% of people stop using this
tool after they start. This further shows just how much potential
this app offers you. Most people you refer here won't stop using
it, which is one of the best features of this app’s affiliate program. The last thing you can read on this page are
their frequently asked questions. But real quick, if you guys are enjoying this
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doing basic stuff like this in the comfort of your home. Now let's get back to the video. Now to get started with SpyFu, just simply
click on start earning every month right over here, create your account, and grab your affiliate

The last thing I want to show you before we
move on to the traffic source is something I know you will want to know which is how
much money are we talking about here. By the way you can check this out yourselves
by clicking on pricing right here. Anyways, this app offers people three different
pricing plans, basic, professional, and team. All three of which offer annual and monthly
pricing options with the latter being slightly more expensive. The professional plan is the one most people
go for, since it's not too expensive but also not too cheap. Just think about it like this, if you bring
10 people here, and they all take the annual professional plan, that is already nearly
$3,000 a year in pure passive income for just 10 people, since you get recurring commissions
with 40% payout for life.

So this app can definitely make you a lot
of money. With that out of the way, let me now show
you how you will be getting traffic to that affiliate link. What you need to do is come over to Google
and the first thing you need to do is make sure your adblock is turned off, so Google
will show you ads when you search for something. And what you'll need to search for is stuff
that will show you ads. So for example, I searched for business, and
there are quite a few ads popping up. But it doesn't have to be business related. Our goal here is for Google to show us ads,
so you can search for a product of some sort, or whatever. The reason we're doing this is because these
advertisers will be our customers. But there are two important factors here. First, don't open up ads that show up on the
very first page of Google, but the ones that you find on the second, third, or fourth page.

The second important thing is to not open
up the first and second ads you see, but the third or fourth ad. Let me elaborate a bit as to why we're doing
this. These advertisers are giving Google hundreds
of dollars daily. But if they're not on the first page of Google,
that means they're losing like 90% of the potential traffic. In turn, this means that they're losing a
lot of money. And since they are advertising, we know that
they have a decently large budget. And so they will be more than willing to give
SpyFu a try in order to get more traffic to their ads. Now, your goal is to open up one of these
ads and find their contact info like their Instagram page, Facebook page, email address,
or whatever it may be.

For me, I found their social media info at
the bottom right here. You'll now contact these people and tell them
the benefits of SpyFu. Just go through all of its features and tell
them that it's a great investment for them. You will do all of these for all the different
advertisers you find and the majority of them will be much willing to give SpyFu a try,
I can guarantee you that. However, that is not all I have for you today.

In case you don't exactly know what to search
for, a site called InfiniteSuggest.com will be of huge help to you. This will give you keyword suggestions. For those who don’t know what keyword is,
keyword is a word or group of words people type in when searching for something. And so if you type in business like I did,
then it will show you all of these keyword suggestions.

And each time you search one of these, different
ads will pop up and in that way, you won't run out of potential clients ever and you
will be able to easily find many of them and simply repeat the process over and over again
and make thousands of dollars passively. And that wraps it up. That is exactly how you earn money online
using a free app. And now if you want to earn even more money,
check the first link in the video description below, to discover how to earn money by just
reading scripts, which is one of the best ways to make money online, which anyone, even
without previous experience can do. Yes, it’s possible and I’ll show you exactly
how to do it in that video right there, check it out. Thank you so much for watching and be sure
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