Earn FREE PayPal Money Using ONLY ONE APP! (Make Money Online 2021)

This video, I show you how to earn free PayPal 
money using only one app, which is one of the   easiest ways to make money online this year 2021. 
How to do it? We’re about to find out. This is,   how to earn money online using one app! Also, only 
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you can actually make up to $90 every ten minutes.   In fact, I and a few other people have been using 
this new method for over a week now. It's the   freshest way to make money online for free using 
this one single app. This app is available for   both iOS and Android devices, and it's absolutely 
free to install. You can do this on your   smartphone or on your computer. This opportunity 
is 100% legit and available worldwide. So make   sure you watch this video until the end, in that 
way, you won't miss out on the sign up process,   because it's a little bit tricky, and most people 
do it wrong. The best part is you can repeat these   as much as you want and anyone can do this without 
any experience. Now right before I explain you   how you can do this. Let me know in the comments, 
what is your preferred payment method? In that   way, I can make sure that every single video I’ll 
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So drop your preferred   payment method in the comments down below. And 
don't forget, I’ll be giving special bonus tips   that will allow you to earn double or even triple 
more money compared to other people. So make sure   to stick around and keep watching all the way 
until the end. Now let's get back to the video.  The app that we’ll be using today is called 

I've done all the research on   the best of the best testing platforms, and this 
is one of the best out there. First and foremost,   what we will do on this app is we're going to 
be the testers. So we're going to be testing   out different products and services from different 
brands and companies. This is a testing platform   that different companies can have their products 
tested on. That's all you basically need to know.   You can read more about this, but essentially, all 
you need to do is click on Tester Sign Up right   up here. And that’s going to take you to this 
page where you need to enter your email address   and then just click on SIGN UP. And that’s 
it, now you'll get paid to test websites,   software and apps. Now you'll get paid by just 
sharing your opinions, like whoever wants to   be heard, who feels like their voice isn't being 
heard. Now, I know a lot of people feel like that,   especially nowadays, they feel like they can't say 
anything, and nobody cares about their opinions   or their side of the story.

Whatever that is, 
this is the app for you. Now companies want to   hear your opinions, and not only do they want your 
personal opinions, but they're also paying for it.   So you can basically test out these websites 
and apps and get paid for being completely   honest about what you think of the products and 
services that they're offering. So as you can see   right here, interact with a web or mobile app 
or other type of digital asset, and speak your   thoughts and emotions out loud as you do so, and 
answer a few questions.

That's all you have to do.   Usertesting is so fun and enjoyable that it 
makes you want to keep doing more and more   tests. So let's get on to the money, because this 
is the main thing, right? To get paid via PayPal,   all you need to do is to have a PayPal account. 
And as you can see here, you can get paid $5, $10,   $20, and up to $90 per test. And these tests are 
only like five to ten minutes long, even less   than that sometimes. If you put in this amount 
of work, you can make up to $90. This is 100%   fact right here. Now all you have to do as I said 
earlier is to enter your email address right here,   agree to the terms of use and privacy policy, 
and then just click on SIGN UP. And basically   you can get started. Now, how does this work?
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basic stuff like this in the comfort of your home.   Now let's get back to the video.
So how does this work? Okay, I'll make it   super easy for you, anyone can do this.

So they’ll 
give you a set of tasks and instructions that you   just have to do and follow along. And that's it. 
You don't have to think yourself. You won't have   to create anything from scratch, like if you're 
starting a business, none of that. You don't   have to brainstorm or anything. Basically, all you 
have to do is just follow the set of instructions   that they give you, complete them, and you'll 
get paid for doing so. That's all we're going   to do really. The best part is you can work from 
anywhere in the world, from the comfort of your   home with just your smartphone whether it’s an iOS 
or an Android device, or with just your computer,   whatever you have, you can start doing these 
tests right away, like right now.

So by now,   you might be asking yourself, what countries can 
we do these tests from? So take a look of this,   Europe, North America, South Africa, Asia, Japan, 
China, and other countries around the world.   This app is a global provider, and they keep on 
growing rapidly. So to get started with this,   as I said earlier, all you need is a computer or 
a smartphone and an internet connection. You can   download this at the Google Play Store or the App 
Store, or you can install this straight into your   Mac or Windows computer.

Now, Userlytics has a 
4.6 star rating on the App Store, and a 4.2 star   rating on the Google Play Store, which are both 
pretty good. Also, as you can see right here,   these are their clients, who are some of the 
thousands of companies that have optimized their   user experience by partnering with them like 
Google, Microsoft, Logitech, Canon, Coca-Cola,   Riot Games, and so much more. These are massive 
companies if not the biggest companies in the   world right now. So one thing’s for sure, we most 
likely use their products and services every day.   So just give your honest opinion about how 
these products benefit you and work for you,   in that way, you’ll get paid over and over 

Now if you want to make even more money,   then you need to watch this video right here, 
for you to discover how to earn $1,600 by just   searching stuffs on Google, which is one of the 
best ways to make money online this year 2021..

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