Earn Free Paypal Money By Liking Youtube Videos | Make Money Online 2022 Tutorial

How to earn free paypal money by liking youtube
videos? Step 1: find a video. Step 2: like that video. Step 3: earn money. In this short step by step tutorial I am going
to show you a super simple way, how to get paid real money on paypal just by giving likes
to youtube videos. And the best thing about this method is, guys,
it has absolutely no limits. If you like, you can earn even hundreds of
dollars every single day by completing super easy tasks – so called microjobs – that cost
you only a minute of your time. In most cases not even a minute. So, make sure you keep watching this tutorial
till the end, guys, leave a like and enjoy. This is Passive Income Revolution with another
easy and free to use make money online method for you.

If you want to learn more strategies how to
make money on youtube without making videos, with youtube shorts or with cash cow channels,
subscribe to my channel and check out my other tutorials. Alright, folks, so this is really breathtaking. Simply because this method is so super simple. And on top of that: it can be done by anyone
from anywhere around the world. You don't need any specific skills, any experience,
nor any upfront investments to make money online with this method. Simply grab your smartphone or get to your
computer and start earning money. Make sure, you don't wait too long, because
if you don't take action now, others will fill that spot for you and this method will
most likely not work that well anymore. Ok, so what I would like to show you in this
video, is a website called "rapidworkers.com". Rapidworkers is a free to use online marketplace,
where you can complete simple tasks, called microjobs, like signing up on different websites,
visiting websites or giving likes to youtube videos for example, from home, and get paid
free paypal money per each completed task. Don't worry, I am going to show you just in
a few seconds, how to accomplish jobs here – step by step.

Before we get to that, though, let us take
a look at the earnings, you can make from accomplishing specific tasks here on rapidworkers.com. "Quick and easy sign up for fast payment"
– this microjob grants you 30 cents of payment. "Mark an online review helpful" – 3 dollars
– now that sounds really nice. "Google search and page view" – 50 cents. Ok, this might sound not as that much money
to you, I would agree, but believe me, accomplishing those microjobs takes in most cases just a
few seconds and they add up pretty fast. Let's say, you complete a task like this here,
and get 3 dollars every 2 minutes – that would 3 dollars multiplied by 30 is 90 dollars. Now imagine earning 90 dollars per hour from
super simple tasks like giving a short review on something.

And on top of that, I am going to give you
a tip at the end of this tutorial, how to scale this entire method up, multiply your
earnings per hour and absolutely milk this website. So make sure, you watch this video till the
end. Before we get to the next step, though, do
me a favor, and give that video a big thumbs up, folks. Also don't forget to tell me in the comments
down below, which country you guys are coming from. Ok, so step number one would be to sign up
here on rapidworkers.com. To do that, simply head over to the homepage
of rapidworkers.com and click on "sign up now" here in the top right corner. Now, that is important. Make sure, you stick the following rules while
creating an account on this website: don't use VPN and don't create multiple accounts. Ok, so don't try to be the smart guy here.

You can't cheat the system, you know. You want to make legit money, so make sure,
you don't do any BS, here. Otherwise rapidworkers will not pay you for
your completed tasks and you can even get banned permanently from here. And you want to avoid that, folks. Alright, so once you're logged in, you can
see your dashboard here at the top. But what's more important, you can see all
available jobs here on that list down below. Now, let's say, you would like to start low
– with the easiest task there is: liking a youtube video. So, to do that, you can either browse through
the entries down below or you can use the search bar to find youtube – related tasks
fast. Simply type in "youtube" here and choose the
most appealing job for you. Now, let me find a good offer. "Watch, subscribe, like and share" – now that
sounds really simple. And you get 6 cents of payment, if you complete
that task.

You only need one click to accomplish that
microjob, to be honest, so earning 6 cents for doing one tiny click seems to be a pretty
profitable way of making money. Alright, so click on the job offer to see
more details about. Now, they want you to search for this video
title here on youtube, watch the video, subscribe, like and also to share it with your friends. Now, you don't need to watch it, of course. You can do whatever you like onscreen, you
can enjoy your free time, play games or complete other tasks at the same time, just don't forget
to let this video play till the end, to give it a like and to share the link, otherwise
this job will not be accepted or be counted as completed. Of course anybody could be saying, he or she
accomplished that or this offer and get the cash for that, you know. That's why rapidworkers wants you to provide
some proof, before you get paid.

Simply make a screenshot of your like and
enter the link to your screenshot here in the proof box. And that's it. Easy made money. And as I said: you can complete multiple tasks
at the same time. Let me do a bit of math here for you. So, let's say, you complete 10 of those microjobs
at the same time. That would be 6 cents multiplied by 10 ….that
makes 60 cents. It would take somehow around 1 to 2 minutes
at most to complete all of them simultaneously, of course, because time is money and you don't
want to waste time.

Based on that you could accomplish approximately
300 of those microjobs in 1 hour. 60 cents multiplied by 30 makes 18 dollars. Per hour. Not bad. If we consider, that the only thing you need
to do to earn those 18 dollars, would be to click a simple like button and let some videos
play in the background. Ok, but if I told you, there is a way, how
you can make even more money from that method? Well, let me give you two advices, how you
can scale this method up and make even over a hundred dollars per hour instead of 18. So, the first thing would be to, simply sort
the offers by payment. As you can see, there are even some offers,
that pay you 11 dollars. And don't let the minutes here, shown, mislead
or confuse you. In most cases you will be needing much less
time to accomplish those tasks. Especially if you know how to use hotkeys,
shortcuts and all that stuff you need in order to work fast on your computer or your smartphone.

My second tip would to repeat offers you find
profitable and simple to complete. Take a look at this column here on the right
handside. It says 4 out of 10 or 1 out of 4 and so and
so forth. Meaning, you can complete this task here another
5 times, if you complete it for the first time. As long as it's not 10 out of 10 or 20 out
of 20, you can still complete this offer and then over and over again. This way you will be making a lot more money
with this method in a shorter period of time, because you will already know how this specific
microjob works and what is expected from you to do here. And on top of that: you can get new jobs every
single day here on rapidworkers, guys. So make sure, you refresh the page or re-visit
it again after 24 hours or so, to get the newest jobs before someone else gets them,
you know what I mean, guys? You gotta be fast, if you want to make fast,
free and easy money online. So, that was my step by step tutorial "how
to make free paypal money by liking youtube videos".

If you want to learn more strategies how to
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