Earn An Extra $1,000/Month Working At Home 💰🏠 (5 Jobs You Can Work At Home)

– Hey everybody, and so due
to super popular demand, today's video is gonna be about how to earn an extra $1,000 a month with five jobs that you can do at home. And don't worry, I promise,
I will provide proof that people are actually making real money each month with these jobs. And actually, as you'll see, some people, they aren't just making $1,000 a month, they are making much, much more than that. You'll see that people are using them to earn a full-time income. And actually, for the
first job on the list, you can ear up to 30 U.S.
dollars an hour doing it.

But yes, if you're here
for my usual videos where I talk about how to scale six figure and seven figure online businesses this video is gonna be
a little bit different, because this week I really
wanted to create a video to support the local global community of people that are currently at home, perhaps they can't go to
their job or their work and they want to earn some extra guaranteed money this month. Because while I will always advocate for starting your own business, the truth is is that
building and scaling one that is profitable takes time. And the money is never guaranteed. So for this video, I wanted
to stick entirely to websites and jobs where you're being
paid to complete specific tasks and work specific hours. And I wanted to also ensure
that every single job paid at minimum minimum wage in the USA.

And actually, as you'll discover, for several jobs on the
list you can get paid more than minimum wage
for doing nothing at all. Yep, you can literally
be paid to sit there and watch YouTube videos. And keep in mind while you're watching, you aren't just limited to doing one of these home-based jobs. You could choose to do multiple of them so that you can combine them
to make even more money. And even if you recognize some
of these jobs on the list, I suspect that some of
them might surprise you. So I highly recommend
that you stick around and you watch them all. So, on to job one, and I actually tried this job out for myself, and it was kinda fun
and interesting to do.

So here is job number one, User Testing. This website here, literally
called usertesting.com is the best place to
sign up to do this job. So what this company does
is it helps other companies like Ebay, Facebook, and
Docusign test whether users are able to navigate around
their website easily, and they test how well users are able to understand the
functionality of the website. So that you can see what's
actually involved in the job, I did do an example User Test myself, and I'll show you how it worked. Now per test they pay between $10 to $60. They'll pay $10 for tests that are expected to take 20 minutes, although most users say
that a 20-minute test takes more like 10 to
15 minutes to complete. So yes, as I said I was
really interested in what was the actual process of signing up and running a user test. And I did that and I filmed
my example sample test. So first of all I had to
register and create an account. After that I was required to download their screen recording
software on my computer.

It took literally less than a minute to download and install this software. After that, my example test began. So here is how my sample user test worked. I was taken to a website, which was a science and
transport museum site and asked to try and find a page that contained the museum
maps of their exhibits. Now it actually took me a
little while to figure it out. But eventually I did by using the search functionality on the website. And as I navigated around the website, I was required to use
my computer's microphone to explain my thoughts as I was navigating and explain why I clicked
the menu items that I did and why I made the navigation
choices that I did.

Once I did that I was given
another test to complete. Next I had to figure out which holiday the museum was closed on
and explain my thoughts as I located this information. And as I said aloud into my
mic as I completed the test, because the search box
had really helped me locate the museum map so well I decided to use it again to check for a page that discussed the museum's hours because usually underneath
the opening hours on a company page they'll also list the days that they're closed.

And this did work. I was able to locate that they
were closed on December 25th, i.e.,they were closed on
the holiday of Christmas. After that I had one more final task that I had to do. I had to give them some
written thoughts and feedback. So that was that. It was super easy to complete, and I highly recommend people register for some extra money each month.

And that is something that you
need to keep in mind, though. You can't just spend eight hours every day doing this, unfortunately. Yeah, no, I decided to check
people's experiences on Reddit. So what happens is you
get offered user tests that are tailored to you. And so this user on Reddit said that while they've been in quarantine at home, they've been using usertesting.com
to make extra money, and they've so far made over $800, which is extra nice side
money from working from home. And I also saw other people
in the comments section recommending another user
testing website as well. And that is usertesting.club.

People said that they were
getting regular reliable payouts for completing tests for this website. So if you're interested in this job I highly recommend that you
check out this website, too. And remember how I told
you that some of the jobs on this list will literally
pay you to do nothing? Well, the next job on this list sometimes does pay you to do nothing. And actually this job is really social. So for those of you right now that are in social isolation at home
and you might be kinda lonely, you might enjoy this job because
it allows you to interact and chat with others. And so here is job number
two, teaching English online. You can get paid up to $22
an hour full time to do this. And you need zero experience. And you don't need a single qualification. No ESL qualification required at all. So the best website to get
started with this job is VIP Kid. This is a website where you can sign up to teach English
to students in China. Now as I said, you don't
need any experience, because they have an in-built curriculum that you can follow.

Now I checked it out and as
of the time of filming this they are indeed accepting
new teachers, which is great. So when you first are starting out you'll have no reviews as a teacher, which makes it harder to get bookings. But a sneaky trick that I
learned while browsing through the current teachers
chatting about it on Reddit is that if you're willing
to work odd hours, like 2 a.m. or 3 a.m. in the USA, when nobody else wants to be online, then it's way easier to get jobs and to get the ball rolling. And so here is how their
pay structure works. So you get paid seven U.S.
dollars to nine U.S. dollars for each 25 minute class that you hold. And of course, you can
do two classes an hour.

And then you get additional cash bonuses if you run at least 45 classes in an hour which is how you get
bumped up to $22 an hour. But of course, the real question, are people genuinely
making money from this? Does it work? Absolutely, so I was browsing through the VIP Kids sub-Reddit, and it was so cool to
see people legitimately using this as a full-time job. I've been doing this full
time for several months now and I'm easily making more money than any job I've had and
less work required as well. Not to mention, you don't have to commute in hellish traffic. And as I said, this is one of those jobs that can pay you to do literally nothing but watch YouTube, because you see, here's an interesting question, what happens if a student
books a teaching slot with you, but they don't show up,
do you still get paid? The answer is that you do indeed.

Yep, you must stay for
the full 25 minutes, and you get paid just like it happened. So make sure you do indeed
show up for each class and you might just get
paid for chilling there and sitting there and watching YouTube videos while you wait. So on to job number three. And this is one of those
jobs that you can do at home that by itself can earn
you over $1,000 a month. However, you will want to listen
to the section of the video because if you do this job wrong, and most people do do it wrong, you will earn just a fraction of that. So keep listening for the sneaky trick on how to make more money doing this job. All right, so you may have noticed I have a funny accent
because I'm from New Zealand.

Because of that people do
struggle to understand what I say, and so I make sure that each
video has captions on it. Plus, I like to add them in anyway for people who are hard of hearing so that they can learn
from my videos, too. And these captions, they
aren't generated by computers. They're made by humans. Computers can indeed
create captions for free, but the problem with computers is that, while they're usually correct, they'll still make some mistakes. And as you'll see, because of the fact that computers make mistakes, there's actually something that we can take advantage of with my sneaky trick so that we can earn even
more money from this job.

So, here is how it works. There are websites like
this one here that I use, Rev.com, to hire transcription writers to listen to my videos and then to turn them into
captions and written text. And you can register and
sign up to be someone who transcribes videos and does this. And currently, Rev.com,
they pay the highest of all the transcription websites. Their top transcribers, they earn over 1,400 U.S. dollars a month, and their average transcriber earns an extra $240 or so a month. And here is another similar
website, Go Transcript. Now, just like Rev.com,
you need to register, and then you'll get access
to a list of videos, audio files, and podcasts
that need to be transcribed. And you can choose your jobs from a list, like selecting gigs. So you can choose to go
really hard with this and do it full time or you
can do it casually part time for some extra cash.

Now according to Go
Transcripts internal stats, their top transcribers earn
an extra $1,000 a month transcribing videos, and their rates are definitely
lower than Rev.com's, but unlike Rev, which will open and close signup
registrations quite a bit, Go Transcript is usually open for people to just register and
start making money with. So I was curious, so I
decided to hop onto Reddit and see how much money
people are actually making transcribing audio files each month.

So of course lots of people had shared a whole range of different experiences. Lam said that because he is
fast and especially careful to be accurate that he's been able to earn money each month consistently. From his experiences,
weekdays are the best time to pick up the best gigs, which I think makes a lot of sense. And he's earning an extra
$225 a week from it, which is basically $1,000 a month alone.

Now again, I know this isn't
earth-shattering money, but for many people that
is their weekly rent, and I understand that that sometimes can make the difference for people. So that's why I really wanted
to share this job with you. Now I found another post here
from someone called charkins. They signed up and within
their first day they'd earned an extra $30 without any prior experience. Which I think is really cool to see. And Ahnzalyu posted that they'd
made an extra $120 this week with it even though they're disabled.

But they know people that
are making $800 plus with it. Which again is super neat. And I thought they'd made an
interesting comment, actually, because they said that
they enjoy listening to some of the videos and
podcasts that they transcribe, which is actually like
a really good point. You're kinda being paid to
listen to podcasts and videos. So that's also pretty cool. Now as I said, Go
Transcript is usually open for people to sign up and do this job. Rev definitely closes periodically. So if you come onto the website and you see that the
applications are closed, be sure to check back every
day until they reopen. As I said, I haven't done this job myself because I'm on the other side. I hire other people to do it for me, so I was super curious
as to what it's like being a transcriber. So I found a YouTube
video, which is awesome. Because it takes you behind
the scenes of Go Transcript.

So if you wanna see how it works and you wanna get a tutorial that shows you how to do this job, I definitely recommend that
you watch this tutorial video. Now as you can see, once you've
logged into Go Transcript there are a bunch of jobs that are posted on an online board, all with the different
gigs that you can complete, and you can choose which
gigs that you want to do. And another reason why I highly recommend watching this tutorial video is because he gives a super sneaky trick on how you can speed up this job so that you can make way more money. So, here you can see in the video that he has opened up a job that has a three and a half
minute audio file to transcribe.

Now the pay rate for this, it's super low, it's just 84 U.S. cents. So on the surface, that's not good. And that's because when
you're transcribing a video, you usually need to allow for
about four times the length of an audio file and I do know
that that is very accurate because I have transcribed
some of my videos when I've been in a pinch situation.

So that would mean then that
your hourly rate for this job would be about $3.50 an
hour, which you know, not so good, right? So here is what he does. He downloads the audio file, and then he uploads it to Otter, a free website that will
automatically transcribe it. Now remember what I said
before about how computers, they're mostly really good, but they still sometimes make mistakes? Well, what Otter lets you do
is it lets you listen back to the audio and then modify
the computer generated file. The computer has done
most of the work for him. He's just making some small tweaks. And then he'll take the
transcription he makes there and upload it to Go Transcript. And so you know what
this means, don't you? You've gone from it taking 13
minutes to transcribe a file to it now taking five minutes instead.

Which means you've gone from
making like $3 or $3.50 an hour to making more like eight to $10 an hour. And obviously this isn't
life shattering money. But I think right now a lot of people would really appreciate a job
where they can have certainty that they can complete
tasks at home and get paid. And as I said, Otter is free. Now they do have a premium plan, but don't fret, you don't need it at all. None of the premium features are needed to do what I'm describing here. They are all currently
available in the free plan, so you can just sign up for the free plan and start making money now. So one of the cool things
about transcribing videos is that pretty much anyone
can sign up right now and start making money ASAP even if you've got zero qualifications. However, if you do have
some qualifications, you might be interested in the next job, because this job allows you to earn up to $25 an hour working from home.

So check this website out here, Skooli. On Skooli students can look
for tutors and teachers to help them with their homework, read over their assignments, or to just be a general tutor
that teaches them a subject. So, if you have a bachelor's
degree in a subject and you're looking for
a well-paid side job that you can do from
home, this is excellent. And no, you don't have to
be a qualified teacher. You could, say, have
a degree in accounting and offer tutoring to accounting students and be paid $25 an hour. You set up a profile, and while students can
choose their tutors, many students, they just
send out a general request that gets sent out to tutors, and then they can select
to accept the student on a first in, first serve basis.

Of course, I can understand right now if you want more job
security and you don't wanna have to wait around for
students to submit requests and you want to be able
to get students faster. If that's you, then I have a very reliable tutoring job for you. And that is this, tutor.com. So this is probably the largest website with the most students. Now the thing about tutor.com is that they definitely pay less then Skooli.

Their pay rate is $12 an hour. However, I did some
research and discovered through the experience of other tutors, that there are so many tutoring requests that they can usually just log on and have jobs already available to accept, making it a more reliable
source of income. And these are just two tutoring websites that you could sign up for to get work. Yep, there are lots of
other tutorial websites such as Chegg, which pays
its tutors $20 an hour. So if you wanna maximize
the number of students that you can take on I highly
recommend that you research and you sign up to as many other tutoring websites as you can. But something that you
do need to keep in mind is that if you are at home right now and you have a degree in
something that's related to maths then you will really, really wanna check out this next website.

So this website here, Yup, is really cool. So this is a website that is running 24/7. Anyone can come on here and contact a maths tutor immediately to get help with math questions and assignments. So this is very different from say Skooli, because on there you have to wait to be paired with a student, and then you have to organize
your tutoring session each week or month and
get paid $25 an hour. But with Yup you instead
get paid $10 an hour to just log on and be available. And you could be sitting
there, with no students, signed on, and still be getting paid. You could be watching YouTube videos waiting for a student to
sign on and be getting paid.

Which is pretty neat. But don't worry, if you're sitting at home and you're like, but Sarah,
I don't have a university or college degree because guess what, I don't have one either. So I made sure that the next job doesn't require any qualifications and that it can be done in many countries, and this next job is article writing. So here is one website that
will hire you to write articles. It's called Textbroker. So usually when you write articles online you need to advertise your
services as a freelancer and hope that people will hire you.

But Textbroker makes it much, much easier to get paid to write articles. Because instead, they have
different writing gigs that you can go in and
select to write for, and you get paid based on the number of words that you write. So when you first register you need to take a writing sample test, and based on that you
get assigned a level. Most people on Reddit and online forums who said that they got As and
Bs in their English classes at school got a four
star rating immediately, which earns you 1.4 cents a word.

Now, I don't know about you, but for me I can easily
write 1,000 words in an hour. And so if you do the maths, that would bring you up to
$14 an hour writing articles. But of course, if you
keep writing at Textbroker and get very good then you
can hit that five star ranking that jumps you up to five cents a word. And so, if you write 1,000 in an hour, that is $50 an hour writing articles. But the problem with Textbroker is that I believe it's exclusive
right now to USA residents. And as someone who is
living outside of the USA, I can only tell you how super
frustrating that can be. When you're watching a video
on YouTube and they're like here's a super cool
website or an app that does all of these amazing things, oh and by the way, it's
USA exclusive only.

So, so annoying. So that's why I made sure to go out there and find another website that's paying people to write articles that accepts more countries. So I am here on Writer Access. And this is another website
that you can register and get paid for writing articles. But unlike Textbroker, you don't have to be located
in the USA to do this. You can also sign up to write articles if you live in Canada, the UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. And actually, I think their payout rate is overall much better than Textbroker. So tier one will get
you 1.13 cents a word, which is $11.30 per thousand words. And then tier two gets
you 2.14 cents a word, or $21.40 per 1,000 words. And then tier three is $3.53 a word, or $35.53 per 1,000 words. And then tier four is 4.6 cents a word, or $46 for 1,000 words. And if you get a very large project, you'll instantly get paid $17 an hour.

So I hope that this video was able to help give you some
ideas on how you can earn some extra money this month even if you're working from home. And because the YouTube algorithm loves it when I recommend new videos,
that's what I'm going to do. So, the first video gives
you five different ways to make money from home
even if you were broke and it doesn't require a credit card. And the next video gives
you 10 different websites that you can use to start side hustles and side
businesses from home.

And again, they're completely free and you don't need a credit card. So choose which video
you would like to watch and I will see you on the next one..

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