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I want you to go to some of me must see results of download easy pdf files all this money you can see at the moment is absolutely made free so my question to you is do you know how to download pdf files on your computer, because if the answer is yes I'm going to give you exactly blueprint you have to do exactly what I did to make that money online but if the answer is no, do not worry, I will do it go through this method step by step for you and of course this method is completely worldwide and after you go through this video, you will realize that you do not need any skills to start with plus if you stay until the end of this video I will give you all the bonus tips you need to level up more money online with this strategy hey everyone it is Alan here again from the smart money tactics channel if it is the first the time you came to our channel guys go at the bottom press the subscribe button and turn everyone on notifications so you do not miss it on all the fresh new tactics I come up with every time single day to help you make money online and before I show you this great way to make money online download pdf files if you want know another way to make money online please click on the first link in my description it is something that I've been using for a while to make money online and you can start to generate anything from 100 to 500 every day for a short period of time so today guys i want to show you how to create a website called payhip.com to use and I will show you proof of this video of how I did it what I did to generate hundreds dollars and this is actually very simple if you have a take a look here, it says here: pay hip is the easiest way to sell digitally download and membership and I want to show you how to do it step by step guys look at this they literally say here that they make it's a piece of cake to sell and promote e-books and I'm going to show you how to do it absolutely free absolutely step by step walk like you want to do from here once you are on this site, you want to do it come here and i want to show you that this is absolute free so all you can do is come up here and click to prices here and it goes show you that it can be done absolutely for free guys and it's free forever but it costs you five percent of every single transaction which means that if you earn a hundred dollar sales they're going to take five dollars but it's good because it's not necessary pay anything for and everything you need to do if you are here on this profile Click here to get start, it's going to take you to a page that looks like this where are you going to go your email address sets a password and now create an account for you there are a number of ways to make money online with this site and this site itself also get a lot of traffic but I'm going to at the end of give a bonus tip this video and show you how I managed traffic on this platform but if you go to a website called similar web comes here you can see that this profile is on its own this site on its own gets more than 1.48 million visitors every month and you can see it it's actually starting to grow and the traffic I can tell you traffic comes mainly from the United States and you can see here that the us dominates it by approx.

you know very well you can see it they get about 27 of the 1.48 million and then you have United Kingdom Brazil Germany and Canada so really good countries this if you know what niche you should end up in and how you can promote it some very good money online, so where are you going get these different types of e-books where you can sell it this site there is one website you can go to absolutely free this is the one here named free plr downloads this is a site where you can go to get different types of e-books that is now absolutely free, I know what some of the people are going to say is you can no longer use e-books on this platform and I'm going to show you in a second that this is all I ever was used on this platform and I am already make money from it so when you come here you have has different types plr books that have your main label rights you have rights for reuse the ones I used are the rights to private labels and if you is wondering what private label rights are You can see here, you can go to come the questions and if you scroll down the best thing about private label rights is that you can edit the book you can change the name you can post links in those books and you can sell it e-books and you can come here and look here, it's exactly what does it tell you here you can see that it says you can use as a bonus, you can sell this books you can basically do what you want but what you need to do now is what you need to determine which niche you want to use and if you come here you can see here that you have different categories, so if you choose the category it's going to give you all those different e-books in that category but you can also choose the niche over here and as you can see, they have every niche guys they have affiliate marketing, they have business they have health, they have internet marketing they have relationships they have self help network marketing of each niche what you might want and all you have to do is come here and choose one of these niches now I am will guide you through this step by step so pay close attention you come here and click on subsidiary marketing I also go take you through to my back office guys and show you exactly how much money did i make with this if you come here and you have selected affiliate marketing and you scroll down, you can see that you have all these different kinds e-books and if you scroll down, you can choose which one you want guys it does not matter too much, I would if I do, I'll show you what happens if you have several books you actually have your own store that you can promote so you do not have to promote one e-book you can promote the whole store and it is absolutely for free let's say you come here and you wanted to promote this book here you would click on this book here and as soon as you click on it it will take you to this page here and all you have to do is scroll down to here and you want to click to download good once you click download it's going to download that ebook on your computer okay, so click on it now download it once on you computer, I'm going to bring forward file now and I want to show you what you must do with the file right so fast downloaded the file and this is what happens when you download the file it appears in your downloaded file just like this account as you can see this is a zip file what you want to do from there is you want to right-click on the zipper file and you want to roll and you want to click to withdraw or as soon as you take it all out it then moves to a file what does it look like what i did was rename the file so i just quickly right clicked with the mouse here and I went in to rename the name and I called it secrets to affiliate commissions okay now i go to show you below how to go to use this file we had created here to upload it to pay hip so you can make money, but let me show you something very fast from here as we go to come my back office here you can see here you have it shop link here and this is the exactly store link if we click on this here it's going to take us over to this page here and it is in my shop I used to have a lot more books with links and stuff and I changed that I removed some books some of the products are not so good as earlier or earlier remove etc so i streamlined it and i have to create more books I go to start doing and as you can see this is my shop this is exactly what you can have and if you come here you can see on which you can share your products facebook instagram twitter, you can do it via your mailing list I have many of these books on my mailing list as well and if you roll down here are the three books I read has moment and it is of the results what i have now if you come here and you click on products it's going to take you to my back office here and this is me products and this is where you go to add that new product as you come over to you will be empty and all you have to do is come here and click to add a new product once you do that it will take you to a page that looks like this and what you want to do is that you want add a digital product, so what you want to do is you want to come here and you want click to add a digital product as soon as you click on it, it goes takes you to a page that looks like this and that's where we're going download the pdf file we got from free plr download okay, so what you want to do you want to come here and you want to click on upload your file as soon as you upload click that it will take you here exactly what i showed you two seconds ago so you want to overcome here and you want to click on this secret of affiliated commission so that you double click on it you click on the second file here and see here where there is commission miner this is the pdf this is what we want download and as you can see it now downloads the document to your payroll now tell from there what you want do is that you want to come here and you want to give a title so you can only give it a title it secrets to affiliate commissions for example then you want to give it here now praise for example with this here you can 599 or 999 charge whatever you like, so when we come here let's just do 4.99 for this book okay now remember for every sale that you get you are going to lose five percent because the treadmill is underway to take their cut and then, guys, this is where you guys are.

need to upload a picture, okay, so you can come here you click on the upload picture and as soon as you click to upload the image it's going to take us back in this file here and here you have has e-cover good, so you come here you click on e-cover and you can only choose a cover that you want okay let's choose this one here it's going to download that e-cover see how simple it is guys and you can do it over and over, but the key is to make money online with this you need to know how to promote it okay, so here you come from here this is where you the go add description of this e-book okay so someone should read it to understand what it is about go shopping now you can come over here and you can type whatever you are will you can return to this profile here where you got it ebook about free downloads you can only copy it here and write the exact the same thing or what you can do, you can do also come back to this file here you can enter here, you can click in this you can go in this book here so it is are we going to show exactly what the the contents of this book look like you can scroll down or literally copy the introduction to this book for example so you come here, you copy it well you can reduce it every now and then just come back to the book and you can upload it it to the book, so when we come back to here, all you have to do is control paste it in there and if you come down here you want to go in add a product so you can overcome here and you click to add the product as soon as you click on what's going to happen here as you can see now this is the book url here that we can use to promote just this book if we wanted or what's going to happen it's now will update it to our store, where do you want to go there as you can see it was done, you can do it go here and click to show my product page okay so we go click on it and as you can see it is now the product here that we can promote or when we come to our store here we refresh our shop so you have the option to promote the store or the promotion of the e-book is entirely to you and there are a few ways that you can do it and as you can see dis 4.99 and from here anyone who buys it will now be paid there are a few ways that you can literally promote it e-book well and one of the ways I have have done this in the past guys is by simply coming here and promote it to affiliate marketing groups can go on a Facebook account through the core and you can watch for people looking for different ways to learn how to make money with affiliate marketing you can come search for Facebook all these different groups below branch marketing browse and promote your e-book u can even create your own subsidiary marketing group or you can simply has a whole e-bookstore on Instagram to promote these different types of e-books and people buy it, you need a lot of clicks it's going to take your job but do it absolutely and look at everything the different subsidiary marketing networks if you come here and you take a look at twitter for example look at everyone the different people who promote a whole range of different types things when it comes to affiliate marketing Twitter allows you to do exactly the same going to investigate how to get started affiliate marketing and start promoting your ebook on twitter guys this absolutely work it and you're going to start making lots of good money online and when you come back to if all you have to do is done and you have to do need to link your PayPal account your stripe account or even if you come here, you have also pay squeak so you can be paid a number of ways as you can see is my PayPal account linked to this page okay, but you can use line or you can use pay-hip if PayPal is not available and you can start with absolutely crush it and earn money online with this strategy so this was my video for today guys and a great way to do a lot money online to download pdf files if you enjoyed the video crush that kind of button in appreciation go to the bottom let me know what you think think about this video and do not forget I have always a few more videos to go to appear here in different ways you can make money online, so make sure you check it out the video from at the moment and I see you tomorrow for another fantastic video until next time you take care of yourself and goodbye

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