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Well guys, check it out today, I'll show you how you can go anywhere Between $ 500 or $ 750 with Google Translate Now a little bit of work will take a little thought but me We'll guide you step by step, so make sure you pay close attention The first thing you want to do is hey guys it's John here and Welcome back to the video so today I'm going to teach you how to make money with Google Translate but if you like videos like this and want to make even More money takes a second now and smash the subscribe button Check this out I make weekly videos showing you how Make some extra money online or how to earn some extra money with Smartphone so if you want to earn more money press the correct subscribe button Now so you don't miss any of the future videos Okay guys, so let's get straight to the first thing you'll do is go To Google and you will search for this site here called lidium so lati um lidium would be the first one to pop up or to see In fact, the second that pops up goes ahead and click on this here Where she says freelancing and you guys very quickly before we get too involved in This I got a special bonus that I will give you inside this video Check this out really quickly I am inside my PayPal account where I am I just got paid at a hundred dollars so let me get a quick quick update Zoom in and click on the refresh button so you can see it's fine guys that So here we are as you can see it's 6 6 3 8 so this is actually from this right week Here you guys check it out quickly, I just got a hundred bucks Pay and before that pay twenty dollars, so I'll show you It's inside the bonus inside this video, so be sure to stick to that Now let's get back to it so you go to that right site Here it's called lithium and what this site does is a weekly job post You can go in and start completing it for extra money, so check it out If you scroll down to the bottom, they post online jobs at about Everything is basically graphic designing your basic surveys up to YouTube Banner ads use ik and audio, so if you want to create music or videos, head out Here and start doing these simple jobs to earn some extra money but like me I mentioned today we're going to focus on translation and languages ​​so it is Simple to start and the way men work up to the first thing I was You will do is review the projects as I just mentioned Post all these jobs to the top Here you will browse jobs select A job to start getting paid as you go ahead and complete Complete the project, submit it and return it to the person who assigned you to it Number three you can start getting paid so guys will be very easy to surf Choose the projects that have been completed and get paid now.

Register, all you have to do is Scroll to the top, click here, where it says Sign up and then you can Register with some basic information like your name, email, and username So you can create your profile once you do that, you'll need to go back Go to the home page and start browsing all the projects so you can Start earning some money so click here where it says browsing then click On the projects here again I like to have just said that you have many Various projects that you can complete for example social graphic design surveys Media site registration knows all these things but today we're going to use it Google Translate to help us earn some extra money, click here where Say translation and languages ​​then check it out you can see everyone Available jobs and how much you will earn from the job you So let's go ahead and pick a real fast one I will say this completed Here the sales brochure even translates into the basic sales brochure someone's handbook Try to sell a product or know what is the bros of your brochure This company here will pay between five hundred to A thousand dollars so you can go ahead and translate their handbook now they are Get more info here on exactly what they want inside From this project make sure to go ahead and then read that once You are ready, you will go ahead and log in and submit a quote that you will go to Go ahead and put your offer to the project and again if we go back there is a lot From projects you can do indoors, so let's check out this one that I'm going to do Translate Crowe Click on the company brief here so let me go and Click on this and check it out you can earn between five hundred or seven One hundred and fifty dollars they go ahead to create an account and place Bid on this project here what they want translated from Malay into English will be 25 pages long and it looks like another basic Men's Handbook Now let me show you exactly how you will earn money using So once you go ahead and bid on a project and create a deal it's clear You will be taken to Google Translate to start translating these simple things Brochures here so I have this article at length in our brochure Malay men so let me go ahead and take one of these here and just go To Google Translate and see what happens so I'll keep copying this right There's the transition to Google Translate now, so we're inside Google Translate Site youth will discover the language Let's see if it discovers it Malay so let's go ahead and paste that in There, so tech guys have verified that there is now Where your business will come and think about it Because you obviously don't want to be some kind of public, kind fool Some of the google translate some of the basic translation will not work Logical so let's go ahead and read on this Make this Malaysia move Not quite ready for the accounting or launching strategy words obviously It's a little mixed look so go ahead and read on And make sure the translated document really makes sense English men because it is clear that you cannot make anything small and Don't expect to get paid for it, they'll review it and if it is Doesn't make sense if you don't meet their criteria you will get It was turned down and not paid for the job, so you'll use Google Translate or Start translating it after that you'll need to do some pre-reading Yourself make sure it makes sense before you send the project now I'm probably thinking carefully what if I don't do it right what if it still is Doesn't make sense well, you'll do this simple step here You'll go to this site here called Commkward Comm so Difficult communication We will hire an actual professional translator or someone More native speaker so here all you will do is go ahead and Write a Malay translator or a Spanish translator whichever ones go forward And write this in the translator in malaysian, click on search and check it out I could actually have a native male speaker to help you translate this here so Once this is done all you have to do is go ahead and send them messages and ask them To do some proofreading for you and you can hire them for $ 12 An hour or check out you guys are eight dollars an hour nine dollars an hour guys 22 dollars After an hour, you'll be making some profit once the work is done On lithium even once you get here guys go ahead and click one Personal files and the next thing you can do is actually send them a message, so go ahead Go ahead and create an account, you can go ahead and send them a message and let them They know what you're doing, I am doing a translation so I need someone Proofreading for me are you available to do this work or are you interested Work with me you guys go ahead and start chatting with him let him know The situation made him know exactly what you were doing and it was clear if they were Accept you can start hiring him to help you with translation and confirmation It is actually done right so once you get back to the lithium men you know You'll get some confident work as you know you'll have a right Work for them and you can actually introduce it to them and get paid Project so go ahead and go to lithium guys check out this establishment Profile and start some posts inside here, not just guys But you can also do many different other jobs such as graphic design, so if you are Like creating posters or banners for YouTube Facebook or whatever guys You can come here and get some extra functionality and also pay in bitcoin or Ethereum guys so if you are a fully cryptocurrency subscriber, you can go Go ahead and get paid in Bitcoin using this site now at the end of this video Guys like I mentioned I had a very special bonus where I was going to show up You are exactly how I just made an extra hundred dollars using my computer and me Actually creating a special training for these guys to go ahead and click on The first link inside my description and check out this video of the guys inside it A video I'll guide you step-by-step and show you exactly how, literally, I can Did this guy imagine that he made an extra $ 20 or an additional $ 100 For just working on men online, go ahead and click on the first link at Description Check out the free training I have prepared for you and it will work See exactly what I'm doing for a full time income using my computer That's it guys I hope you enjoyed it if you want more advice for Earn money or more money or want to know more ways to make money online Don't forget to click the subscribe button now smash the like button I will continue to see you the next day

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