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now i want you to think what if you can receive payment in the same way on a daily basis I'm talking about big life-changing income you can see here 119 800 even up to 1,000 in a single payment only one transaction and it all comes from all recent payments as you can see here up to 5,800 in one week with the system that I'm about to show you your right about this video that you can create up to 30 000 over the last 30 days as you can see here there are multiple revenue streams what you can build completely passive with what I'm going to do show you actually work for each brand new beginners from different countries in the world as you can see here Joe Ross a complete beginner over $ 455 in the last two days and the money keeps coming in and right here you can see Muhammad sadiq in the first 24 hours I generated 200 dollars without selling anything or without having its own product and not took about two to three minutes to set up make up everything and the traffic started flowing and i start delivering results here's another bonus income stream that you can build will show you how to do it at the end of can do this video so make sure you look to the end when you wants to generate commission just like you can see it here 1 900 800 each time and up to 59,000 from just one single stream of income now when it comes to making money online i want to make sure you go to the listen right person right listen to the people who actually knows what they are talking about about who is really applied in practice so i am personal to myself actually make money online as you can see here today more than 300 dollars yesterday 600 and during the past 30 days 14,000 so these are all real and real numbers in fact you can see my name right here above here and I can just right click and click on the reload button let me show you my account as you can do less than a updated see minute ago these are real and real numbers, so too do not skip any part of this video because I will show you everything step by step only now I want you to clickbank.com have to go now I know some of you have actually heard of a clickbank, but maybe you're still struggling to make money on clickbank, but do not worry, I will show you exactly how to do it once now you are at clickbank.com and click on the login button at the top right it takes you to this page you can join 100 for free as you can see here, accept them people from different countries to fill in the world so from there the details just go down below and click on the join clickbank button from there you can join a click bank account and you can on the market and click it takes you to this page you can choose from thousands various wonderful products what you can promote and you can generate a commission so the beauty about this strategy is that you do not must create any of your own products simply go on click bank and search different categories or different products choose one on the right or choose some of them and you can start promoting them and generate commission let me now show the first steps I want you to take focus on e-business and e-marketing especially on affiliate marketing now the reason why i show you these details category because it's super profitable, for example this top offer now in this particular category the number one hottest offer that is 12 minute affiliate system You can get more than $ 166 per person here see sale average which means if you refer to other people if you promote it product if you do a sale as people buy this product you can about 160 generate dollars per sale only one sale 160 you think about this how many sales you have to earn a thousand dollars per dollar day probably only about five to six sales and you can reach thousand dollars a day and it's thirty thousand dollars a month what a surprise now, I know it's sounds crazy, but it's absolute possible, let's just say if you want promote this particular product that you can just click the promotion button and from there this new one will open page as you can see here, you can earn fifty percent of the commission for each customer you refer now all you have to do is just click on it generate hot links button from there if you scroll down, you can see here it is actually your unique affiliate link now from there you are can find this button to make your copy link which will show you exactly how to start now to promote your affiliate link the idea behind this is that when you promote this affiliate when people click on your link what they are going to do go to the official website of 12 minute subsidiary what this product is what you promote and when people let's say they buy the item right 9.95 you can generate commission and for whatever upgrades they buy can generate 50 of the average commission you can earn about $ 166 now as you can see here the whole concept is actually very simple easy only promote get your affiliate link people to click on get people to go on and buy product and you can generate commission without any of the to create pages like this without having to create any videos or website without any of to create your own products only promote an affiliate link but one of the biggest problems for many of brand new beginners is that they do not know exactly how to start how can i generate my first subsidiary commission how can i promote my subsidiary, how can i generate my first sale that's the biggest problem, and I found the perfect solution for this which is exact an automatic one hundred percent finished for you once a season which can help you promote your link automatic everything done for you so you can enjoy the commission while you relax now if you click on the first link click the video description below is able to get direct access to the embassy which is a is system that I will show you exactly how to generate thousands dollars in commission, but for you click on it, let me show you all details about this system and how to can simply copy and paste your link and start earning money now as soon as you sign up I want you in your embassy account to click on this button from here can find different end products and made offers for you that you can promote mainly about clickbank products as stated for example 12 minutes subsidiary which I just showed on clickbank this system will actually be automatic help you to promote a 12-minute affiliate, it may help you find another product for to promote, for example, the smoothie diet and also a modified keto diet, that's all different products and different categories of clickbank now exactly how we can generate multiple revenue streams just copy and paste your link let me show you in the embassy system now you a quick example of 12 minutes connected you can just click the edit button all you have to do is scroll down and you want to search for this particular category what is the url link for the product button that is where you go back to clickbank and simple just copy your click bank affiliate link go back to the system and paste you link right here go in this column and just go down here and click on red changes and boom as you can see here product updates successful that's all you need to do, just copy and paste paste your link into the automatic system and with it the embassy system will help you automatically to create different free sites and free review site done to help you to promote your subsidiary as well as possible see here are all 100 done for you and when people visit you dump view review site when they click on the button and buy the product tree can you generate $ 166 and the coolest of these is that you do not have to limit yourself to just one product that has a ratio of 12 minutes system you can actually promote different categories of different products on click bank for example as you can see can promote a health and fitness product and this system embassy will help you find a to create a website that looks professional, just like this with just one press of the button copy easily and paste your affiliate link as well as possible see here all the campaigns are 100 finished for you you can choose different categories of promote different products even outside click bank for example if you want promote different products on warrior trademarks of another subsidiary network you can use embassy to promote you feeling of warrior plus or you can promote thousands various amazing products on clickbank marketplace too the opportunity here is just unlimited with the power and automation of the embassy system, as you can see below category called video url link if you click on it as you can see here they are going create another field in the field and else 100 done for your video so you do not you must record any content that you do not must make any videos it will help you to create automatically different videos and publish on different networks for example youtube facebook and you help get traffic people who get visitors to click on your link in multiple different categories, for example dating nisse for example, make money online for example of dog training products you can promote different products in different categories with different downfield videos downfield review website so much different income streams come from just a single dashboard free traffic is completely included the system which means they are going to help you create traffic that people get visitors to click on your link now, just like when I show you the whole setup is very simply about two to three minutes to copy and paste your link only once again they have a lot of tutorial videos you can go to if your income to the want to take next level as you can see here different tutorial videos step by step training very detailed and they even have a 24 7 support team to answer one of your questions once once again I am very excited about this brand new system starting today it's a brand new hot product when you click on the first link in the video description you can come to this page which you can access immediately embassy now as you can see here in just 60 seconds you can clone automatic 100 done for your affiliate system with built-in free buyers traffic-free traffic-free visitors to the click link, they are brand new for April 2021 now you can just go look below the video to learn more about this specific system as you can see here automatic affiliate system multiple one-click traffic sources ideal for beginners and beginners so even someone who has already received start in affiliate marketing if you want take your income to the next level no better experience or skill required testers already get fast results you stop earning work at home and you can travel and be financially free and they do a private members only community group you can master and mix with people who are still busy with their work learn how to make money online you can join them and join differently also coaches and at the moment if you pick up the embassy system today you can get five extra free traffic program of 100 free with this brand new app system which raised more than 32 thousand dollars commissioned for the online business from 100 free traffic in less than 30 days as you can see here these are real and real numbers i know personally the man behind this system he is the number one subsidiary in fighter bus he is also a platinum seller and member from clickbank he earned millions and millions online so he definitely knows of which he speaks and it comes from his actual results by use embassy as you can see here 32 thousand dollars once in his own account it's the lazy all-in-one again traffic and affiliate system ever so easy and done for you that you never have to pay for any traffic you do not need to make any videos do not have to compile or pay for anything any hosting, you do not need any websites you do not need to create any content you do not have to keep people on social levels media you do not have to become authority or you do not have a large You do not need YouTube channel subscribers or followers on social media everything is done for you within embassy system and many people I am talk about real people they are get results with this system for example, as you can see here it was easy just like they said i click my mouse and the embassy has the rest and even got me automatic free traffic do not get much easier than that and just there jesse I have been struggling to make money for years online but embassy changed everything for me and I finally make money I do it in my spare time, I'm on a pace to make at least two thousand dollars this month which is more than i ever earned my job, I mean how many people can tell on this you get minimum wages from you work you may not like about your job you may need an alternative source of income come in embassy can be your ticket to freedom now you just have to go down and look for this red button you can see here grab embassy now and save over 90 is a big big discount during the early bird launch is usually embassy ask for $ 47 a month what is a monthly subscription, but now during the early bird launch for a limited time only you can only pay one-time net one-time fee and you can use it forever, so everything you need click this button to complete your secure payment point again you are fully covered by the 180 days money back guarantee which means within 180 days, that's six months you can test manage this system if you is getting no results unlikely that many people are crush it now and i know it it certainly works, but for some reasons if you do not like it has no results you can only claim your money back 100 but one thing to note is that the price rises every 30 minutes so if you wait longer the longer you wait you have to pay more when you come back later so why pay more than you can lock up discount at the lowest price possible go down in the video again description below click on the first just call there come to this page and pick it up now by clicking on the red button as you can see here, so again guys scroll down and click on thy first call now and you can get instant access to additional bonuses it's worth thousands of dollars only during launch as you can see here bonus number thousand dollars no cost repurchased you can get these 100 for free and bonus number two 225 daily direct check for affiliates bonus number three zero to one thousand dollars a day in three days bonus number four first sale in the next 33 minutes I personally go through this particular bonus it's absolutely my blow you can generate your first sale start even today in less than 30 minutes and on top of that if you watch it on YouTube or if you receive it from me e-mail you are my subscribers this is why you can get this special exclusive now for the first Only 50 people have access to you up to 100 profit system per hour it is super valuable and only available to the only 50 first people so make sure you make fast and act fast now click on the link now press this button to get started and the get hold of embassy system and by doing so, you are able to generates life-changing income just like what I did 300 in a single day and yesterday equal up to $ 600 and it's all absolutely possible go click on this button on the right below now to start and I see you up the next video

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