Earn 65$/Signup! Earn Money Online Without Website And Free! [ Step By Step 2021]

every single week i get new emails from
people all over the world telling me hey hassan
thank you your videos helped us in building an online business your
videos made me make my first hundred dollars
online and so on believe me these emails makes me so happy as my videos and my
content is helping a lot of people all over the world i hope that you'll be
the next one sending me an email telling me about
your success story after you watch this video
today in this video i will show you step by step how you can reach
at least at least 200 to 500 per month working from home
two to three hours a day even from your mobile phone sorry from your mobile
phone this is for my daughter sarah anyway what's nice about this video also
it's totally free you can start for free without any investment
and you don't need a website so this fits maybe everyone on this
planet stay tuned
what is covered in this video obviously number one is the step-by-step
guide number two is how to get paid and make more money and turn this into a
full online business working from home it's like a full
course compressed in this couple of minutes
so please don't miss any single seconds i will share with you a lot of tips
tricks that will help you be successful and will help you to send me an email in
a couple of weeks telling me about your success
story so what is the strategy for today simply it's about getting a link
a url then promoting this url and whenever someone signs
up through your link you'll earn between 65 and 100
dollars do you believe this per sign up so so please don't tell me
you can't get two or three sign ups per month if you are working two or three
hours a day following the strategy i will show you now step by
step you don't have any excuse just watch the video a couple
of minutes start applying start working and you
will see the results this video is not for lazy people i'm
not here to share with you some scammy information like 80 percent of other youtube
videos you know here on my channel i share only
things that i tested i experienced real work
real online business that would help you make real money and build
real business online so step number one is to get the link that we
want to promote i will open my web browser and go to a
website called bluehost.com maybe
maybe if you are following me on my channel
i talked about this website before bluehost and maybe you already know
about it it's it's one of the top web hosting
services online if you go here down you will see
something called affiliates or here on the top menu we have the
affiliates section so you can sign up to be an
affiliate for this company what is an affiliate
it's simply someone who promotes this service and
you will earn a commission per sign up you can see here you'll earn
65 dollars for each qualified sign up what you will do now before you
click on sign up you will go here and open a new tab
and go to medium.com what is medium.com it's
simply a website that allows you to create
a blog inside it so as i told you you don't need a website you will go to
medium.com and simply just sign up through your
gmail account i don't want to waste time now by far by
signing up and so on it's super simple just sign up
and then after you sign up if you click here on your account
you will see you will have this domain this website this blog
is for you built on medium in my case it's h-educate.medium.com and they have
some articles on this website so this is your website your free website you
don't need to think about any other stuff like hosting
website and so on this is your blog it's an empty blog for
you now don't worry just copy this
url copy it go here back and click on sign up
super simple you just need to fill your information account username
password whatever and here in the prime url just paste
the medium blog super simple it will ask you for your url
paste the medium blog url super easy now in the payment information you need
a paypal email address to get paid don't worry if you don't have paypal
just stick with me i will share with you how you can get
paid what are the alternatives just focus now and forget about how to
get paid focus on earning money from this service
after you fill the information simply accept terms and sign
up now i will log into my account because i'm already a partner
so i will say bluehost hosting partner and here
is my account you see this month i have around 200 dolars
so you can see i have here 692 clicks with two sign ups by the way
this these numbers means a lot and you have to focus very well with me because
i will share with you the importance of such numbers why i
have to sign ups out of 600 what you have to expect
and so on so please follow up and focus very well with me i have a lot of
important tips i want to share with you in this
mini course so you signed up as i told you we need to get
the link simply go here to links and you will see
we have this link which which will be your link
so you can use it to promote so just copy this link copy link address i will
open now notepad i would paste the link so this
says the first step we got the link i chose
bluehost because simply you know you don't need verification anyone can
apply it's a great option for beginners
anyone will be accepted so you can get the link
directly without any difficult validations like other affiliate
programs who requires traffic specific websites content and
much more anyone can sign up so go now and sign up
to bluehost and get the affiliate link we finished
step one super easy step number two is to promote
the affiliate link and this is the most important work
and this is what you are going to do every single day for two
three hours a day so your work will be in promoting
this link and getting clicks and sign ups this is your main work
every single day so let's put the eyeglasses
because here is the important work so we got the link how to promote it
how to get the traffic that was a small node before we continue
here on my channel i talked a lot about getting traffic and promoting affiliate
links for free and with paid ads and much more
you can check my full videos in the affiliate marketing
case studies playlist and affiliate marketing tutorials
playlist you can go and check it but for this video
i want to share with you a specific strategy that if you follow
up for the next couple of weeks like two or three weeks
you will get traffic you will get sign ups so i will share with you only one
strategy to focus on what you are going to do is
beside medium you have to go to quora.com
please some patience and stick with me here in quora what you are going to do
is first thing is to create a space by the way if you don't know quora it's
a q and a website where people can ask and answer
questions and get traffic we can see here you can
add a question share a link and create a space forget
about these two click on create a space and simply enter
your space name and description you can create a space
about digital marketing about web hosting about anything that
you can add content related to bluehost on
like affiliate marketing digital marketing web hosting
maybe web services anything related to bluehost where we can add content
related to bluehost so in my case i have a space you can see
make money online here i created this space a couple of months ago
and today i have around 8 000 followers in this space
what is a quota space it is simply a place it's like a blog it's like a
group where you can publish your own content
on and what's nice about cora spaces that if you were consistent quora will
automatically promote your post and this is very important and what's
also more important you can add links inside your post you can see i am adding
some short links to track my clicks and you can see here
i have a lot of posts that my team post inside this space
so you have to create a code space a medium blog and here we are this is
the second step or the first part of the second step so
create a coder space a medium blog and now we are ready
to start promoting but before we start promoting a small
request please if you like my videos if you like to watch
more videos about digital marketing online business make money online
and much more please do me a favor hit the like button
and subscribe to my channel to get every new update
almost every single day so let's start promoting we have the quora
space we have your quora account and you have
the medium blog what you are going to do now simply
is to create between five and ten mini articles related to bluehost and
please focus very well here it's not any article it's not like
bluehost review because a lot of you unfortunately go and write these
traditional articles that will not get traffic will not get
links a bluehost review the best web hosting service and add
links inside it no i want to share with you some real
strategies something that works so just please
focus very well and use your brain you have a superpower
inside your head just use it so what to write about how
to get awesome content ideas to write about
that is related to bluehost simply you can go now to my description
and watch my video about 10 tips
and 10 strategies to get the best content ideas to write about
but i will share with you some now now in the video
like how to build an affiliate marketing website with a blue host a
tutorial a problem you are fixing number two
bluehost versus vps hosting something that people want to learn
about and see if bluehost will be better than vps hosting or other
companies so a comparison article number three how to set up
wordpress on bluehost a tutorial a specific tutorial number four
how to set up a forum how to create a forum
on bluehost number five how to build a store an online store on bluehost
all these are how to tutorials that have a lot of
searches online that people like to read and watch
and learn how to use so they can maybe follow up with you and
sign up to bluehost through your tutorial
please think about it focus very well when you
write a tutorial when you create a tutorial people will start following you
step by step and in step one which is getting
hosting they need to sign up to bluehost and
they will use their link so you have to search and think about
5 to 10 ideas and write a small articles about it and publish on medium
now on medium what's nice you can add affiliate links there is no problem
and what's nice about medium it allows affiliate links
but but but don't overuse it add only one or two links
inside your articles after you add your articles on medium
you may get traffic organically from medium because it has a lot of views if
you go here to medium statistics you will see it gets 234
million visits per month and a lot of it from
the us so maybe you can get free traffic
directly from medium but we want to make things faster so you
want to drive more traffic to medium what you are
going to do is to go to quora here and answer questions related to your
articles and mention them inside the questions an
example if you write here an article about let's
say this one for me best teaches for
blogging i go here to niches i search for niches and go here
to questions and then i start opening questions and
answering them and linking back to medium article okay linking back to
medium so in this way you are promoting your
articles on medium from quora answers this is very very important you
can get traffic from the first first day
now here i want to share with you an important tip inside quora
when you want to filter questions go here to the past week
and try to answer the latest questions so your answers will be seen as your
first answers so you can get traffic faster
and easier from quora also when you filter questions
when you open the question you will see related questions
it's almost the same question so they have
almost the same answer so in this case you are going to create
answer templates and it will make things a lot easier so every day you can answer
10 to 15 questions in like 15 minutes on quora and you can get a lot of traffic
from core you can see here in my stats in my account you can see
here i have around 443 000 views on quora and this month only
22 000 views this is very important answer questions on quora now what about
the Quora space what you are going to do and what i do
is i create many articles or many paragraphs
out of the main article here on medium so you can see here as an example
let's say this article how to get 100 subscribers if you open you can see it's
somehow a mini article if you go to my blog here
you will find the same article but it's more in-depth
i am promoting through the Quora space if you go here
how to get hundred thousand subscribers on youtube so this is the full article
and this is the mini article in the quora space
so to sum up things you are going to create
a or an article on medium promote it with
quora questions create answer templates and answer the the latest questions by
filtering by the past week and
create mini articles and post in the quora space
and link back to medium in this way you can accelerate getting more traffic
and more clicks to your affiliate link just one question
don't use affiliate links in your quora answers
you will get you will be banned just use quora to drive traffic to your main
article and by the way if you have a blog you
can use your blog instead of medium and to get direct to
get direct traffic to your blog it's up to you so i think
the idea is somehow now simple get the link
create quora space create medium blog answer questions
link things together get traffic and you will see
a lot of clicks and few sign ups and a couple of hundreds of dollars
every single month in your account so following this
strategy every single day for two three hours
will definitely get a lot of clicks for you
and few sign ups and this is how you can make money
from this service so and after that you can go here to stats
and you will see here the next payout you can see i have
the next payout is in 30 april this month i have 300 330 dollars
for this month maybe you notice something
my bounty my earning per sign up is 100 dollars and not 65.
so how i made this simply you can contact bluehost
and tell them that you are going to promote the service
and if they can help you and increase your bounty
if you have some audience a website some traffic this will help you accelerate
and increase the bounty for you and make it up to 100 dollars per sign
up instead of 65 dollars if you go back to the dashboard you see
i got around 700 clicks and two sign ups what this means
simply this means that you need to have some
patience please don't tell me i got 20 clicks
without sign ups you need to get at least 500
clicks to 1000 clicks to start seeing sign ups and profit so please do some
work do some hard work work every single day
and you'll be successful in two three or four weeks as a maximum
you can start seeing earnings in your dashboard now how to
get paid inside bluehost as we saw you need a
paypal account in the settings section here
if you have a paypal account it will be great just enter it here
your paypal account and you can start don't
give any excuse that you don't have a paypal account if you
started working you got some payments you can find someone your friends
someone online who will get the payment and they will send you maybe exchange it
with fire or whatever payment method you want in your country so don't make
this an excuse and don't and stop working just go start working
earn some money and you'll find a way to get
your payments please don't forget if you enjoyed this video
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every new update and please don't forget if you have any questions
any questions go now h-educate.com/forums and open your questions i
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in anything you want also you can join our telegram channel you'll
find the link in description below where i will be available after every
video for five six hours to answer the questions
directly inside our telegram group thank you for
following and see you later [Music]

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